FC Barcelona, La Liga, Real Sociedad, Lionel Messi, Ronald Koeman vs Barcelona 21/3/2021 La Liga

Tell you what i hope that we’re devouring plenty of exciting football. My name is derek ray and joining me in the commentary. Position is the former arsenal and england fullback lee dixon i’m, looking forward to bringing you action from the spanish top flight la liga, it’s real sociedad versus barcelona. Yeah thanks, derek my advice to the players out. There is try and get off to a quick start, be accountable for your own performance, but above all, go out and enjoy yourself should be. A great game has eyes for goal. Keeper had work to do well, he’s, given a corner the referee, sergio busquets and there the attack ends for now. Well, this is what we think for barcelona. Mark and greater stegan stands between the posts. Claymore longley plays alongside pk in the middle of the defense. Lionel messi starts with usman dembele in central midfield, and the starting striker today is antoine griezmann good movement. Well, barcelona have every reason to be confident when you consider their formidable goal scoring record. Well, derrick fans want to see goals, we all want to see goals and this lot rarely let us down they’re prolific. Ian wright would have oh so close, but just unable to keep the shot down. We can get more details on that injury situation from our man pitch side, jeff, shreeves jeff. He landed really awkwardly on his shoulder there and he’s in some discomfort, but he’s, a tough cookie. I think he’ll stay out.

There cheers jeff Applause, a fine reading of the situation, lionel messi and an astute piece of defending Applause. He’S act well possibilities in the center cuts it back the aramendi able to get his body in the way. Well, it’s one pass after another, delivered into the box. Making sure nothing came of it Applause, but yes, man, i’m, showing good defensive judgment, plenty of room in the wide area and it’s with izak on to messi, oh yeah, the aramendi, excellent, defending Applause. Oh, a nice looking pass gives it a go on his own, with only the keeper to beat and still he’s missed it. Well, he had one thought power. He should have thought composure david silva and he read it superbly. Applause mercer went it back, making progress Applause and the advantage accrues. Music Applause losing possession a bit easily izak Applause, goro sabel, loves to attack from the wide areas and he might be through here excellent assessment of the situation at the back griezmann barcelona now and potentially a dangerous position happy to pass the ball, but remaining patient regain Possession an incisive pass now basa have the ball once more Applause griezmann. Well, he has the measure of his man well good technique in terms of how he struck it. Applause david silva credit to them for winning back possession Applause. Well, not great defending firing us in well, it wasn’t a simple save to make. Well. Is it going to be a productive moment for barcelona corner fired over by messi that’s, a fairly easy save for any keeper to make Applause nicely cut out? He continues his run.

Teammates available, oh terrific piece of goalkeeping Applause over it comes and a goal here from griezmann the first of the night, and that should serve as a huge boost Applause. Well, here we see it again and the corner delivery is good and what a great finish as well good connection with the ball, leaving the goalkeeper absolutely no chance fantastic goal. The opening goal of the game – Applause in just one minute of stoppage time say the officials a chance, maybe from the wide position opportunity to deliver the cross a chance, then for the respective managers to address the charges. It is half time well back underway. The ball. Moving again barcelona in front here, but there might still be a few twists and turns before the game is finished. The free kick decision goes the way of barcelona extremely sloppy in possession. Well, look at that rail, so she died enjoying the bulk of possession here. But after that, it’s been disappointing i’d like to see them use those wide areas around the defense get around them as opposed to trying to go through the middle david silva yaramendi silva. Can they square the game and a call to level this contest all even well? Here it is again he does so well to slip past his man left him stranded and then the sheer power of the strike really impressive, it’s a thunderbolt. Well, the earlier goal cancelled out one a piece and the attack continues with david silva.

Will they be able to produce from this position? Oh big chance, oh what’s, an opportunity it’s been squandered. Well, you dream of 1v1s, as players he’s had one and he squandered it big time, an inability to keep hold of the ball there. Careless in possession Applause messi crossing opportunity, so junior dest, messi there’s a slide draw pass. He just needs to keep a cool head. Well, he saw the whites of the keeper’s eyes and the whites of his outstretched gloves. Great goalkeeping, well he’s denied a certain goal. There. Great reflexes from the keeper, a good effect of pressure, high up the pitch and room now out on the flank, but it stopped a promising attack in its tracks and you wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a card coming out here into the box. It goes it’s with david silva. Well, they couldn’t keep it. Griezmann gets himself into the attacking third with the ball at his feet. Well, good effort, but he’s placed it wide. Oh he’s, giving the ball away dembele. Now the teams are locked together. Will it stay that way following this corner and now the delivery and he clears the danger messy he’s got space, an attack full of promise. Now, griezmann Applause possession changes, hands the interception there, Applause, promising sequence and he’s through here, oya sabal, and there is the goal he’s found the net joy unconfined. Well, here is the replay and to be fair, the keeper from that distance hasn’t got much chance of keeping it out.

Lovely goal well a dramatic moment near the end, and that might well be the decider Applause Music, green cow, i’m, all with junior firpo. Here, Applause and a throw in it’s going to be pressing high to win the ball promising pass well thumped: clear! Well, just listen to the atmosphere, derek it’s been such a tight game, but can they see this opportunity? It is the net is steering him in the face and it goes he’s made it a brace for himself. No stopping him apparently well here. It is again it’s all about the pace in transition. It was so quick to get out from the back and then through on goal. Do you go for placement, or do you go for power? Well, he certainly wasn’t messing around. Was he absolutely smashes it past? The keeper it’s a really lovely finish so there? It is 3 1, the current score line here and across the touch line, so a throw in here, Applause we’re, getting right on top of their opponents and when they get back Applause. Oh he’s, giving it the referee, he says penalty and an opportunity for them to pull one back here still alive now able to survive that attacking push adnan yanuzai and he’s in could be well. He saw the whites of the keepers eyes and the whites of his outstretched gloves. Great goalkeeping, well he’s denied a certain goal: there, great reflexes from the keeper, the aramendi just cutting off the supply Applause inside the final two minutes of this contest.

Applause, oh that’s, an interesting pass, messi Applause, tremendous block, good pressure, high up the pitch dangerous, looking attack. Oh the post denied him antoine griezmann in position at the far post, the referee blows his whistle for full time and barcelona have lost. That is the big story.

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