FC Barcelona, La Liga, Real Sociedad, Lionel Messi, Ronald Koeman vs. Real Sociedad 6-1 | Messi and Dest both get two in Anoeta masterclass | La Liga Review

Finally surpassing xavi. There are also three birthdays today for those participating in this match. It was one on the sideline ronald kuhlman, as well as antoine griezmann and jordi alba, jordi, alba and griezmann, not just because it was their birthday. They get the start, but it was an expected eleven langlais and mageitha still starting over oahu, who might not be fully fit. So i think that’s why we saw him come on in that. Second, half messi and young also put a yellow card away from suspension and if they did get the yellow card today, it would have taken to effect against real by the lead the next match. After that all classico. Now they got the yellow card today. So hopefully they avoid the same thing against we all via the lead in the first 15 minutes or so of this match, weather was going to be a factor. It seemed like right before the opening whistle there was a bit of rain and that certainly made the ball a little bit slick, difficult passes for alba and messy guys, who end up being much much better later on in the match, were having difficulty with their passes. That said, it was all barcelona, 132 completed, passes for bursa 12 for lobby al after the first 15 minutes. Barcelona dominate from the first whistle, however we’ve seen varsity dominant in the past and not get the result. Luckily, for barcelona they had tur saying in net.

He gets a save on isak mingeth, also making him reposition his shot, which is pretty good to start. This match dust on the other side, splitting a double team. The first highlight, if you will for barcelona should have been a foul, and he was rightfully, as was cumin, rightfully upset that this was not a foul call either way barcelona were pushing, they were fighting, they deserved their first goal. They almost did score even prior to this. They kept up the pressure, though, and the combination of alba and messi make this happen. Messi to alba on the overlap. The square ball into dembele ramiro makes a save but griezmann there for the second effort, the last play to score on his birthday for barsa that’s ronaldinho, who was also born today, the fourth varsa birthday. If you will less than a minute later, though, ter stegen makes sure this one doesn’t become 1 1 stonewall’s isak again, then the two nothing after that bars to continue on the pressure up to that point. Who else deserves a goal? Sergino dest and he got it because of busquets and messi what a one touch pass from busquets. That was probably really the highlight of this goal from busquets to messi who set up dest, and he had plenty of room one on one with the goalkeeper 18th different goal. Scorer for barcelona, this season is dest. The most of any team in europe should also be noted that we’ve seen in previous iterations of this 352 that dembele would be the farthest one forward playing along that back line, but it was actually dest the farthest player forward for the heat map.

In the first half for barcelona, then it was actually messy. Dembele, pedry and griezmann all circulating behind messi’s left shoulder busquets heat map also indicating that he was farther forward than we’re used to seeing him with the young right behind him and deyoung has that center back. In the three at the back risk reward, yes, he gives the ball away, but i think what he does for barcelona to be on the front foot. You have to take risks at the top level that, since that formation changed that the young becomes a centre back, barcelona have been dominant more so than they have just had to fight and get over the line for certain results. They have earned the three points when they’ve gotten them, and that is either three points or one point in every liga match. Since 2021 began the three nothing for barcelona, it’s, dest, again jordi alba, continuing a fabulous season like death on one side, easy work for alba to just be concentrating so much on attacking on the left wing alba races. His way around the defender and gets to the goal line the square pass intended for messi, the leileman was worried about the argentine and des got the deflection into the back of the net, no assists for alba, who probably deserved two on display alone, but the brace For dest his second and third goal: overall, he scored the one in the champions league in his first and second league of gold, that’s, a brace for dest meaning.

He now has one goal more than any other u.s international eunice musa. Currently, at valencia has one and josie altador years ago for villarreal had just won as well, so desk becomes the all time leading goal. Scorer for any american in la liga also should mention that, prior to that album run was a one two between griezmann and pedry that got out all the room that he had to operate in. I want to make sure that we credit griezmann when he deserves the credit and his positioning once more today, an important part of how barcelona were so dominant cool stat from mr chip on twitter. First time the two barcelona fullbacks connected to score a goal in la liga in september of 2013. It was a goal for danny alves from an adriano pass coming against sevilla, not long after that. Third goal was scored. Here comes the fourth busquets and messi we’ve talked a ton this season about the understanding of teammates with messi and why pedry gets so many minutes because he understands how to play with messi the struggles of coutinho and eventually griezmann figuring, messi out and learning how to Play alongside him and busquets in this barcelona squad knows messi better than anybody else floating the ball right into his path, with a tow poke into the back of the net. Messi is first of two, and one of the reasons why this fourth goal does happen as well is the back line.

They were caught between two minds: a lot of the time with dembele’s speed, forcing that backline into making decisions between demolay, messi and even griezmann 67th minute. We see the fruits of that labor almost for dembele, just offside, for what would have been the fifth goal. Var did give some time for some subs to come on too arago and es mariba on fubu scouts and pedry, which pushes the young forward into the pivot spot. This has been the move for the last few matches sans weska, with eos coming on for busquets and the young shifting into that pivot position. The 5 0 dembele, who was offside for the last time now deserving of his goal and i’d love to give a lot of credit to melee here. But it is quite a breakdown from la real demolay, just dribbles, past swimming past four sebelia, getting the worst of it as the last man to get turned inside out his money, demolay now 28 goals for fc barcelona in his entire career in the blood ground. Shirt. 14, with his left foot and 14 with his right, maybe we should have believed him all those years ago when he said he was ambidextrous at this point, though, the match was completely over before the goal, but this looked like the one where the home team spirit Was finally broken, however, we also say dead did have some fight in them left in the 77th minute, a goal from veronica gets one back for l’oreal arajo getting nutmegged and baron shea is off to the races.

I’M. Not sure terestade could have done much of the speed and power from the teenager’s strike and certainly would have been a bad goal, and i think we remembered it pretty poorly for araho he’s still getting his fitness back. But sometimes again you just got to tip your half when the other team scores at collazo. At that juncture it was 5 1, though so barcelona we’re not going to cry too much about it. Broth, wait was some minutes late on for demolay, and a few minutes later comes pooj entering cow on for dust and griezmann, then the sixth one is helped start the movement for this one mageitha picks it up after messi and yes, we were trying to combine, and There was a foul on east marieba, but luckily the referee, i believe, was playing advantage and again. Mangether just took that space, giving it back to eos who delivered to messi a no look pass. Then it was ricky alba and back to messi for the brace, the most bars esque of all the goals scored today and it’s. What i said against sevilla in that second copa leg, that goal felt inevitable in the build up and at that point in the match, barcelona just felt inevitable. They were the dominant team and it was just going to be their day, no matter what happened since the calendar turned to 2021 messi 19 goals. Eight assists just look up the other charts, seeing the buddhist liga see in league.

Ah, yes, lewandowski scoring a ton of goals, look at all the other charts and all the other major leagues. Look at how many goals – and it says other players have, i just say the numbers, but they just don’t make sense. I may say the numbers 19. 8. What does that mean in what context? The context is that messi creates more goals than any other player in world football. Still he’s not done he’s not over. The hill. Messi is still a ton to give, and this season barcelona under cumin are proving that they still have plenty left to give now, plus 10 gold difference on atletico madrid in la liga. That could prove really important if they can finish closing this gap, which is just four points. Still. It is international break time, so that is unfortunate and i’m, hoping that barcelona can pick up right where they left off, because obviously this is the point in the season when you want parts to be clicking so just cross our fingers. Now, for what almost two weeks to hope that no players get injured, hope that the legs can handle those international flights, because it is via the lead, which could be a hurdle. Coming back from the international break, that international break sickness, that players get. And then, after that, it’s all classical so you’ve got to hit the ground running, but there is still plenty of the league left to play. There’S 10 matches and barcelona also have a date with atletico madrid before all is said and done.

This league is barcelona’s in this form it’s theirs to win. The pressure is on atletico. Madrid. Barcelona are playing easily seamlessly, the youngsters seem to be playing like they have nothing to lose, and that means the veterans like messi, like busquets, like griezmann, like even dembele who’s, been around barcelona for a while they’re playing like they have nothing to lose, should mention jordi Alba too one of the other birthday boys and to wrap it up again, a perfect birthday present for alba griezmann and cumin for ronaldinho his old side, getting the three points and continuing, as i said, their push towards la liga trophy we’ll, be here.

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