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This kind of is welcome to the nba moment right, absolutely that’s, the best ones, and he should be mad at his teammates for not calling it out that’s when you get mad at bro, but welcome to the league young fella. Oh, i ran into lebron’s shoulder you think he texted all his friends. No, he should be yelling at kelly, ubrey caliber isn’t, telling that pick’s coming welcome to the jump i am rachel nichols. We got a little fierce enforcement going on joined in the studio in the studio i’m, so pleased to be able to say that by our insider dave, mcmenamin live from home. Our senior writer host of the low post podcast mr zach lowe and our nba champ kendrick perkins, coming up perks. Former coach doc rivers is going to stop by we’ll, be discussing the sixers expectations. This season, joel embiid’s injury and, of course, some celtics memories. Paul pierce is going to join us for that segment as well it’s going to be killer. First, though, the lakers blew out the warriors last night, but as the trade deadline approaches, are there roster tweaks coming? I asked lebron about what it’s like to live through trade season last night. Take a listen to what he had to say. Teams are always just trying to figure out a way how to get better, especially the ones that believe they can make a run for a championship, so um that’s the way it’s always been.

For i mean not always, but for the last i guess you know five to seven years, ten years of my career or um, with the trade deadline, the buyouts and things of that nature. So there’s ten days, we’ll that’s going to happen really fast. You know so we’ll see what happens over the next 10 days. So dave look it’s changed when he said, oh for the last five or ten years when lebron started trade season transactions were not as crazy, but they are crazy. Now so who are the top trade and buyout candidates for the lakers as we approach this march 25th deadline? Well, i’ll start by saying, based on the lakers roster construction and where they’re going to be at salary cap, wise it’s, going to be most likely buyout candidates over trade targets for the lakers, because if they were to do away with some of their young talent in Order to pursue a trade they’re going to be in a tough situation this summer moving forward, but let’s start with three names. Andre drummond of the cleveland cavaliers who’s been parked on on the bench for about a month now, as they try to pursue trade targets and i’m hearing that the cavs are receiving interest in them. But because he has such a high salary number it’s gon na probably be tough, for them perhaps need a three team scenario in order to get that trade, otherwise it would be a buyout uh let’s go to jj reddick of the the pelicans who’s.

You know. Shooting percentages down a little bit this year, you’re only shooting 36 from three but he’s one of the the true pure shooters in the game and someone you know at this stage’s career, trying to get that championship. Uh last year was the first career. He missed the playoffs uh and we don’t know how much time he has left and we’ll see if he gets dislodged from the pelicans, because he is not one of those guys. That’S been parked yet like some of these other guys, the other guy pj tucker, who was such a vital piece on those houston rockets teams that knocked on the door of making the finals and upsetting the golden state warriors toughness, grit corner three point: shooting playoff experience And there’s going to be a you know, a bunch of suitors for him as well. There already are the rockets receiving a lot of interest. Those are the the names i would start with at the top of the lakers list. Yeah tucker is going to be a trade, not a buyout for sure, as dave points out, there’s lots of interest, the name that i like there is andre drummond. I think andre drummond has become underrated because he’s been sort of pigeonholed as this empty stat stuffer guy, empty calories, stats, and i think some of that criticism has been fair at times. But the stats have meaning it’s, not just the points and rebounds. He gets a ton of steals for a center, which is really valuable and if you put a guy like that with lebron james he’s, going to look 20 better immediately rolling to the rim dunking getting offensive, rebounds he’s the kind of vertical threat that lebron really likes.

That they do not have this year with marc gasol and mantras harrell as their centers. I think he’d be great for the lakers and i agree with dave. I think the cavs could make an andre drummond trade right now. I just don’t think it’s a trait that they particularly want to make. I don’t think they’ve gotten an offer that is is is to their liking. I think it’s more bad money coming back to them, not all on assets, so if it gets to buyout territory. I really like the andre drummond fit with the lakers. I think he’s become underrated, um. I agree and look the the lakers need a dynamic roller and a shot blocker, and if they can’t get andre drummond, i would look into bringing back javel mcgee, lebron, james and and the rest of the some of the lakers are very familiar with him. He’S familiar with the organization he’s, what they’re missing in that center piece? We all know that lebron loves spacing. I would he would love to have a guy like jj reddick, and i know jj ready, shooting percentages down, but sometimes the change of scenery will change. That and knowing he that he’s playing on the contender, because kcp hasn’t been consistent this year and we know that he elevated his game last year, but just having a guy like jj reddick on the court. Even if he don’t touch the ball is a huge decoy and can open up the paint for lebron james, anthony davis when he comes back and dennis schruter going downhill, because now the paint is wide open.

You have a dynamic roller if you could add a guy like javel mcgee low risk for high reward. You won’t have to pay him much because he’ll be on a bad minimum if the cows buy him out yeah. Certainly javel mcgee is someone who was well liked in the lakers organization. Was one of those bodyguards along with dwight howard, protecting anthony davis in his first year with the lakers, because they traded him to cleveland javale will actually have to end up being on another roster. First, before he could end up on the lakers and be waved of, of course, the captain office i’ve been very active ever since kobe altman took over, and so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were to work out some sort of deal to move him and certainly Jared allen is the center of the future with that organization, but there is uh, you know another hurdle for them to jump over, to be able to to eventually grab mcgee. If he is well dave, you know they well dave. You know they know how to make things happen and make things work, it’s not hard to get a third team involved to say: hey we’re, going to trade javale. All you have to do is cut them and then the lakers go pick them right back up. I went through that when i was in oklahoma city yeah for sure. Well, i want to look even further ahead because dave mentioned at the start of this that they can’t make a move at the deadline that is going to mess them up for this summer.

Right – and here are the notable free agents for the lakers after this season – the biggest question mark, of course, dennis schroeder, who was traded to l.a just for this season dave. What did the lakers hope to do with him? I mean there’s already been discussions rachel between uh, his representative alex torrez and the lakers about trying to find an extension. For you know, a 27 year old, bright young point guard someone who is ascending at the same age range as anthony davis, some guy who plays on both ends. But the question mark for the lakers is: do you want to risk going to free agency and potentially losing him right or the other risk is paying him beforehand to lock him up, but then what if he doesn’t perform in the playoffs? The way you hoped to, and now you are tied to this player – i mean it reminds me of the situation a couple years ago with the milwaukee bucks and eric bledsoe. You know bledsoe. It was good for milwaukee in terms of getting him at a market value that was perceived lower than what he could have gotten if he went to free agency. But then he didn’t have a strong postseason. He is no longer a buck uh. That could be the worst case scenario for the lakers if they do go forward. But you know all things considered. Brian windhorst wrote a really good story a couple weeks ago about what the lakers salary cap situation could look like with luxury tax.

If they can get a discount on schroeder, by signing him now versus having him taste the waters uh in free agency, that could be the best uh bet when it comes to the wallet yeah to me, there’s, a there’s, a distinction between dennis shooter and eric bled. So dennis schruter’s been in the playoffs a lot and he’s, not showing any of that sort of volatility like he’s the same guy in the playoffs. He is in a regular season, which is a good, solid player. I don’t think you have to worry about him underperforming in the playoffs and and, like dave said, you don’t make a trade for dennis schroeder when you have lebron james nearing the end of his prime, if not past the end of his prime really anthony davis. Your title window is now you trade for him to bring him back to me. The complicated questions are tailon horton, tucker and alex caruso in a market with way more cap space than star players or even sort of sub star players. Those guys are good and they’re going to get a lot of interest in taylor. Horton tucker has solidified himself right now. As a key member of the lakers rotation they’ve been played about point guard here there, the last couple games with guys missing. I think those guys when you look at their tax situation and look no one’s going to cry for the bus family, about the tax bill and all that, but let’s be realistic if they have to pay a lot for shredder, which they will.

I think one of those guys may be on a different team next year. We’Ll see, i know one thing: look they called dennis true to dennis the menace. For a reason he is a problem on the court. He is one of the few guys that pick up 94 feet defensively, lebron james loved, his tenacity, he loved the edge and the spirit that he plays with and last year i mean he was the runner for six man of the year averaging almost 20 points a Game so he’s still in this prime he’s, going to be in this prime in the next five years. Still for the next five years. I think the lakers get something done and get something done early. You don’t want him to hit the free agency market for taylor. Hoyt and tucker, i think the lakers got to do everything in their power to keep him. I know everyone around. The league loves this kid. His ceiling is very, very high, um, sadly to say, but alex caruso, who is a fan? Favorite he’s one of my favorite he’s, probably going to walk, but you got to do everything in your power if i’m, the los angeles lakers to lock in dennis schroeder and keep tailing heart and tucker he’s a young stud and his future is very, very bright. Yeah. The lakers love talent, horton, tucker, he’s, a guy who they were basically able to discover in the draft. You never do a private workout for lakers.

They bought a pick from the magic be able to get him in the second round last year played sparingly last night. Was only his 41st game of his career puts up 18 points, 10 assists kyle, kuzma, said he’s, probably the second or third best player in our team at driving and getting into the paint, and he has the no the no with all to be able to find Open shooters – or he can finish with both hands around the rim, the long length, uh bright, young work ethic, just a guy. They love and they’d love to lock up yeah and look. We didn’t talk about that much about the laker game from last night. Obviously, it turned into a blowout, but just for the people dave. What did kyle kuzma say happened to him on that technical free, throw where he shot an air ball. There’S an earthquake there’s an earthquake there. You go apparently that’s an explanation. If you want to know about the notable thing that happened in that game, hey it’s, you know what are you going to do dave? Thank you so much for joining us. We can do the local news later if we want to we’ll, be working on that here. In this studio, i’m so happy to have people in the studio director kathy’s going to have to deal with me all day coming up since he’s, now away from the spurs we are going to talk about the best fit for lamarcus, aldridge, zach and perk are going To weigh in on that first, though, time for our distant replay, this date 2007 featuring kobe bean pick it up, were you in the building.

For this day, i was still on the east coast. I was watching this game all right, you have got to be joking. Somebody wake up number 24.

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