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I cannot believe that, and james loves these big moments. He isn’t afraid to shoot it when the game is on the line. Booker and bridges are the wings kaminsky out there, with ayton and it’s paul in at the one, and for los angeles, aldwell, pope and lebron fill out. The wings andres harrell is out there with kyle kuzma and it’s schroeder in at the one spot. Athleticism of both these teams should come into play tonight, no lack of quickness on either side of the ball. Oh yeah put your track. Shoes on kevin you’ll be running sprints tonight, kuzma outside the shot’s good, on the assist by schroeder, the timing, the precision you got to respect kuzma’s ability to drain shots off the pack and let’s catch up with our sideline reporter david alton, well, kevin monty williams gave Me a few minutes to catch up. He was focused on keeping the score. Close coach said we know. Lebron is going to get his, so we have to try to limit the production of everyone around him. That’S, a tall task given bronze elite play, making ability kevin back to you all right david thanks, booker laid in with a nice touch off the glass, not just an outside shooter Applause down, low and ayton throws it down sweet fine there by booker all eyes on Him with the ball and devin understands that it has a nice feel for giving up the rock now here’s schroeder.

He has five and bridges with a clear path to the basket lebron with some nice d, the d hanging, tough and stopping what would normally have been an easy lay. I like to see the ball moving in transition, like that, i mean teammates out in front, get them to rock caldwell pope against booker here’s, the three score: the basket. His second of two Music attempts, the lakers get it back in a new 14., harold that’s good. The dogged intensity, harold has, is just insane and he uses all this energy to his advantage, particularly on the glass now here’s. Paul – and here is bridges, uses the glass to finish the lights. I like that big play. I mean you can see how easy it makes it for him to get to the cup, so timeout called here. The first for los angeles and more shoved in for chris paul now here is morris matthews, no one around him. Drills it from outside. This is as good as it gets for a first quarter in terms of shooting the basketball Applause more against matthews charge outside and more kicks to booker over gasol that’s good from booker on the assist for more booker’s got seven points in the game, los angeles, leading By four here’s caruso it’s good, he makes his first shot of the game. He plays the right way and motivates his teammates to do the same and buenos noches basketball fans, it’s latin night here on 2k sports, and you might have noticed the custom jerseys worn by the players and let’s quickly break down the game.

We’Ve seen from the lakers here so far guys showing a lot of confidence in their rotation. They went right to that bench when they needed points well credit to coaching some guys. Wouldn’T have made those substitutions in the first quarter, now it’s, paying off and now let’s check out the lineups, courtesy of gatorade, all fueled up and ready to go here’s. The second quarter of play on phoenix. Looking who they’ve got on the floor, poker and johnson fill out the wings jay crowder out there with deandre ayton and it’s paul in at the one spot, here’s james, the sun’s, getting the bucket Applause over to the left wing and the basket is good and he’s Got a chance here for one more at the line: you’re in a tough spot defensively saul has size, i mean he has power. You really have to wrap him up to keep this from happening and he’ll be shooting his first free throw of the game here and from the line. A season ago, 73 percent dennis schroeder’s checked in for matthews, frank kaminsky, he’s checked in for the free sons, good gazoll conflicts in the locker room, that’s a that’s, a very interesting uh, interesting topic. No doubt about it. You know kev first thing you learned from middle school on your team. Is your family and let’s face it? All families have spats and so do teams you just learn to never personalize those things, never leave any stone unturned like don’t.

Let things fester when there are issues you address them and if you’re not taking things personally, you tend to be able to work through whatever issues you may come in front of good advice, phoenix with the ball after the basket by the and lakers booker from the Art it’s good for the seventh time this game he’s shot. Seven. He has made seven and they’re getting their points now, almost exclusively from the triple trying to follow his path and phoenix, making a change here: bridges checks in oh, come on! You can’t allow james to get positioned down low once he does he’s looking to dunk. It Applause paul surveying the floor that one’s in there the lakers lead, is cut down to six in the bucket from booker, and we know the story booker moving from michigan to mississippi to live with his father and develop his skills and 4 30 a.m. Alarms to train on the beach before the summer sun getting to practice two hours early and staying late, booker, not a freak athlete, so he had to work harder and drill the fundamentals. The lakers have gone two for two in the game. At the line, that’s good from schroeder booker draws the double level and we’re gon na have a jump ball. It’S tied up there, you two and so it’s the lakers with it, and so james will bring it up for los angeles. They lead by their biggest margin of the game, nine guzman and kuzma slams it in a tremendous mobile one block that we have to see again great, send back and they’re determined to add to the lead, not with more offense but with big time d.

Kuzma kicks to hero Applause down to five on the shot, clock and james throws it down, and he can do a lot more damage to the rim than that when he wants. Oh you’re, right with the lead they’re enjoying i’m surprised, he didn’t put a little something extra on that one now here’s paul he’s got 11., gets it to drop and now he’s shooting at a five for eight clip. Oh you got to talk about those next level. Ball handlers and chris paul he’s right there on the list and they double up lebron, here’s, kuzma, good and the assist goes to james lebruns got three assists in the game. His individual effort has been outstanding tonight and it’s helped him grab the lead now. Here’S booker 30 points in the game bucket is good in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity, guys back to you you’re right. Thank you, david. The basket counts and one they’ll go to the line with a chance to make it a three point play they’re on target. From the start of the half, i mean they’re, moving well they’re, getting some good shots. Now that makes them three for four. From the field since halftime phoenix shooting their third free, throw shot of the game lakers leading by 10. Music to the paint great pass to set up the lay in – and this is it glad to have you along for this fourth and final quarter on the cordell? For the suns, getting going here in the fourth green johnson fill out the wings andre hayden out there with jake crump and it’s call in at the point guard an average shot.

Blocker i mean you want kuzma to use his vertical more to redirect shots reverses and there’s booker on the assist from crowder booker’s got ‘ lakers, leading by six kuzma outside poked away Applause lets it go from 11. fouled in the active shooting gets the bucket anyway. So a three point play chance for him. Just such strength on these finishes. When you foul aidan, you really have to hit him to prevent the basket. Some changes for the lakers, harold he’s checked in for gasol morris comes in for kyle kuzma and its kentavious caldwell. Pope and for matthews and then for phoenix, mikhail bridges checked in for johnson and langston galloway, subbed him for booker lebron outside he’s, looking for harrell and finds him tipped away about a minute and a half into the fourth quarter. Now there’s galloway covered by lebron, here’s, crowder ayton, trying to break free, and so it looks like the suns will retain possession here. The sun’s making a change here. Kaminsky’S checked in Music, here’s, galloway, Music nails, the baby hook and the intelligence of galloway lakers leading by four ounce bash schroeder, here’s lebron, and they call the foul so he’s got the and one chance here to make it a three point: play love watching james show Off his muscle, no one getting in his way the d can’t stop him. Applause now, here’s booker the feed to eaton two points that one goes. He is showing signs of maturity in these moments, it’s clear that aidan takes pride in coming through for his team.

Now here’s schroeder they double him with booker and there’s caldwell, pope that’s good on the assist by schroeder schroeder’s got five assists in the game. Phoenix calls timeout. You look at james. What a contribution – and now we present our new balance, player of the game, lebron james and kevin it’s, a no brainer, he’s, controlled every aspect of this game and it’s just so fun to see a player perform at a level that’s just higher than anyone else out On the floor, what a connection he has to these fans – they love him here and the more he has games like this, the deeper that connection gets all right, let’s catch up with our sideline reporter david aldrin, hey guys. I had a chance to listen to what monty williams discussed with his players. He got on his guys about allowing too many paint points. He said: hey we’ve got to be scrappy. We’Ve got to be quicker to help quicker to collapse. The lane, you guys know what to do now. You got to give me the effort. I want to see some nasty kevin and james throws it down. You know liking the vision there from caldwell pope getting him the open look and when the game is tight, you can see why they go to him and by the way. Where was the defense on that play now, here’s james? He feeds it to hill lebron, trying to free himself up harold, that’s good and the lakers lead by four and improving as a shot maker.

Every year, harrell has to be accounted for defensively, Music, booker against caldwell pope. Oh, you just love seeing a player with absolutely no fear yeah. He approached that one with total confidence he has what it takes to come through in the club holy delivers that one. I cannot believe that, and james loves these big moments. He isn’t afraid to shoot it when the game is on the line. Applause free, throw good lebron, now they’re going for the jugular a few more trips like that, and we might be able to see this one in the books and there’s. The call it’s going to be an illegal screen beyond the leaning. You could see his feet more set on that screen, easy call, yeah, even a slight movement, is going to catch a ref’s eye. I mean they’re trained to focus on that loads. It up there for harrell and harrell shows it in late in the game up big. They continue to attack and it’s, not about running up the score it’s about closing the door or any kind of comeback. Crowder baldwill, pope with some nice d. I love to see the defense exhibit some passion and protecting the rim right there. Six second difference between shot and game play and two shots coming up at the line as he gets fouled on the shot and the foul call to the phoenix suns Applause Applause and that hurts, as he doesn’t get the first one to fall.

Trying to focus now on the second Applause and he does get the second one and that stretches their lead to eight, and so los angeles takes the win, some good competition, but the hometown advantage and their ability to stay focused. I think made the difference. Yeah and the first step in becoming a good team is your ability to win at home and they really seem to revel in that opportunity, and this is what they came out to do and now we’ll send it over to david aldridge, who is standing by courtside David, thank you, kevin lebron. You have accomplished so much in this league. How have you sustained it for this long? You know it’s only a select few it’s, not many, who make it to this point, and i would never take the game for granted that’s. Why? I try to give everything i can until i can’t give no more and i’ve been around some great players, great coaches, great organizations and for me to have this opportunity right here means a lot and i’m very humble. Well, we appreciate all the work you’ve put in man. Congratulations back to you, kevin david! Thank you as always! Well, folks, that’s going to do it for now for chris webber greg, anthony and david alter.

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