Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, LeBron James, NBA, Chris Paul, Western Conference OSTGAME interview after Phoenix Suns blowout win over Memphis Grizzlies

What would you see clicking for you guys defensively um? I think we were just uh on the same page, a lot of ways we tried to cut off the paint for jobs much as possible, tried to contest early in the game. D.A was helping a lot and valentine’s was getting put back, so we we had to be better. You and deandre got the two man game rolling quite a bit at the start of the third quarter. What’S been the key to you. Building not only consistency with him, but just uh that chemistry over time um just trying to find him. You know what i mean like for me: uh, i’m, i’m, always looking for guys. You know what i’m saying before i’m, even looking looking for myself so uh, i got to find a balance of being aggressive, but keeping my honest that way, i can get the ball to d.a in them. Guys next is dwayne rankin with the arizona republic and then mark medina. So you got this tuskegee shirt on uh from from alabama hbcu. I wanted to ask about uh. I saw monty pull you and devin over in the first quarter. This was a quick conversation what’s that triangle been like, with with you, devin and him trying to figure out every game on how to work, how to work a game. I have no clue what we talked about then, but uh, because we just try to keep that dialogue going all the time.

Tell you the truth. Um. You know i mean it’s a lot of basketball iq within us three. You know, and none of us do this alone. You know if you see me all game. Long i’m, always looking over at coach mott like give me a play in here, play so it’s it’s a team, and so we always feeding up off each other. Real quick. Follow uh coach was looking forward to the response and he said that you guys as a team, are poor losers and he said that’s a good thing um. Do you echo that that that sentiment? And what do you think about the response tonight? I always say that man, you show me somebody fine with losing and i’ll show you a loser. You know what i mean right like we just got a team of them guys. You know that’s why our practices are competitive, say all the time that’s one of the main reasons why i definitely want to come play with book. You know, i know jay crowder, you know i mean these guys like you compete, no matter what it is and that’s how it should be good time for three. More next is mark medina with usa today followed by uh david brandt, hey chris yeah um. I i got a random question here: i’m, trying to ask different guys around the week about fans. Do you have a favorite memory when it comes to fans, whether it’s, like an interaction or a moment in the game, with the atmosphere? And if so, what was that moment that sticks with you yeah, i don’t know: i’ve played a lot of games.

Yeah um, i don’t know it’s, probably when i go play in charlotte. You know i’ve been in the west, my whole career, so first time i played in charlotte my mom got like 400 to 500 tickets for all my friends and family, so it’s always nice to to go back there, because i go there once a year. All the time i ain’t got nothing better than that off the top of my head. Mark. I’M. Sorry, oh good! I appreciate it. Final two questions are david grant with the associated press and christos saltos, hey chris. You were talking about how you know between you, devin and monty there’s, a lot of basketball, iq and just kind of the the team’s attitude is this. I know you’ve played for a lot of teams, but is this group maybe the best fit for you just from a like minded standpoint of a bunch of guys who just really really care about this thing? Um i don’t know, but i do. I know we got a really good team, a really good team and we got all the pieces that you need. Yo young don’t have a lot of playoff experience, but uh, maybe that’s a a positive thing. You know i remember my first playoff uh series when i played in 2008 um hell. You know what to expect, so you just played we just hooped and uh. I think we got a team. We just got to keep building um and understand that you know game by game.

You know you playing for something bigger final one is christo saltes from greece, hello, chris! Congratulations on the win. What would you like to carry on from that game tonight and about the da what impressed you most about his growth and about his game so far on both ends of the floor what’s, the first part. What would you like to carry on from tonight’s game uh? I think our intensity, you know we started off just a little bit flat, but as the game went on, you know we picked up the intensity and i think that’s, just the competitiveness that we were talking about with our team. You know guys play with chips on their shoulders and uh. You got to let that be uh. As for d.a um, i think he’s getting better at rolling catching the ball sort of anticipating and becoming more and more vocal on defense. You know we all continue to build like that.

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