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We know that, however, let’s start with lamello ball, overrated, underrated, properly rated for rookie of the year properly rated he’s the front runner for a reason. Look ant. Man was fantastic on thursday night 42 points, he’s really starting to get in the flow right. The game is slowing down for him, but lamelo ball is impacting winning in a big way. Let’S not forget that he also went for 26 6 in the month of february and is averaging about 20 points, a game since he’s been a starter, the last 20 plus game and again the charlotte hornets. I repeat: the charlotte hornets are in playoff contention, that’s a huge deal, lamelo rookie of the year sodano it’s streiske and i’m, asking this question because i think it’s a consensus that people are like yes, lebron james, is the face of the nba. The best player still currently pushing 40, yet still he doesn’t get the mvp love this season, he’s doing stuff unprecedented to even his liking, so lebron james mvp. Over under properly rated, you say what properly rated with lebron james 37 points against lamela ball in the charlotte hornets on thursday night. He was all over the place. Doing everything and the team needs every single one of those points and every single bucket that he helped create as well. This man has been insane forget about the fact that he’s 36 years old he’s insane for someone who’s 26 years old right now.

When you see the numbers he’s putting up and how he’s impacting winning a lot of people were down on him. The last couple of games before the all star break because they lost some games. But there were a lot of injuries to deal with. Even he couldn’t overcome that considering the rest of the crew wasn’t playing all that well. But if you look at the mvp race, it is lebron james at the top right now, but i wouldn’t be mad at you. If you had any one of eight or nine different guys in your top five, but number one is still the king i’m. Not gon na lie to you, uh the other song and dance that we do every single year is the whole trade deadline. Joint right, you get super hyped leading up to it. Everybody gon na be making moves, and then we usually fall flat. So george, is it over under or properly rated the nba trade deadline? Well, this particular season for sure it is going to be overrated. I don’t believe there’s going to be a star move. I know everyone’s hoping that bradley beal goes somewhere or kyle lowry goes somewhere. I just don’t see it and the reason i don’t see it and i don’t know if the nba really realized this, when they did, it is the the playing game. So the playing scenario gives you the top 10 teams, so that means more teams are in it.

For longer we’re a week away from the trade deadline and there’s very few teams that aren’t at least within striking distance of that 10 seat, so that’s the issue right now when it comes to the trade deadline, okay, so i’m, not gon na lie. When i think about the west, i do not think about the blazers and the pelicans, but they met on thursday and they are two of the most exciting teams in the west, overrated, underrated or properly rated underrated. These two teams are all over my league pass every single night when they’re playing look dame is appointment viewing you know what i’m saying it’s, always game time when the portland trailblazers are playing and zion to me, i love what stanford gundy is doing with zion 2. He’S facing him up he’s putting the ball in his hands. We got a point zion going on in new orleans. Both teams played really well in this particular contest on thursday night. It was a great battle between these two teams. You know leads kind of kept going up and down pelicans made it close, but at the end of the day, dame and company, just too strong and here’s the deal with portland right now, they’re doing this without cj mcconnell without nurkic. It is really game time all day every day, so these two teams, whenever they’re on the docket i’m, all in i’m, making sure i’m flipping to that channel. All right, i’ll, listen to you, then i’m, apparently very wrong.

You know way more than i do about basketball. So thanks so much george be sure to check out his radio show: sedano lz and cap weekdays and weekday afternoons that’s on 17, on 7 10 espn l a i can read: yeah good peace sadano. Thank you for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.

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