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Let’S go. We didn’t give up anything basically for torrey craig um that’s that’s, a great feeling, seeing the suns being the team that trade for a player and give away nothing for once and it’s a pretty good player at that tory craig um he’s he’s got a lot more Value than the stats might show and uh that’s something that nuggets fans have been arguing about him for quite a while before he signed with the books. This guy’s impact is goes much much farther than the stats it’s, mainly on the defensive side of things that’s, where he finds where you find the most value out of tory craig and that’s, where the sons are gon na get the most value out of tory craig. I guess six, seven, two, twenty that’s that’s just another body to try to stick on to anthony davis, to try to stop him. Well, i mean that’s how i just look at things but it’s cool to see basically the sun’s rated for a guy for nothing. Just filling their final 15th roster spot good job by the phoenix suns and before we go much further, maybe click subscribe. It really helps with the channel. I talk about the phoenix suns quite a lot, so maybe stick around for that and we’re trying to get to 925 subscribers by sunday, so every subscriber really counts and tori craig that’s um. I didn’t exactly see this coming uh. If you didn’t know, if you weren’t entirely in the know here, phoenix suns were actually looking to sign them during the off season.

It was an interesting situation. Some were negotiating with quite a few players and they ended up sending jay crowder instead of torrey craig. I mean it makes sense. I think you’d rather have jay crowder than tory craig tory craig hasn’t been the greatest three point. Shooters and j crowder is just a better defender. He’S got a lot more experience and the type of defensive players that jay crowder makes are just fantastic um if you’ve seen him play for the suns, but torrey grigg is definitely a solid asset for the suns he’s shooting 36 and a half percent from three this Year 36.4, i think a bad thing about him. Is he can’t just stick him in the corner this season he shot 20 of his three pointers attempted from the corner and he hasn’t made a single corner. Three, this season, uh torrey craig, please make corner threes. I think he can make corner threes. He just hasn’t made one through the 18 games. He’S played this season: he’s averaged 11 minutes per game, he’s averaging under three points per game; it’s a little bit questionable, but it’s fine, tory craig um it’s, that defensive ability and i think, honestly he’s another player like abdul nader that i just haven’t seen enough of. I really can’t talk about him that much because i just haven’t seen him play and i mean i’m talking about abdul nader before he joined the sons. I just don’t know how he plays like, and time will tell just to see how well he plays for the phoenix suns.

But this is an a plus trade for the suns. They fill their 15th rouster spot with the player that’s better than something they can get in the buyout market. Well, at least, it appears that they would get a better player than they could in the buyout market, or just out of free agency flat out and that’s. A cool that’s, a cool thing, a great job by the phoenix suns filling a roster spot and picking up a guy who can contribute for this team it’s a little bit questionable. He was on the bucks this season and it’s a little bit odd to see them. Uh trade pj tucker they weren’t really giving up that much, but trading for pj tucker over tory craig. I just don’t see how much value you’re gaining there, but i mean at the same time the argument goes both ways. I don’t see how the bucks are improving, that much with trading pj tucker um for torrey craig. You know you’re placing torrey craig with pj tucker, so that means i’m speaking very highly of tory craig here, he’s gon na do a lot of similar things for the suns. He isn’t the same knock down corner three point shooter as pj tucker, but he can hit threes. I think he will be able to hit corner shots if he’s getting them open and he’s in the right place in the right time. He’S gon na knock him down and especially since we’ve seen the sun’s unit correct, quite a few jump shots and turn them into good shooters.

Look at mikael bridges. I mean that guy wasn’t, the greatest three point shooters when he joined the team and tory craig’s, a guy who’s gotten better every single year, even though he’s 30 years old he’s only been in the league for four years, and i think he is just getting better. Every year – and you know we have another one of those players and chris paul who’s doing similar things. You know getting better each year and tory craig he’s, not exactly the greatest. You know the biggest of veterans he’s, not exactly the most playoff. You know sound player, he’s only played two seasons in the playoffs or the nuggets and he’s mainly off of the bench not playing very minutes many minutes so he’s a cool pickup. I think just considering there’s not a whole lot better. You can do in free agency. I think he has a good combination of useful talents that the sons can use combined with experience. He doesn’t have the experience of some other players like if the sons said something wild and signed joe johnson. You know he doesn’t have the experience of joe johnson, but he’s not he’s got a bit of experience under his belt, combined with the talent to maybe find a way into the rotation. I think tory craig is going to be more of a plug and play. I think you know in a situation like uh last two nights ago at this point where the sun’s had both abdul nader and cam johnson out.

That would be one of the times when tory craig comes in, so they can have an extra wing and have more size. They did have somewhat favor favorable matchup against the grizzlies who play guys like sean mcdermott at the four so yeah i mean that’s, not the biggest mismatch when you have a guy like chris paul on him or javon carter, so sons did a good job there. I don’t think he’s in the rotation. I mean time will tell on that one, but i just really like the sun’s like top 10. Pretty much i mean you know the starting five of crowder and crowd hurting at the four and then the five off the bench. We have um, why am i forgetting their names, carter, moore nader, johnson and starch, and then i guess tory craig would be in there somewhere like 12? I guess because kaminsky would be number 11.. If we need more size, torah greg would be number 12, and then we have carter and galloway. Those are also just kind of uh. This is situational based players that’s. What i’m going to call tory craig for this on scene? He’S, a situational bass, player he’s. Just not very necessary um to every single game because they already have really good defenders at similar heights and similar weights and abdul nader and cam johnson and jay crowder, and they accomplish very similar things. So sorry, greg he’s, just a nice piece to have around especially the sun’s, do sustain an injury uh.

He would be a nice piece to add into the rotation and otherwise tory craig he’s, a situational base, player and that’s. Still a cool thing to have on your roster filling every spot with players that really matter instead of you know having random draft picks that aren’t going to play. I actually came up kind of wrong because that kind of sounds like i’m talking about jaylen smith there. I still feel like jaylen smith kind of you know as time grows right now: he’s not in the rotation and now i’m talking about jalen smith and not tori craig, but he’s going to go from not being any playing time at all to situational, based playing time. Like i’m saying about tori craig, like we saw javon carter play like we’ve, seen, langston galloway play a bit he’s gon na get situational base minutes when the suns need another rim protector or something because they don’t really have a backup rim protector. If once he gains that confidence with the coaching staff, that’s going to be a situational based substitution like tory craig against big wings, when we have other wings out like galloway, when we need three point shooting like javon carter, when we need a spark of energy and Those are yeah, those are great things to have in your rotation. I think we got ta, give the sun’s credit for amassing these players and it was a good move by the suns thanks for watching maybe click like maybe click subscribe, maybe leave comments.

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