New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, Julius Randle, Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris AKE MILTON STEPS UP!! Philadelphia 76ers vs New York Knicks REACTION

Oh my god, what’s good game back in the bed, and today watching 76ers versus the knicks 76ers was all goddamn joel and beat again. They got my mask tony bradley in that j. Cole, danny green, the sniper that boy, the shooter really took off this year, fam he’s been doing well as a couple years. It’S just don’t pay attention to nick’s man. I don’t know what it is fade away. Oh hook shot good hook the hook. Spongebob 76 is. I expect the 760 to do this this year. I ain’t gon na lie last year. Demo was that was they were down bad last year i ain’t gon na lie. That was sad, so i’m happy for them, i’m, happy for nick’s, two playing new york and nobody pay attention to them, but rj bear has been playing well. He just like did a larger uptick this year same with julius round joyce randall played well last year too. Just don’t watch the next play he played well last year too. They just acted like this muscle yeah i got like julius render average like four points: a game good vlog, like they’re, acting like uh georgetown average two points a game this year he averages 23, like oh, my god, like last year, he’s averaging, like 17 bro, fade Away good, take Music tight as corner damn j cole he’s still doing a good. Take, though, through the lane, lob, no there’s noel good, take mitchell robinson, pull up julius.

The is hot excellent. Coming off the bench you got, ta come up dwight you guys gon na come up a little bit man down, but look that’s. What happened? Let’S pick a roll bro two on one dwight has to make a decision. He comes up, the log goes or he comes up the law back to him. If he comes back, go for a layup, his ass stayed back. He went over the layup it’s a it’s, a hard knock it’s, a hard knock life, shake milton, oh god heavy. Oh god, damn oh mr robertson, the hook hey! Why don’t he be playing like that. I’Ll watch nick’s games that much, but i know he don’t – be playing. Could block j cole give me that oh that’s, a block tyrese maxi obi topping oh bullock them boys is hot silver point game burks to the lane: good law that’s a good that was a good pass. I knew he was trying to miss that on purpose, milton good, take shake elijah’s shake milton. They expect a lot from shaking he really that’s a good ass pass. They expect a lot from her last year. He really didn’t come through, but i’m glad. He found a little role now pull up nidakina, the is just hot good deed. Neither he not good. As a defender, you can’t put shake milton in a position where he’s the main goddamn scorer, because that’s what it was last year with them guarded and beat up down.

Shane milton needs to be six man, maybe one day he’ll get to that point. But right now he’s, not he. Last year he wasn’t at that point. The sixers were just my average, like 28, a game like, but that ain’t happening he’s a good player, but like there he still needs some time to pass that ben simmons pick and roll kind of different. I ain’t seen that when he playing power forward, he he different. I ain’t gon na lie, look bro. He therefore, when he playing power forward, pass the corner. Oh my mind, quickly, quickly, shot the ball very quickly through the lane. Good block hear that pass quickly. Pull out one dribble every shot, he shoot. Look like it’s going in that’s, just his arc rj bear with steel through the lane. Now i like that, take rj pass it back up. Yeah, i see that’s jumbo yup, good Music, yeah rj needs to get. You got to get him in space that a couple years ago. They wanted him to be like a scorer like iso scorer, you got to get him in space. He was a. He was a duke. He was damn near the point. Guard bro he’s not like as he’s, not a goddamn shooting guard like just extraordinaire bro. He was a point guard damn near the tape. Rj double t you’re going over that anyways i’ll be mad too i’m. The breadwinner of this team, his ass hasn’t, tried to try to do a form tackling with his legs.

Simmons is not a shooter right, so, like you can’t, you can’t play all the way back, because he’s, just gon na use his momentum to beat you that’s. Why? I said they need to have bro coming off the ball. If ben simmons come off ball, nobody been simply off ball like off ball going to the basket, nobody with him good pack and knocks it down. Okay, dwight deep ass, two corners quickly quickly, floater, he oh, he reminded jamal crawford a lot. I get a lot of jamar crawford advice from him. He don’t have the dribbling, yet he probably do but like not the jamal crawford, ask. Maybe he’ll learn a little bit more burke floater, but, like he run your jamar crawford a lot fadeaway good, take that’s what happened when you, when that, whenever, when you’re in that post up in the middle of the key, no one can really like they can’t really Help like that, they can act like they’re helping, but they can’t, because these ones was wide open to shoot a shooter, shooter lob threats and he got iso that’s iso. You know shay milton mike scott, hey, oh god, mike scott, coming again and hit two threes and again take his ass right back out turn around good, totally bro pick and roll is where he dominated duke and like his last year in new york, they was trying To do some with him that from the g in madison square, you saw that from the sea and chase Music.

Lob floater could take mitchell. Mr robinson, a six man defending center, oh good, heavy, oh alec, burks robinson, says the reverse Music. He stayed in the way. Bro he he he made him, he made brooks, go around. Brexit went straight through it got there quicker, but he made his ass go around the block. He got that in. I thought that was a block burke’s gon na pull. This gets inside flips, damn the motherfucker’s. Actually, no threes, bro, Music, paul julius paris, tobias pulling a midi. Oh danny, green, danny green left, dwight Applause in hook, shot good tay rj come on yeah. I like what the knicks is doing. Man they building a culture. There it’s harder to build a culture than have just talent for free agents, because the that’s free agents not gon na, have a coach. They they gon na they gon na with the knicks for a little bit when they contract up they out this, oh Music. This deal for the win. I know that is going now. How are you going front that one i knew that was good good quest. I said the corner. They finally hit the corner – god damn bro the corner is wide open, look corner open right now, danny green. I tell you, but the the way, the way the defense moves around bro, the dude in the far corner can help that’s how every defense from high school college nba they do. The corner can help because it’s the first way, but the amount of space that he has to make up, because the shooters creeps up a little bit just a little you’re still in this peripheral.

So he could see, but you got to creep up a little bit. You know just a little and he keeps up to the point where he has to he’s not going straight anymore. He has to go at an angle that’s further than that corner, always open gang that’s. What it is she got to help too lame playing in the corner the hardest play to play: defense too corner again: Music. The corner is always open when they creep up like that he’s open. This is that’s what they teach you. They teach you to creep up. So the player doesn’t guard you in the corner, can’t guard you they’re, like rj his uh. He has a real good like mind for when jump, i ain’t seen r.j berry, get blocked yet pull up four point: game: Music, pull the three quarters: okay, j, cole, god dale he’s gon na hit two that’s high b, sometimes Music. He do that time. Oh yeah that’s what happened when you when he got the ball and his memento is going this way, it’s going to take him like an extra second to start get going back. That way, you guys saw you got to have loop. He ain’t lose. That probably would have gave him like an extra second knowledge. Noel might have been able to get a rebound or some that’s it. What was it shake me up to 21.? Hmm, okay, shake do your thing! Then. Last year you kind of sold but it’s all good news.

24 dwight, howard, 13, 10, 4 says ben come on man. You could do better now for one block three blocks of danny green. Damn shout out to the sixers man. That was a pretty good game. Why? Don’T mitchell robinson play that much. Is there something wrong with him? Oh my, if there’s any knicks fans or people watching this, why don’t he play. I really don’t know i don’t want to assume or nothing but like it is what it is. I think he’s a solid ass player. I think he could contribute more. I really don’t know why he’s playing but or he’s, not playing, but shout out to the 76ers man i feel like they just got that end. They just got it in the end bro. It was knicks wasn’t, really getting a lot of three point: shots at the end and sixers got hella three point: shots in ot, but shout out to the sixers man shout out to the next two that was an impressive ass game. Rj bear showed his, even though he wasn’t really on the scoreboard, this scoreboard, like that, except for assists, he showed his today quickly really didn’t. Do a lot today to surprise him. He’S usually involved in offense, but it is what it is.

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