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Next talking about boy, hey yeah, let’s, get it let’s Applause sidestep, then yeah, y’all, just can’t; no, no i’m, not i’m i’m! Not going to take y’all seriously. Next, if y’all can’t beat the sixers without them beat them, i just can’t. Take y’all serious man like they don’t have a player: okay, randall brandon! Are you nice, like that? They saying you nice like like that? Well do something against ben simmons. You know what i’m saying let’s see just got to deal with it. Well folks, the last two games has been magnificent: not the three ball randall, not the three ball coming off the bench for the first time, all season. Okay rj get to that rim, though i’ll tell you that okay block that come on barrett you out here, giving you the ball. Man block that’s inside kicks it out, reggie, bullock, that’s three, that dude always had that three ball, one more. He needs an instigator he’s their instigator. Now that deserves a little. You know a little hang right there, a little put back right there autumn, dunks don’t be deserving it, but that one deserved it. I need a benefit of that on now. Oh, you get continued. I don’t need the three ball going to that rack. You know what i’m doing stop it. Oh, he could d dw. He did you out randall. Have that no randall back out quickly or he getting that assistant, that’s downhill boy. Barry gets inside that’s, downhill, don’t.

Let him don’t give him a chance for the defensive set up. Rj barrett stay down here, but still let’s go rj ben get downhill, but put all the way on the line finds quickly quickly on the drive flips it up shots quickly now and double right right. Foot right hand offensive game, but we’re, seeing two teams that really play excellent team. Defenses barrett with his yeah rj. Like you already know, he gon na do two get to that cup. Again he played kind of like goes stops, pulls back. Oh, i can fool with and you got to surround him with shooters, though yeah you got to surround him with shooters and hits the long three robinson sets the screen. First, okay, okay, not bad, not bad power. Trying to get free maxi takes advantage. Oh, i think, he’s about to flush on you bro. This dude ran quick as hell. He got a shot out of a cannon what’s, his name, hey, fair sale, bro, it might be the hair. The hair is moving on crazy, wow, damn that’s a tough buck, exacerbating the problem. I say what a tough bucket the announcer said, what a difficult shot, what a difficult shot. I say what a tough buck you know: tomato potato, randall. Okay, i can kind of see why this team works. You got. You got rj barrett you get to the cup left open and gets this. You got. You got julius randle. He can go play big, but he really he’s going to shoot that three ball.

They ain’t got no center center Music. Okay down four, give me three a burst to shoot. That thing. I know his three like 80 he’s, three, like 88., three, like 88 on 2k. He drives and thrives with a running one: okay, julius randle, your turn they live. They live to fight hold on. Oh okay, let’s go uh huh today, didn’t it okay, y’all gon na. Take us seriously shoot talk your stuff, daddy, tuck, your stuff, hey, the danny is fighting for they life out here. They fight for their life out. Here still gets it off and hits again danny. Can they can? They still beat the philly? I mean they good they’re, good y’all still can’t be philly, though let’s find some room high off the glass backs at home. Okay, okay, play catch, pulls up, jump, shot, that’s, good alec burks, this dude’s, a wily vat there’s, a he’s fat ben simmons. Give me one hand, give me one: three ball: no double teams again up to milton nearly stolen disagree. What happened? Damn stupid stupid come on. Oh yeah that’s good, oh yeah, that’s, good, oh yeah, okay, okay, nicks hold on. Let me find out. I got ta, take y’all little sis, three pointer, that’s good, oh now, yeah handle four seconds to go. Randall’S got plenty of time drives, goes inside, pulls up jumpers up in and out what a crushing defeat. Oh, i was about to take y’all serious. I don’t care what happened it shouldn’t have been close, damn: okay, i’m, tired of dudes who be complaining about a car here in a car.

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