Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks, Luka Dončić, Damian Lillard, NBA, CJ McCollum – Full Game Highlights – March 19, 2021

I thought he was a little hard on himself in his interview with brooke. I i i don’t was why it was a key to the game how to defend it. They like going to it doncic, trying to work against cantor. The patented back out to covington tries to triple canter offensive, rebound blocked by porzingis canter sticking with it, though mccollum trying to work the two man game with cantor up and under hard away, blazers trailed by one doncic up top cleva with a slam; Applause, here’s lillard, A deep three speeding him up a little bit: you’ll live with one on one, no past possessions, Applause from outside he’s shooting 46 from the three point line on the season with 50 mates, but get some life lessons after these last few games when lillard talks afterwards, Every time he talks, mccollum had eight points in his first five minutes. Gary trent jr covington with the steal transition and the blazers want to continue applying pressure. Richardson runs in and wandu in for dallas covington, attributing and forcing tough shots. That was some real good stuff. Good recovery from richardson Applause mello puts up the three flips it over to hardaway junior from up top three of the season, lillard back and forth jones jr. Maybe the ball. I don’t know brunson nice hard away junior a pull up three just off mavericks hit ahead and quite powell under the floor for the first time before the mavericks says: doncic off the handoff back to powell, tied up slap at it with one or even the reach Is just with one six to shoot for the mavericks brunson from the corner for seven points: lillard splits, the defense, a little catch and shoot drops it in lillard, double team retrieves, the dribble flips it over to mccollum mccollum on his horse, floats it up with the Left hand and that beats the horn left lasers, try to swarm the three from burke and force this to go along with that doncic change of pace, change of speed and that’s, where he’s so slippery Applause stolen by covington clears out the baseline mello going to dodge It Music burke takes the handoff and then flying until the blazers bench covington with three steals and dodges just tip your cap to that to covington, open Applause, Applause crowded by the blazers flips it behind his back.

What a fine, hardaway junior mccollum off the handoff back to cantor cantor bulldozes him canter, though on the block against powell, gets into that crab. Dribble canter moving some furniture and putting it in one Music Applause mavericks, trying to surprise kander kanter gallops into the has to flare it out. Cleba hardaway junior a deep three of 16 for 63 lillard, a long two dodgers brings it down, has tons of room for a transition three and distance because he takes a lot of tough shots with this here, sitting right, underneath doncic taking lillard into the post. Spinning dodges now covington eizem cantor doing a good job of trying to pester doncic, but then he ended up ended up running with somebody else. Just have to deal with it. Lillard fouled, with 3.3 left important issue thanks bro. Thank you coach. So the three by covington extends the lead to seven cantor he’s, going to town in the second quarter: Applause, quiet night for porzingis, just four points and lillard goes glass, wanted it sometimes for guys who are known as non shooters to address it last year, at a Certain point and said uh: he doesn’t feel like it’s, only doncic going downhill back out to kaliba and cleveland that was on canter on that last rebound to hardaway junior seven here in the third quarter: nine combined threes between hardaway and cleva column, Music. You want to show him something on that end of the floor, he’s in front of him: Applause dancing with the pull up mellow the bench blazers back up.

Four Applause, dodges rolling by covington can’t handle the handoff from mello up ahead. Covington, though, trying to intercept it hard away, just mellow going against the wandu backing him down, pump fake gets into the body brunson trying to get it to porzingis. Porzingis goes up and over a little contest, the shot 7 3 again that much taller with the hands weight. Looking for the post up this time, jones jr trying to check out porzingis another elbow and another foul Applause, flips it over to hard away, cleva down low able to post up lillard with the jumper but lillard in considerable pain and daunches mavericks working around brunson open. Look three is off richardson offensive, rebound back to wandu hood, looks for the three and gets it this quarter. Dodges change of pace goes at melo, and one Applause melo will go with cleva. Mello will try the three at the horn got it. Knocking down hood for three Applause friend junior will fire the three rebound burke. Applause. Try to answer with another jumper mccollum stops on a dime and buries the three double team. Flips it back to cleveland. Hardaway junior has to attack gallops to the land and that time, the time before he was opened, but hardaway junior had the layup so no need to kick it out. Cj is fourth quarter: mccollum ball on string, canter offensive rebound to the blazers check out cantor and covington jones junior mellow into the game carter way: junior junior looking for a teammate to get free jones junior, the patience but porzingis with the length wants to go at Porzingis blows by him hood corner three got hit rodney with the stroller checking dodge it’s donches deflected by toads junior blazers, with the stops jones jr to mellow mellow, with the flush hasn’t scored in a while this time.

Lillard. The long two painted here is baby turns the corner on porzingis gets to the baseline. What a finish it’s time to bring out the closer laser lead is five dodges going at mellow step through dodge it over to mccollum to shoot mccollum with porzingis on the column. Jab step: oh cj, mccollum, comfortable doncic, spinning trying to go one on one against mcauliffe mavson, the double mccollum over to hood covington in the corner and covington with a kiss hold it up there you’re back to your career percentage 36 after struggling throughout the start of The season to find a shooting rhythm, it has arrived. Doncic hardaway junior he’ll, try the deep three that’s good hello to inbound hood catches back to mello. He’Ll burn a few precious seconds sanchez quickly down the floor. Richardson will catch it go for the layin. Laser lead is six 2.2 left and that will do it. So the blazers come from behind in the fourth quarter and terry stotts.

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Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks, Luka Dončić, Damian Lillard, NBA, CJ McCollum hanning Frye react to Luka Doncic's 38 Pts, 9 Ast, 9 Reb not enough as Mavs fall to Blazers 125-119

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