Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks, Luka Dončić, Damian Lillard, NBA, CJ McCollum ROPPED 37! 8 3's in 3 Qtrs! Mavericks vs Trail Blazers REACTION | NBA Highlights Today

That is not a good sign. Okay hold on hey! I, like the old school beats they got hold on. Okay looter got that old school loot, i’m full with it. Okay, see jacob bucky hold on that’s a good bucket that’s, a good bucket that’s good feed work right. There that’s good work; oh hey that’s! What he was – oh okay, no come here holy. Why do we have to do all that to him you ain’t have to do all that to him. Did you date me come on now back outside? Oh wait! My boy, finney back, hey buckets, avoid finney back uh! Huh you got luca, oh luca, oh, go, get him luca, go get him. Luke hit him with it. Hit him with him. Baby hold up. Oh a lot of moves. I thought it was done. I thought he was dumb, but he kept going. You know what that him him. I thought he was done. No, let me give you one more one, more damn that say. Cj come on now i thought about the logo. Oh yeah, okay, oh yeah, you can’t check me one on one against porzingis. Damn i don’t understand how poor zingers didn’t block that, like lock that shot? What are you doing? Not bad basic basic things. Tighter bro dallas really lost last game to these blazers, though, like i’m look i’m looking like they got all their players, i thought they was going like you know, saying, run it up down the stretch.

I really thought they was gon na turn up down the stretch. Blazers are like a you know, like an even team i’m supposed to be like competing with these dudes, and i was just coming down to it’s luca lillard goes by finney smith, like buckets, is dang better than luca. I think like they look like dallas look like they got. The better team, but damn keep winning i just want to know is daniel, better than lazy look at. That has to be these wins, and this team is better. I don’t know dog somebody y’all tell me. I had luca ahead of him in the rankings, but trent jr, hey, dane dane’s out here, playing winning basketball, okay, good shot. Okay, you can do all that, but you gon na win the game. You got your whole team back. Are you going to win the game, though, like who? Are they missing nobody easily? He scored that. Last time you got bovine out here doing work now, bovine you can take care of enos canter right, take care of enos, oh yeah. We out: okay, uh! Okay! Oh, oh, he don’t like that move step back junior, oh yeah. Once he did let’s get once you get that close ain’t, nothing! You can do. Cj’S world let’s go let’s, go yeah, that’s what he does he’s all around he 10 10 and 10 guy 10, 10 and 10 guy richardson. You got luca finney, luca hardaway finney.

I think that was missing, finney last game. I might give him benefit of the doubt, but i don’t know i definitely got ta win this game. Maybe i’ll say y’all still, you know i’m saying kind of close kind of even but y’all dallas y’all. Oh you see that coming. Y’All 100 have to win this game like i was still on the fence, but you 100 percent got to win this game and y’all up the lead and he is on one tonight you ain’t on. Is he uh he’ll? I think he hit me talking. He might have hurt ooh poisonous. Why are you on? Why are you on the floor dog at no point in an nba game, be on the floor? Nice drive he’s got a nice job for the mavericks. Okay, oh you got five trey balls dude he’s trying to go you’re going crazy. Huh! Oh, give me another one. Then oh damn lucas, did you hear me? Oh look. I heard me talking. Look. I heard me talking. Okay, everybody uh pump the brakes pump. The brakes. Look at i heard me talking: oh hey, give me one more luca right. There bring it back down right. There look at going crazy, looking going crazy, he beat him sturdy, diddy it’s, the third quarter. He got your 30 piece chicken dinner double team by the way. It’S, the third quarter – oh okay, okay, okay, finney, is the glue guy. Oh finney is their glue.

Guy he’s still she’s still going displays of the season here. So far, eight for eight from outside eight foot, eight from three. He still shoot these shots hold up. I mean i mean look at that out of the way look, it went crazy who could went crazy, okay, poor zingers? I ain’t seen you in a minute. I already know the man i see you in a minute hold on. We got more than double his shooting percentage hold on. I was i was. I was almost disrespecting you i almost disrespected you give me three that’s what i’m saying that’s. What i’m saying, i think finney is their glue guy that’s, what it is that’s, exactly what it is. You got luca here’s little heart away: finney porzingis, cleveland that’s, day five and then off the bench you can come with. Whoever you got brunson. You got brunson richardson burke, some of the bad starters, but also who else they got ain’t got no bigs. I guess you could put bovine in that thing: they need another beer who’s this who’s, this dude number, seven, okay, who’s this dude number, seven dwight power. I know he bouncy. I know he bouncy! Oh, is that day five damn colorado and tyrone? Oh, you got bob brunson, no bro bond. Who is that powell brunson richardson that’s short, i didn’t get it at first. No, i didn’t realize at first dorian, finney smith is their glue guy. He does a little bit of everything on the floor.

I can fool. I can fool with it: man i can fool with it and they got ta, they got ta sell for everybody too. They got a sub for everybody, oh yeah. I saw that coming ooh. I saw that coming. That was easy work. That was easy work. Let me see, let me see if i got it right: trey berg, branson, he’s, a long jumper, it’s, good, burke, brunson. I want the good news powell. Where are you going and that has to be an asterisk in my opinion, so oh wait: hey that’s! Whatever luca got crazy, luca went crazy, he had 37 or more made three look ahead: 37, that was in the third. He didn’t play the fourth 37 through three: hey, okay. What is that? Well, this one? It has to start then start it up. Dad let’s start.

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Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks, Luka Dončić, Damian Lillard, NBA, CJ McCollum hanning Frye react to Luka Doncic's 38 Pts, 9 Ast, 9 Reb not enough as Mavs fall to Blazers 125-119