Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks, Luka Dončić, NBA, Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum : "I did what I was supposed to do" | Trail Blazers vs. Mavericks

You know after the first couple games. Obviously you know you’re playing, but you know it. It looked like something kind of clicked tonight after i was playing like i’m, not offended. I feel it feels good. I knew it was going to take some time. Man i’m, just that was that was my ninth time playing basketball since january 16th. So it’s it takes time to kind of find your rhythm. You know, especially in this type of season, so i just had to be patient. I know i do my work. I take this thing very seriously. I take good care of my body and i knew it was only a matter of time before and everything would kind of line up. I was planning a minute restrictions, so i’m doing five minutes coming out. I was rushing i wasn’t playing with pace. I wasn’t doing you know what i was supposed to do as a player and kind of settled in today, and i got 23 shots up in 28 minutes, but i think for the most part um. I had good balance. I missed short a few times. I didn’t have any turnovers and, i think, um defensively. We did a pretty good job being active and i did what i was supposed to do: jason, quick, the athletic cj. Can you kind of pinpoint uh why you think terry has been so successful in portland? I think he loves basketball, i think that’s important first and foremost, he lives the game.

He watches games on league, pass he’s, always trying to kind of reinvent himself and studying and figuring out ways to be better um he’s passionate, but he also has that fine line a balance between coaching and empowering. He gives us freedom. He allows us to be the best version of ourselves. If i want to take 15 dribbles, i know sometimes he pisses him off, but he allows me to do that and i think on that, that understanding and that communication level to where he understands how hard we work and he empowers you to do things. He encourages guys to take threes even historically guys that may not have shot well from three he’s encouraged them to do that, and i don’t think a lot of coaches um would kind of give that leeway. So i think it’s there’s a there’s, a lot of reasons. Why he’s a good coach, but i think those are the things that kind of stick out as well as the fact that he’s just a good dude. I think you guys i haven’t interviewed him for so many years. Um he’s just a genuinely nice person, and would you say that your guys’s relationship has evolved over the years because i know like early on it was difficult for you not to play, but that’s kind of terry. You know he yeah. He doesn’t play young guy. I did joke with him. I remember when you just did not play me and stuff like that, but as that person no, i know he he genuinely uh wants to win.

He likes playing older, guys, likes playing veterans and um he’s old school, but at the same time i definitely think our relationship has blossomed. I think we’ve continued to grow together. I know when to do certain things and when not to do certain things and i think, based on what we’ve been able to accomplish over the course of these years, i love for wine there’s, so many different ways we can bond to where um i might just Bring him some chateau margot, you know what i mean stuff like that or i might just pop up in his room to have a drink, um, obviously social, distancing and following the private protocols, but i think we’re, just in a great space personally, i wish him the Best, i think he wishes us the best as players and that’s. Why we’ve been able to succeed jimmy hudson nbc sports, dj coach thought said that this should be your final game on a minute’s restriction. He’S he’s, anticipating that so where? Where is your wind and how are you feeling physically, i feel great physically i’ve been taking great care of myself. While i was injured, you know, i stayed in shape and did the little things like eating better i’m, getting more sleep, hydrating, more and just kind of focusing on certain parts of my body understand that i couldn’t use my foot so i’m good. It was just more so the restriction for the impact pounding on the foot like this is like week.

Nine i got cleared to run two weeks ago, so i haven’t been able to really run our move too much. We wanted to see how the foot responded and i honestly wasn’t supposed to play it back to back, but we kind of uh. I talked him off the ledge and convinced him that i could bite the bullet on the 20 minutes and and then they said they would see how i felt and then i talked to him in the you know more than 25 minutes tonight, and i just said: If i’m moving well, you know keep me out there. Let me play a little bit longer and if i’m not i’ll, be honest with you um when the game started, i told them. I feel better now that i did you know the first two games and it’s a back to back, so i think i’ll be okay and i’ll be able to play more minutes. I think terry will do a great job of kind of engaging it, but you know i’ll be able to play 30 plus from here on now, because i just take good care of my body in general. Casey hold all uh cj. What did you think about your guy’s performance in that fourth quarter? Uh? Obviously, you guys had a hard time getting stopped in the first three quarters, you’re able to get stops in the fourth. You came on 11 points. Uh just talk about uh. The way you guys played in that fourth quarter, uh kind of a different lineup as well yeah um, we did it.

We did what needed to be done. A lot of switching random blitzes. We rebounded the ball, tried to put bodies around luke and make it difficult for him and uh, like you said before, after giving up 30 points in every quarter. Besides the second, we held him with 21 points regarding the three point line and it’s crazy, because we just basically gave up a three, a layup and a layup down the stretch, so um that’s eight points uh in itself. Three four: five seven points, not a math major, close enough aj mccord coin cj. I know you said that it was sort of uh you’re finding your rhythm back tonight. It did look like you had it more than you did in the first two games. Was there a moment for you that that clicked – and you said ah, this is now it’s starting to feel like? Can you feel yourself getting into a rhythm like that? Hey i’m just trying to slow everything down. I think when you watch the game and you jump into the game and you you play at the speed of that set and i just kind of had to find my speed, find my pace and um. I didn’t. I didn’t feel like the first two games. I had enough legs to shoot threes, you know off the dribble i didn’t feel like. I was getting good lift on the ball. I didn’t feel like i was getting. No separation and tonight tried to really just kind of focus in on my balance, um talking to john, we talked about my shot chart.

You know where i was going to take shots from and i wasn’t taking enough threes, i wasn’t getting quality threes. I was settling for middies and still not finishing in the paint, not not really explosive around the basket. Again when i was missing floaters, so um i wanted to just kind of hone in on that. You know create separation, create space, and then dr phil sent me some clips um as well on like just being more balanced. You know trusting my shot and just tried to do what i do. I think that’s, the biggest thing you know work on stuff and then go do it in the game. Landon buford go ahead, hey cj! I know you’re very tapped into the culture um. I know you also um or i’m gon na. Ask you this. So, basically, i want to get your thoughts on the disparities between the women uh in the ncaa tournament and the men’s um. If you are aware of what uh has been going on for the last couple hours, yeah i’ve seen it i’ve seen some of the pictures that were tweeted, i think sabrina um tweeted, something i retweeted that it’s it’s disrespectful, it’s, it’s, it’s unfair and i think it’s It’S kind of symbolic of society how society continues to disrespect uh women to continue to disrespect minorities in some cases, and i think there’s a lot that needs to be changed. I think excuses often are made. You know, based on you, know, amount of money being generated in certain sports, but you know, based on where we’re at, in our circumstances as to you’re playing an ncaa tournament, um money is being generated.

You have a hotel, the least you can do is kind of provide like adequate training, and then i heard about some situations where women aren’t allowed to either bring kids or be provided with certain things that are necessary from a from a breastfeeding standpoint and that’s. Just disrespectful and just despicable, so um there’s a lot of things that need to be changed. Um, look at how much money these college coaches are making in general it’s it’s. I mean i’m happy for them, but i think it’s just disrespectful that a lot of the kids don’t benefit from it on the men’s side and then the women’s side. They just get the shortening of the stick year in and year out. Thank you. Come back to jason, quick, hey, cj uh for how successful terry has been and for how much you guys, like him, uh he’s, still drawing some criticism for your guy’s defense and historically uh throughout the years. Do you guys feel an obligation to play for him or to like play better defense to keep him here? Yeah i mean we trying but it’s hard to guard people nba like he’s, not out there playing defense he’s. Not he don’t have to go guard luca. You know what i’m saying like look: what megan passes: yeah he’s looking at players like what are you supposed to do, but i mean we’re making a concerted effort, but at the end of the day your job is to win games.

So i think we’ve been doing that we figured out a way to win games, in spite of our defense and it’s, been a point of emphasis for us for years now and we’ve also been banged up, and i think, as we continue to get more healthy things, Should continue to change and continue to evolve with our personnel, and i think in spurts we’ve defended like in the fourth quarter tonight. You know 21 points in the second quarter, 27. uh the night prior against the the pelicans we’ve showed we can defend. We have to be able to sustain that for long periods of time and i think we’re getting there, but um we’re going to win games because we’re, a talented team and we have talented players and a good coaching staff it’s just about being able to win games.

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