Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks, Luka Dončić, NBA, Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum OLLUM IS BACK!! Mavericks vs TRAIL BLAZERS REACTION

I hate being right. Yeah what’s, good gang back in the bidding. Tell you watching mavericks there’s blazers luca versus dame let’s, get into it. Throw that screen pull up, pull up, pull up, djj fire them. Boys is hot step back i’m. Actually, cleaver. We got to step up them. Boys is hot boy, them is hot. He finna pull it. Oh, my god good. Take cj step back dodges, trying to work against canter the patented step back three for donald picks it on the fence. Pull up. This will fire another one slow, but them go in boy. Covington tries the triple canter offensive, rebound good block, kp good block josh finds luca lucas. Bro creeper really got bounced like that bro. You know he’s jumping like that. Oh my god, bro tim look at how high up poor zing this is up. Bro, like i’m telling you, but you have to be right here: two people in the league curry and day i’m. Just i’m. Sorry, you tried your best porzingis but that’s, just what it is. Man you’re going to pull it again: Applause realistically bro! This is why it’s so hard to play against damon curry. You are guarding him from all the way up here. This is shaking. You are guarding him all the way up here. So if someone could say he could just go, this is way more than he had to defend everyone else way. More tim pull up, mix liba from outside him came 46 from the three point, pull up cj and she just got his licks back fake.

The cut you see the cut was wide open for him as carmelo clears out. The cut is wide open, so he fakes like he’s, going for the cut and then gets that easy as three with eight points. Mccollum had eight points. Oh yeah covington, with the steel, gets the steel transition josh to lane delay blast off yep gon na pull it hey, blazers, letting them things go where the boys are doing, pull up, let them things go. Both sides numbers is hot. Just off. Oh touchdown good pass wesley one dude. There screen davidson the mavericks brunson from the corner. Somehow i don’t like this angle at all three for three off the bench step back, move one more corner quarter, one more house looking to see your shoe today: double team corner corner – oh my god! Oh my god cj! No! I like that that’s a good play. Melo from the polo midi melo Applause, his heart, it’s hard man, it’s hard takes the hand the shot. Do you see how you shot that shot with one hand i like what the mavericks is doing man, let that offense, be your defense. Applause he’s one of those players in the nba we’re, like he don’t. He has a very controlled dribble. You give me like he’s, not he’s, not like running full speed like his is you’re going at my pace, so you’re going to get your fried at my pace too. I told her i said at the top.

He heard me, even though this happened a minute ago. Good take i don’t know that looked like a travail quick shot. It is what it is. He said, movement at your head uh. This is gon na, be a step back just kidding, corner it’s, so hard bro i’ll tell you two on one and cleva, apparently gon na catch lobs and now so the lob. If he goes back or if he comes up the lob, if he goes back shoot, a floater goes back shoot. The the floater to a test mavericks looks like a surprise cancer cancer gallops into the hook and has to flare it out, pull it tim hardaway jr. A deep three in the mavericks four point game: i had never seen him shoot a long two before pulling lucas brings it down, has tons of room for a transition three and makes the blazers you got. Ta come up real cool right there, damn wide open gang. Just take, though, dodges taking lillard into the post, spinning dodges finishing at the top that’s that separator on him now covington step back and you’re doing a good job. Oh my god shake your ass, not scoring that much! Today, ball is passed, so he wants to pull it max, pull the clip which isn’t the case going downhill back out to cleveland cleveland port. Just like everybody on the marriage could shoot bruh. They have the perfect team builder on lucca. They just need one more like real, shooter shooter.

You know you want to show them something on that end of the floor, the blazers they just need their bigs back bro like what else is it going to take mello? I hit that melon touchdown again damn. What is it tie game fade away. My little song gets into the body. I’Ll tell you they got like designated sets for mello now, richardson with the jumper pull up luca man. Luke got that slow, jumper but he’s still beginning off it’s very it’s, very interesting richardson offensive cut back in the goddamn play now. Eight point: game: rodney, Music, there’s luca, has so much space to operate on screens, but he can shoot he can shoot he can shoot. He can shoot like that is so it’s so hard to guard luca offense bro. You give up somebody gon na whack, your ass, a column stops on the time and buries the three and he’s only missed from outside. He found him that time the time before he was over the harder way junior had the layup, so no need to kick it out, make it up six from outside. In this fourth quarter, three point: game pull up: Music yeah. I like that poison it’s. So they asked some oh they’re gon na pull this the old man bounced he can’t get up like he used to step back. I hate being right here, another one corner, oh good, take where i think he’s gon na block that but spread the love.

Seven point game step back: just kidding, timmy timmy turner, damn all right make it a six point: game man. What is up with you, man, man, luca 38, cj’s 32, come away. He get a bag into it. Dame lillard zero blocks, ben williams, six assists luca almost had a triple double nine and nine man, but the blazers they just had too much firepower. Bro. Is that too much firepower? Man i like what the mavericks is doing though they was. They was playing some real good offenses defense. They was kind of struggling a little bit had more turnovers fast break points. They led, but the more turnovers you up man luka played. Well, though he played really well, he he’s getting to his shots. He’S getting to his spots porzingis, they need a little bit more from porzingis, but it is with liz. You know it is liz. Nameless cj really showed up today. Damn didn’t have to go crazy because cj was there, so it is what it is. Blazers need their bigs back and the mavericks they still solid. They just need to get their people back to i don’t know why wonder was playing they. You usually don’t play he’s a solid player.

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Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks, Luka Dončić, NBA, Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum praisesed Damian Lillard shines leads Blazers blowout Mavericks 125-119

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