Trisha Paytas, Vlog Squad, h3h3Productions, Vlog Heartbreaking Text She Sent David Dobrik & Dom Asking To Remove Video

It seemed like i had a super fun night with these famous vloggers, basically, which is not all what happened. Every single person i know is messaging me, oh, you were in david’s, vlog that’s, so cool or oh, my god. I saw you in the vlog on the day the vlog was released. It was viewed more than 800 000 times. People came up to hannah the library and outline of the coffee shop to talk about it. She said hannah said her little sister, even text her about overhearing people at hannah’s, old, high school talking about the vlog in the bathroom it made hannah feel so alone. She said it’s difficult to describe how it feels, knowing that millions of strangers have seen a video of me in a night that affected me and traumatized me in nearly incomprehensible ways, not knowing that anything was wrong. Hannah said first time hannah said she described what happened that night as the r word she said she was in the back of a cab in her hometown. After a night of drinking with friends, it was over winter break a month after being filmed with the vlog squad. The next morning hannah said her friend asked her. If she was remember if she remembers that she had a panic attack in the car and she started saying i was r worded over and over again on the way home, i don’t want that to be my identity, it’s, not my identity.

I can comfortably say, though, that i was the victim of our word, but i don’t identify as a victim hannah said, that’s, just something that happened to me, also that’s, why i didn’t speak to anyone about it for a long time after she processed the events of The night with the vlog squad hannah said she did research about the legal system in california and decided it wouldn’t be worth pursuing a case because she was so intoxicated at the time, but she still wanted to do something. On february, 2nd 2019 pedes uploaded a since deleted video, accusing dobrik of being an actual horrible person who said she, along with nash, exploited young women in his vlogs hannah, watched the video and said it made her wonder if other women also felt objectified while filming with The vlog squad, three months later after she last texted, dom hannah decided to reach back out even after the vlog was. I think this is even after the vlog was gone. Hannah still struggled to find closure shortly before midnight. On monday february 2019 hannah sent dom a long text message, so this text message is really intense. This one’s crazy intent. We can, you highlight um i’d, rather just show the the image of the message you have that, maybe i don’t but i’ll. Let me see i can start reading it like this, but i saw it on twitter. The whole thing i’d, rather read it from that: oh it’s, in cat’s twitter thread that’s, where we saw it yeah yeah yeah that that’s in here, so just pull that up real quick cat is the author.

Who is going to be calling in uh pretty soon you get the medicine yeah um working on it here’s a link to her tweet. You posting it on discord. Thank you. Oh thank you. Okay, here’s, the direct message perfect. So this is the message she sent back in 2019 early 2019. So you know if any, if anyone wants to say that this is like a cloud chase or something this happened like two years ago, this message well before she ever went public or anything. She said: hey dom. If you remember me, my name is blank and went through my friend blank when you needed some girls for your video again. That was the whole thing right getting girls for for david’s video it’s important to remember that, because david continually tries to keep all the blame on dom yeah, but david is the one making money off of this. Absolutely i mean he and again remember he thanked david right on the night of november 25th, my friend and i came to your house to shoot upon arriving. I didn’t intend to do anything sexual with you or any vlog squad member, and my attempt was further reaffirmed when i heard the sexist and demeaning language of your team within minutes of me being in your house, you pulled me aside into a separate room and tried To initiate sexual behavior with me, one on one to which i immediately physically and verbally rejected to my rejection, you tried to make me feel guilty and persuade me to hook up with you saying, come on baby i’m.

Blocking me from leaving the room you made me feel very nervous and uncomfortable, especially because i was away from anyone. I knew and because you are an actual stranger, i had never watched a video of yours or anyone in the vlog squad. After a few minutes of back and forth between us, i agreed to kiss you so that i could leave the room and return to my friends. You let me leave. I rejoined my friends in the main living room, our one on one interaction reaffirmed my initial feelings that i did not want to participate in sexual contact with any of the men in the room as the night continued. We chatted and i was open to getting to know you as a person. The last thing i remember is being extremely drunk on your balcony. Apparently, you and your team brought me hard alcohol that i drank, and you me and my friend blank had a threesome, which i have no memory of whatsoever to my understanding at some point during the threesome i was too drunk and laid on the bed and slept From what i’ve been told, my friends had to come into the room and put on my clothes and underwear bra shorts and shoes, and i couldn’t walk leaving the house before. I left your house. I threw up several times in the bathroom as well as in my own bathroom, when i got home according to one of my friends, i was passed out in your bathroom until she pulled trig for me, when i got back to my dorm, my friend helped me Throw again throw up again and said: i had no memory of what had just occurred when i woke up in the morning, i had no idea to participate in any kind of sexual action than i prior it’s.

Two hours later, when the same friend mentioned the threesome to me under the impression that i had remembered at this point i was so drunk. When i sent you the text message, i was still drunk when i sent you a text message saying you could put any clip in the video that wouldn’t be harmful to me or an employer at this point in time i don’t feel the same. The video disturbs and upsets me – i did not feel like this – is an accurate portrayal of me and it’s, not something i feel comfortable with being on the internet anymore, it’s, incredibly disturbing to me to a video online that documents an entire night that i have no Recollection of and have everyone around me view me as a reflected reflection of my character, especially considering the mature content. Looking back on, the experience i have take, i feel taken advantage of, as your friend may have recognized as a situation unfolded, considering. According to my friend’s memory that people were joking about what is what is and is about what is isn’t consensual is just a type of is and isn’t consensual that people were joking about what is and isn’t consensual and the joke about them, going to jail at The end of the vlog, these jokes and that show that perhaps it was weighing on their conscience once they saw how incoherent and drunk i was after patricia released her video. I realized that my experience and gut feeling of discomfort being with you in that room was not an isolated experience to me.

I am reaching out now because it was taken taken me a while to process what happened. I need for the video to be taken down for my own healing and peace of mind to which dom simply responded. Okay, i respect your wishes. The video is down which, by the way, unbelievable, which, by the way, means that this he had a conversation because it was on david’s channel right. So he had to have a conversation with david. Explain why david needed to take down the video so david knew everything. Yeah that happened. He read this text message i’m, assuming for sure i mean assuming or he he’s, i don’t think david would take down a video lightly. You know how can you just respond that to somebody probably dude, this guy, probably doesn’t even remember he’s like oh just, he probably gets texts like this every day, he’s like oh okay, just another one of those girls exactly that are going to be difficult, crazy, dom Bro that’s all you’re gon na say. Did you read this? Did you do you understand what she’s saying? Okay he’s? Basically just his response was basically okay. Okay, his response was just k: hey dude, shit’s, crazy man anyway, again hannah provided these screenshots to insider again. This was two years ago so like. Why would she say this two years ago, her story hasn’t changed uh. I read all this. This is the hannah said she was glad the vlog was off dover’s channel, but she still deals with psychological effects of the night.

To this day, when she drinks, she says she still experiences panic attacks, sometimes and she’s having sex with a new partner after drinking she said. Sometimes she starts crying uncontrollably. I have nightmares where i’m r worded and i’m not dreaming and when i’m not dreaming. I can’t recall what dom’s voice sounds like or what any of their voices sound like, and when i have these dreams, i hear his voice hannah said it’s, really weird and disturbing knowing that somewhere in my brain, this incident is so alive. At the same time, hannah says she was processing her trauma. Dom’S appearance in the vlogs were becoming less frequent and by the end of 2019 he had stopped appearing entirely in november 2019, dom uploaded video explaining why he didn’t appear on dobrek’s channel anymore, saying he wanted to pursue other opportunities. Dom has since released music as dirty dom along with dobrik style vlogs of his own uh. This goes on to say, you know, dom has other accusations uh before this happened. Another youtuber this is the one i was talking about. Ali hardesty said that dom reached down her shirt to grope her bare breast without her consent in 2017, at a party he forcibly kissed her after she repeatedly told him to stop the same week. The comedian elijah daniel accused dom of groping his friend three times without consent. So this is like something just cruising around doing. Apparently, so he posted an apology.

We can watch it, but we can watch it. I mean, given all the context, i’ve got it here. It’S still up an apology to oh, she clicked. Oh, she linked it for this, what he did apparently um and by the way david now deleted it not to this not to what happened. No. This is all this is the whole delegation. Yeah yeah. This apologies from 2017. now, just even a few days ago, by the way david’s comment on this video was still there. Oh did it close it’s still there. It is still there yeah it’s. Still there no way that’s wild, so david responded. Let’S see. Is it still there go down a little bit, it’s like oh, my god, it’s still there he says proud of you dom being an idiot is easy owning up to it is tough glad you made this um being an idiot. I don’t know that that necessarily describes what he did proud of you, bro yeah. He favored it by the creator of the thumb it well. You know bruh. I just want for visibility, it’s, just crazy that it’s still here, you know i for visibility. I’M gon na well the dislike i want, if you dislike, does it do anything if you dislike, i don’t think so. I don’t think how about no engagement? No engagement. So when was this apology, video posted because this whole three years ago so prior to june 30th, 2007 prior to what happened right, because all of that happened in 2018 right.

So this was like a year before, maybe or maybe like eight months before, or something it’s short, so i’ll play for you guys just wanted to talk to you about some stuff. That’S been going on with vidcon overwhelming, like majority by conversations, including from david, was like great job buddy i’m, so proud of you you’re an idiot, but we love you about me. So i just wanted to make sure i got the story out there and let everyone know what’s going on the accusations against me: aren’t a hundred percent true, but to an extent they are um, sorry, Laughter, okay, Laughter to what extent yeah. To what extent are they like to the extent of like just up to here? You touched it but like past here. What to what extent are they true, dude, crazy, great job, we’re, proud of you, buddy we’re, so proud of you? I am aggressive when talking to women, i will say that and there’s a difference between being forward and persistent yo by the way. Clearly, he didn’t learn anything, no considering what happened like six months later, but what i was doing was just too intense and now i’m working on that i’ve talked to somebody. Intense and aggressive is not a good way to describe your pickup, your style of picking up girls and, through their you know, experience and perspective on the situation. You know, i i finally understand how disrespectful i’ve been first off. I want to apologize to any guy or girl that i’ve personally disrespected myself and from here on out um for all the new people i meet and the people i know i’m going to make sure to be respectful.

Second, off i want to apologize to my roommates and friends that i create videos with for bringing negative bad energy into apologize to daddy videos. I still want to be able to support creative goofy videos, but i need to respect people’s boundaries more one of the issues. I’M, addressing is filling people without their permission, there was a 15 year old girl that i filmed having fun at a party. It was an 18 plus event, but regardless of her age. What i did was wrong because i didn’t ask her permission to be in my content. I personally reached out to the people i’ve disrespected in hopes that they’ll accept my apology and obviously understand that this apology, won’t help fix the mistakes that i made but regardless i still wanted to put it out there, because it just needed to be said, and i Needed to get it off my chest, yeah uh, david dobrik, proud of you dom being an idiot, is easy owning up to it is tough glad you made this special. You know what’s really messed up.

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