Trisha Paytas, Vlog Squad, h3h3Productions, Vlog jeff wittek being annihilated by trisha & ethan for 5 minutes straight (frenemies h3 podcast)

Well, look i could speak. I could speak for myself and you know i was i didn’t okay. I know i go ahead. I can’t speak for, have you read the article? I have read the article afterwards yeah bits and pieces yeah. I i mean i read the parts with my own name in it. You have not read. I can’t speak for. I can’t speak for other people, so you know like they they need to handle that on their own, so you haven’t read the whole article is what you’re saying no okay, let me ask you this, you say you were there for 15 minutes. Do you stand by that? Still? No. I was there for probably 30 45, but i did go home. I didn’t stay. Were you there, the whole night? No, so you say we were there for 30 minutes. What i have here is a photo at the end of the night, taken at 1 18 a.m, from one of the witnesses, all of you guys outside and then i’m assuming you were there. When the girls arrived, they arrived around 11. So that means you were there for two hours. It was at this moment that he knew he up. Okay, you weren’t in the room and no i wasn’t even in the apartment, so you weren’t sick at all, so you left and then you came back at the end of the night. I guess i did come back yeah. I don’t remember that i genuinely don’t remember that just to be clear, your story is changing.

Now you left after you were saying, 15, 30 minutes and now you’re saying well. I did come back at the end of the night. Clearly based on the photo yeah. I guess the stories changed a little bit the girls, the girls pretended to go in there for the vlog Music. The girls were in there, but nobody was kissing. Nobody was drinking and nobody was. Was it a setup, though you’re, implying that it was a setup? Yeah? I’M implying it’s a setup to my understanding, i think david left too, i think everybody left and then and then they all came back and saw the girl black doesn’t make any sense just decided to post the vlog. The next day everybody left and look look. I did i’m i’m telling you everybody left and came back for a photo at the end of the night dude. You said in the clip that i was playing. You said that he does drink whiskey. I said he does drink whiskey and that’s where she cut. I don’t think that that delegitimizes everything she said you said she said: is it possible todd brought alcohol? You said i don’t think so, but he does like whiskey yeah because there was whiskey there. So when did this happen? When did the assault happen? The girl you’re in a photo of the girl after she was assaulted, being held up by her friend drunk dude. All of you guys are there and you also posted it.

I mean, if you really didn’t know, and you see a girl like that. Maybe don’t include her in the vlog her face wasn’t blurred in the original vlog. I don’t control that stuff okay, but david does yeah david literally controls that no, you didn’t ask to see them. He said, can trisha flash you and you guys were like yeah, no trisha. I would not. I would never. I i i remember in the video i was like. Please you’re not just like it’s about that you’re my friend’s girlfriend right um and then like yeah. The time at the top you’re discrediting me by witnessing this, because i try to kill myself you’re like well she’s, trying to kill so don’t, listen to what she has to say at that time. I didn’t know these two girls still said you were the one who played the alcohol. So if i never gave a comment, it would still have the same story that used by the alcohol without me involved, but your only line of defense is to attack me. Well, it was because the article had a story from you saying that it was a barbershop episode. It wasn’t in the article well that’s what cat said and it’s, not an article dude. You think you’d think you would read the article. So am i like to believe that nothing in the new york times is credible because they charge money for the newspaper i’m. Sorry say that again, listen! I i hear you, i feel i’m, sorry for all the things you’re going through and everything david every day.

Well, it’s, in the article, if you would have read the article okay, ethan um, would you guys mind pulling up the video and we could go through that which video the actual vlog the deleted vlog? I don’t know why we’re watching this, i feel like it’s kind of pointless to be honest. Okay, we don’t have to it’s fine. I don’t i mean at this part it’s great well, unless you have something new to add, do you have something new to add? Is there some specific? Oh, i just wanted to get i wanted to get through this. You also told me you distanced yourself from like david and them you’re not really like in the vlog squad anymore. Well, i’ve been i i wasn’t in a bad accident, so i’ve been recovering was that in utah and stuff, like that, your eye was in utah yeah. I don’t, i don’t really want to get into it, but it was a david bit right. It was for a vlog, i don’t know i don’t want to get into that. Okay. So what do you think? It means that he negotiated his way to sleep with them.

What do you think?

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