Trisha Paytas, Vlog Squad, h3h3Productions, Vlog vid dobrik’s apology being a disaster for 8 minutes straight (deleted vlogs)

I don’t talk to any other girl. We just need to get in there and do a head count for the vlog. Okay, we got. We got three in there, jordan’s gon na peek in so he can describe it to me. Oh, oh my god. Oh my god. I can’t look in there what’s up dude was that your first three yeah i chose to distance myself because i don’t align with some of the actions and i don’t stand for any kind of misconduct. I’M just had a three and i think, we’re all going to jail. I think we’re all going to change all right that’s. It see you in 20 years, hey guys, it’s david um. I want to come on here real, quick and address. Some conversations that have been going on on the internet consent is something that’s super super important to me and i’m, like yeah seth, just don’t hold back. You can make out as much as you want have as much tongue as you want just keep kissing her. What seth didn’t know is that i replaced corinna with jason, so jason was under the mask the stuff, with jason and in those bits one. I did not consent to those things whether i’m shooting with a friend or shooting with a stranger. I always make sure that whatever the video i’m putting out, i have the approval from that person and without any hesitation, i’m gon na have jason come out wearing the old man mask and try to make out with seth.

While he thinks it’s karen – and i also acknowledge that those times where a person can change their mind and they decide that they no longer want to be associated and no longer want to be in the video that i’m putting up and then i’ll take the video Down i called david. I politely asked him. I need you to take these videos down because they legitimately have caused me so much trauma. I just want to try to get away from it and then he you know, offers to pay me money to keep the videos up and then at that moment i realized like he’s, not a friend, and then i look a month later and then the videos are Unlisted on his channel, so people could still watch it as long as they have the link instead of just writing it and taking it down and there’s also been moments where i’ve looked back on videos – and i realized these don’t represent me anymore – you’re conniving. You come on. You cannot be like that. I apologize. I think that one in my eye, probably didn’t, go into danzo because he’s asian he barely has him come on hey come on. Can we stop with the asian jokes? They have enough on their plate. Thank you. Like cats and dogs with garena, i put seth on us a lot of asian and indian families, often like take their kids to like petco a petsmart instead of the zoo because to eat not to eat.

I love you. I can’t wait to go out to dinner today. It’S called no me in this game. Don’T add biscuits, you’re, a messed up: japanese food we’re, trying Music, oh yeah, yeah there we go. I really want this job, so i did a little research. Did. You know most 7 elevens are owned by indian people cool but like how does it help you at all trust me dave? I got a little something that’s going to beat the competition. Oh man, i really hope he doesn’t screw this up come on. No! No! How no eliza’s, not native american she’s, indian yeah, let me explain it one more time. Thank you for coming. I want you to come into my taxi they’re hurtful to other people, and i don’t want them up because i’ve grown, you know as a content creator and as a person, and i don’t agree with some of the videos. I’Ve posted what’s up guys. A lot of you guys are wondering why i had to delete my last vlog and that’s, because i made an offensive joke that at the time i didn’t think was too offensive. But after reading some comments, i realized that a lot of you guys didn’t like it as much as i thought you were going to for those of you guys who found the vlog to be offensive. I’M. Sorry, you did for those of you who didn’t find it to be offensive. I’M. Sorry, they did so.

Instead of completely deleting this vlog. I decided to film this apology and use the apology to replace all those great jokes. No, but i actually am really sorry and if it didn’t offend you guys, i do apologize for that. You know what i hate about you. What your apology, video for the native american skit, did better than the native american skin. Okay, you would think that people would be like him, an apology, video, no, no, no, but instead, people were like he apologized. He offended us an hour ago, but he’s. Sorry, your life is structured in a way that you could run someone over in your tesla, but then it would turn out that that person was like a master and then everybody like david’s, saying this again with the set situation i’m. Sorry to set you’re being mad about this well that’s, not true. I was hearing about the staff. Makeout thing is crazy: it’s, crazy, it’s, crazy, because i i just want to make videos where everybody in it. You know whether you’re participating or watching is enjoying and having a good time is enjoying and having a good time in the second video which i i feel like is is racially charged because he has me making out with with a a group of gorillas. I miss the mark with that one, so i’ve just missed the mark on that it’s exactly the same it’s like he copy pasted his apology from whatever pr firm really sorry.

I truly truly am when you reached out to him a few days ago. Did he just ignore you yeah just ignored me, i sent jason a text. I i texted david. I called jason. I called david. I already answered. No one answered. I don’t stand for any kind of misconduct. I am coming to really believe that it is also my race as well. I also see how david you know, treated other people that were my friends that were black. Did he try not to pay you at first, when you asked him oh yeah yeah, so he was, he was literally walking out of the house like after we were done. I was just like. I grabbed him by the arm and i was like david, like you have to compensate me for what you said. You were gon na compensate me for this commercial because i literally, and he said no he’s right now and he was – and he was just like. Oh come on. Man like you know, like i’ll tag you in the video, and i was just like hi. I was like, like tagging me in the video isn’t gon na help me eat tonight. I was allowing and i did, allow it and that’s partially my fault um david, to like disrespect me in the videos, and so then everybody else just got the notion like we can disrespect big nick too, like it’s, because our master does it. You know that was kind of like the whole vibe and it just felt like a huge cult of just bad energy, and i i didn’t want any part of it me and david, like we’re, like i saw him every single day for like two years of our Lives or whatever went to thanksgiving at his house all this crazy that night at the hospital went to mental hospital.

He made jason cut me off and i never heard from again he never was like. Are you? Okay? After i got out of the hospital? Nothing just cut me off said no one can talk to tricia, no one’s allowed to talk about her. He talked about me in a stream one time: a live stream and that’s the only stream he never like re uploaded. He made sure that was like disappear off the internet, because someone brought me up so like. If you talk like no one’s allowed to talk about me, how do you know he told jason jason never contacted you after that? We talked secretly for like three months and what makes you think that it was um david, because he told me because we talked secretly for three months and jason said i have to dump you like. I don’t have a choice. I’Ve been really disappointed by some of my friends disappointed instead of angry and for that reason i’ve separated from a lot of them. I think with any video i make. My main purpose is to make people happy and i’m. Sorry, if i’ve, let you down, you can take my word for it: i’m gon na change, but i’ll also show you and i’ll prove to you that you know the mistakes i made before won’t be happening.

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