Vaccine, New Hampshire “WHAT’S UP DOC?!”-Dentist Confessions:COVID-19 Vaccine/Why?/How?

I wanted to drop this video because a lot of you um has been asking me about the vaccine um. So i have a confession to make. I did take the clovin 19 vaccine, i got moderna and there is two stories behind it. So let’s plunge in, shall we um. The first story is, first of all again, i have to admit that i was very skeptical about the vaccine, how fast it came out and um. One needs to understand that, where i come from the um, you know the middle east. We had a lot of different seasonal pandemics due to the polygramatic season and what that meant is we had a lot of income incoming pathogen and diseases that we were never seen from africa, india and china as the pilgrimage, the pilgrims for the holy month of hajj Or even holy month of of ramadan, they just came in in the millions to saudi arabia. Now i was born in jeddah. Jeddah is on the west coast and it’s the largest port in the islamic world. As far as you know, worshipers are concerned, so they used to pour in jetta and then they get checked in customs and all that and then they get bust to mecca the holy places. You know for like two weeks, so we used to get a lot of um declaration, a royal declaration on tv that oh we’re, dealing with so and so pandemic. We have scheduled the rollout of vaccines in two weeks line them up, so we line up in front of the hospitals and we get injected because we don’t want to get sick, so those vaccines now come and think of it um.

They were rolled out really fast and i have no idea where saudi arabia got it from probably got it from germany or france or the uk, because saudi arabia didn’t have that kind of resources or the technologies. So um. That said, when the coven 19 obviously covered um as a disease, it was it’s very scary, um. It affected all our lives, so i’m, not gon na get into that, but uh when it came out i’m like um. This was really quick. You know! Well, it wasn’t really quick, but you know just the the um past uh feeling of being like rushed to get vaccine i’m like oh, it kind of like stalled me, and you know my husband has a phd in chemistry and he is been or he has been Researching the heck out of it – and i trust him 100, because you know data speaks for itself and he belongs to this group of like md chat, support all over the from all over the world. Very very accredited people, um and the scientists know what they’re talking about. So he took it um new year’s eve. So one of the things we did is, i said: okay, whoever is interested in taking it um or a compromise, or you think they. You know they need it. Let’S just take turns that way, because we don’t know much of the adverse effects yet earlier in january. Uh let’s take turns two at a time so we’re not all down with that risk factor.

Side effect. At the same time, because i don’t feel like going through shutting down again so by the time it got my turn i have uh, i was given um at the end of april to get vaccinated, which is fine. I said you know what we’re still going through uh my associated maternal leave. We’Re going. You know, we’re going through re scheduling or adapting to the new schedule. You know and – and i said, that’s fine, but two days after that i got a phone call from the new hampshire, um health department and, honestly to be very honest with you um. I thought that it was a hoax. I answered, i said um they said. Are you so, and so you know you receive information, we see you have an appointment at the end of april, your healthcare worker, but the state of new hampshire has rolled out vaccines to the walgreens pharmacy in the city of nashua, three of them and um, and If it’s, if you want to move up, you want to get their vaccine earlier. I was again skeptical. I said sure you know i can move so i went from april 29th to february 12th and you know, and they said just show up, we have your information. All that – and so i called my husband and i said – hey – listen um. I know we have registered through vams, which is the the national nationwide base um for my vaccine.

But you know the new hampshire, um health department just called me, and they moved me to february 12 and he said well, you know what let’s i have. We haven’t got an email that canceled the end of april let’s. Just keep that and we’ll show up if they give it to you, they give it to you. So i went and show up aboard, walgreens and sure enough downstream. For me and um, you know i i got the vaccine, so i i was worried because i was going through menopause um. I have to admit – and i was worried about – and i talked to my doctor a lot about this and i worry about you – know sincere menopause, you’re constantly in the inflammatory process and giving the vaccines into some new technology. I wasn’t sure if that’s gon na push my body into like autoimmune response. That was my you know my concern because you know what, if like i’m down, you know and there’s, nobody else can cover. Like i said my associate will turn leave and it’s it’s. Really, you know critical time right now so um, but i took the first shot and my experience with that. My arm uh, you know it took about like four hours to get sore and then uh 24 hours after the shot. I had that migraine that nausea. You know feeling the fatigue feeling and that lasts, probably about eight hours and then so it was saturday and then sunday i was fine.

My arm was gone. I mean the soreness of that my arm was gone. It was really bad like it was down to my elbow. I couldn’t even extend my arm um, but you know i, of course i read about it and i read the side effects and all that, but to the t it is a very i have to say, and i have to give credit when credit is due, that It’S very, very well, engineered vaccine. I had a lot of vaccines again living in the middle east. I had diphtheria, malaria, i mean i’m. I should be glowing in the dark from vaccines um, but this i never experienced anything like that. I had a horrible experience with a flu vaccine. I haven’t taken the flu vaccine for 10 years because i kept developing developing bronchitis in every single year. Since i think senior year in dental school up to 2000, i would say six and uh. I ended up with three years of asthma, so i was concerned about that too, like what, if it triggers my asthma, but this was really well engineered. You can feel at least me you can feel every stage of the vaccine, so that was good. I was like all right, that’s, fine and um. You know call my doctor, i said you know what i’m not sure i’m, okay with the first dose, but i don’t know if the second dose is gon na be really worse. Can i have an inhaler just in case and um and then – and so i can, you know, feel better about you know about just just in case i get like restricted so um and i felt interesting enough so that was friday saturday sunday by wednesday, i felt Like a million bucks, i don’t know how to explain it.

I felt like so energetic and laser focused and and my my eyes could it’s it’s weird i mean you can i’m not by all means i’m, not promoting anything i’m, not merging anything i’m. Just saying that for somebody who was really skeptical – and it was so paranoid about it um i was very impressed, so the second dose i took a month later, i had moderna and um. It was a different response, so my arm got a sore within two hours and it was just a sore soreness around the injection site. It wasn’t down to my elbow two hours within the shot. I felt it immediately six hours after the shot. My symptoms start started, which the first sign was the migraine i was like. Oh here we go brace yourself um, so it was by the book. So it was the migraine, the headaches, the nausea, the chills very, very, very low grade fever. I don’t break into fevers that easily and then um the just achiness the body aches that lasted exactly 24 hours, so it was 11 o’clock, friday, night, 11, o’clock um saturday night. My headache was gone now i didn’t take tylenol grant you like other people did before. I just took extender migraine and the the headaches were pounding, so it was by the book to the t, which is that tells you to prove to me the um, the immaculate engineering in that vaccine again i’m, not promoting it i’m, just giving you my experience.

I’M confessing that i took it i’m confessing that i was skeptical. I was really paranoid. I was pacing. I was like what, if something happens to me, but now after the fact, let me say this: i would take the covet uh vaccine a hundred times over then to get sick with kovid um. I had a very, very, very close friend of mine that um had coveted suffered a lot he’s fine, thank god he’s he pulled right through and but it was horrifying. It was very, very scary. It was very um, too close to home the hit and he ended up in a hospital, and but he was on a lot of medications. He was a nobilizer. He was on on inhaler, he’s healthy. He he’s he’s an uh he’s, very athletic he’s young he’s, like 43 years old and we’re, like oh, my god like this, is for real, so um. So this is one spike protein. So let me just explain something, so this is one spike protein, so every covert every virus is covered with many many many, i don’t know how many spike proteins and that gets multiplied into your cell and spits out many of those viruses that carry many of these Spike proteins, so i can’t even imagine i honestly if i got sick, i don’t think i’ve made it not with my history of asthma and respiratory um, so i’m glad i took it it’s over. I just want to share my experience, um and then, because a lot of you guys are asking me whether i’ve taken it, how i felt what do i think a lot of my patients are, especially my young patients are um.

You know um worried my father in law, who’s 85. He took um pfizer, he’s, fine um, and i noticed that with older patients they have much much much less side effects um. So i hope that helps. I just wanted to throw that out there, because a lot of you’ve been asking have been wondering so here’s my confession today.

What do you think?

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