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com when aw, just debuted big show the other day on social media. I couldn’t help but think if this was the monday night wars and eric had landed a talent like that there wouldn’t have been an announcement on social. It just would have been a big surprise, and i thought about your sarsa thing that you talk about all the time and one of those s’s is surprise. Do you think they hurt themselves with the way they debuted big show, and then they they teased a big announcement. We’Ve got a major signing and then it was revealed to be christian online. A lot of fans were critical of that saying that it was a letdown because teasing, it was a big surprise, led a lot of people to believe. I can’t believe i read this, but people were saying: oh it’s, john cena, oh it’s cm punk, oh it’s, brock, lesnar and when it was christian i think some fans were disappointed and i don’t think those fans really appreciate his in ring and – and so i think, Christian’S one of the more criminal he’s this generations, like aren, anderson or bobby eaton or whatever, but i couldn’t help but think back in the nitro days. That guy just would have showed up and it would have been a surprise. You wouldn’t have announced that you had anything whether it was a name or even that you had an announcement right yeah. I want to be careful here and i’m and i’m not going to you know, put on the kids gloves because of our relationship.

Both yours and mine, with aew or wwe for that matter, sure because i have a ton of respect for a ton of people in both organizations, but we have to be honest with our listeners. We have to be honest with ourselves. We can’t come off as shills or be shills so i’m going to be honest but i’m going to try not to be critical um. I was disappointed for christian, in particular christian, because i agree with you. You know when you and this the art. This is where the art of being a promoter comes in it’s, not cut and dry it’s, not building blocks, it’s, not assembly, right, it’s, an art and the art in the in this is where instinct comes in and part of it is experience, but mostly it’s instinct And feel managing expectations, first of all, creating an expectations, creating expectations or creating anticipation. Therein lies the art in promotion. Making people want to see making people want to feel that’s. The art part of i think the biggest part component of being successful in anything in in entertainment and managing an anticipation or expectation and they’re kind of one and the same in some respects. But managing that anticipation or expectation is the most important thing you can do. When you’re planning for a big moment, whether that’s a big event, a big main event match a introducing a new character, you want to get people excited about it, but you have to manage that because if you make the mistake of whoa, i can’t wait and you You you fail to manage the velocity of all that enthusiasm and you deal under deliver this much based on unrealistic expectations by the way that you’ve created you have created those unrealistic expectations and when you aren’t able to fulfill them, it’s a letdown and that’s a reality.

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in if you opened a hot dog, stand and said you’re coming out with the world’s greatest hot dog, and that hot dog happened to be really damn good, but it’s, not the greatest hot dog in the world. It’S not going to change your life, people are going to. Ah, this is another hot dog which is really unfortunate, yeah and, i think that’s what happened with christian in particular, because he’s, you know going to be an in ring performer and it’s. A little different category had christian just shown up in an impactful way without any advertisement without any promotion, without any expectation or anticipation. Guess what would have happened? He would have been the hottest topic of conversation for the next six months. Well, two months he would have been trending on twitter and it would have been the conversation everyone was having like and everybody would have looked at. Chris. The audience would have looked at christian from an entirely different perspective or angle yeah holy because they would have been getting something that they didn’t expect or anticipate that aew would have over delivered on expectations instead of creating an unrealistic one and then under deliberate that’s experience And it’s instinct and you have to understand the audience. You have to understand the risks when you introduce somebody like that or create these big moments that you’re intentionally raising expectations about big show’s a little bit different, because i don’t think i don’t know.

I didn’t talk to a great deal about this a little bit. You know i don’t think any big show, i think, is going to be more of an on camera personality as opposed to an in ring personality right, so yeah a little bit different, but there again, i think there you know, could have been a different way to Introduce him that would have had more impact than an interview with tony shivani i’m just and i can’t help it and i don’t again i’m not being critical. I i have the luxury of not having my balls on the line, yes or my own money on the line, which is a really safe and comfortable place to be. But i have to be honest, you know when you ask the question yeah i mean listen. I think they’re, both gon na have great runs and do great things, but i just couldn’t help but remember the surprise aspect of your sarsa formula when, when i saw that and thought eric might have done that a little differently. Well, i think you know the same. Is true the same, i think thing kind of happened with the main event match at ew. It was i mean i i called you and said you know. Normally you know the idea of being interested. You know what i refer to derisively as a gimmick match and i shouldn’t, because it’s disrespectful and i don’t mean to be it’s just shorthand vernacular sure but vernacular there’s.

Another word vernacular um uh, but i i went out of my way. I wanted to watch that match because, from a producer’s perspective, man, you built this thing up. Yeah holy you’ve got everybody’s attention, including mine, which is pretty hard to get with a match like this. By the way, by the way, let’s give him kudos for that. Aw got eric bischoff to come out of pocket and buy a pay per view that doesn’t happen. Often you know it does happen occasionally, but specifically for this match yeah i wanted to see how they were going to pull it off and again they did a great job of raising the expectation and the anticipation and they did a poor job of execution flat out. It is what it is now and i respect tony khan. I like tony yeah. This is not a crit, you know moxley and omega phenomenal job match wise, yeah, great performance, but it’s like putting you know a bunch of great actors in a in a movie and it’s a 120 minute movie and 118 minutes of it were fantastic. In the last two minutes, suck guess what people are going to talk about, walking out the door, all right, 10 minutes they’re going to talk about the suckage they’re, not going to talk about the great performances that happened. You know 20 minutes into the movie, so it’s unfortunate, but again i think learning how to manage expectations and and not just manage them, control them make them work for you not against you.

There that’s the best way you got to do some ninja jiu jitsu, with anticipation and expectations. You can’t just throw out there and go wow everybody’s going to get excited yeah they’re going to get excited. You need to think about the other side of that hey it’s conrad thompson, thanks for checking out the podcast here on youtube be sure to hit the subscribe button and the notifications bell. So you get a notice anytime. We upload some new content and go save yourself. Some money right now, if you’re in a 30 year loan or you have credit card debt it’s, not a matter of.

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