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com. We see uh paul, bear here, doing a promo of course, they’re reveling in the fact that they’ve killed the undertaker there’s. Some other news did you ever meet the uh gentleman meet paul bear. I did not did you i. I have not either but everybody that i’ve ever you know known. This was close to him and worked with him. Had nothing but great things to say about him. I mean all i’ve heard is we would have gotten along like peas in a pod. Another big wrestling fan here from alabama uh. It looks like we like a lot of the same things. Davey boy smith makes the news here: it’s written davey boy was backstage at the same night’s nitro. His start was held up a few weeks, as there were complications in getting his release from the wwf, as it was all settled. Smith, brett and jim neinhart will all have the right to tag up, but not use the heart foundation, name, which is owned by the wwf. At one point they were considering and probably still are considering doing, a feud with flair, benoit and steve mcmichael. But since they can’t use the name heart foundation, there might be some concern as both heart and smith, as faces in the program. What seemed to be the heels smith and neidhart were both dressed in their ring gear, but the decision was made not to use them on tv. Even though flare worked as a heel in the angle with heart and nein heart, everyone cheered flair and they didn’t want a smith debut getting booed.

I’Ll presume smith will be on within one week. So a lot to unpack here. This is all fallout, though, from the montreal screwjob davey boy, jim neinhart, bret, hart all coming over to wcw, of course, in 97 they were part of the hardest. The hottest faction in the wwf, which was the heart foundation here, of course, the wcw, the nwo – is still running roughshod, but i do like the idea heart foundation versus four horsemen. Why don’t you think that ever actually got off the ground? Well, you know, i think the montreal screwjob and the fallout from it was something that nobody obviously anticipated right. We didn’t have months to determine what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it with the heart foundation. So it wasn’t part of any long term plan. It was a spontaneous kind of opportunity, so there was no real plan in place and a lot of the other main players were already in story lines. So it wasn’t, like you’re, just going to drop everything you’ve been doing right in the middle of it and start out fresh and pretend none of your other stories were happening. That was part of it. The other part of it was, you know a couple of the aforementioned talent that came over had some issues right, um, drug and otherwise so um. That was a problem, so there just wasn’t a lot of urgency sure to try to create something that didn’t feel like it was time yet i know you’re trying to be careful and respectful and lord.

I appreciate that, but were those observations present like in your first meeting, but do you hire these guys sort of sight unseen based on a recommendation and reputation and then you meet them and you’re like i don’t think this is who i thought i was signing um. I i didn’t meet with them prior to signing. I obviously knew exactly who they were, of course, and had a pretty pretty good idea of you know what their respective values would be to the roster at that point, um it wasn’t. I i didn’t feel the need to sit down and have a conversation with him so um i was a bit taken aback and it wasn’t obvious it wasn’t like the first time. I saw these guys. You know that it was obvious that they were and it wasn’t all of them by the way. I want to be careful too, with a white brush sure, but of the individuals that had obvious issues um it wasn’t immediately obvious, but subsequently after the first time or two we were together, it became really apparent we’re, also coming off a report that was in the Observer that basically said the wwf hotline had been teasing that hulk hogan might actually be in the royal rumble and, of course, dave’s very critical of that. Back in the day, though, the hotline business just felt, i don’t know scummy scammy both. What was your appeal. It was a hotline much different than the dirt sheets.

Back in the day i mean they were pretty scummy and scammy as well. I think the difference, how much nonsense and ridiculous headlines and story and content you know did – has dave made a good living off of over the last 30 years. Just to be clear, your your response, i guess, is if you can’t, beat them, join them it’s, not different than what they’re doing. Why can’t we do what they’re doing yeah, i guess yeah. Why not? Why not? I don’t think anybody thought that the the the hotline, you know we never, we never put ourselves out there, we didn’t hire journalists and – and you know, and identify them as journalists and claim to be news. You know hotline was a hotline. I think everybody knew what the hotline was. It was just as much entertainment as some of the stuff that we did on television, but yeah it was. It was never meant to be taken seriously. We never tried to pretend it was hey it’s conrad thompson, thanks for checking out the podcast here on youtube, be sure to hit the subscribe button and the notifications bell. So you get a notice anytime. We upload some new content and go save yourself, some money right now, if you’re in a 30 year loan or you have credit card debt – it’s, not a matter of.

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