Alabama Crimson Tide men’s basketball, Basketball Maryland vs. Alabama – Second Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

We go from groover keith kimball, joe lindsey, our three officials, both teams will spread it out, got a lot of players who can shoot. The three alabama is about as good as anybody going right now from the three point line is marcel strong with the right hand, good finish and the terps on the board. First, in this round, two match up being able to crack the code and get an early basket from marcel turnaround. Mid range is good for john petty junior somebody made more threes in the country than the crimson tide. Quarterly turns it over. On his first run. At the point, ayala a little cross over and scores it with the right hand, great cat tennis ayala – gives it up. Hakeem hart got it to get inside two feet in the paint. Lay it up not shooting long jump shots to give this alabama team a chance to get out and break in college basketball. Three and d don’t settle for any mid range jump shots three pointer on the way from the big man, dante scott. He can shoot it from out there: ayala tough as it gets in the big ten conference, wiggins running wiggins, raise it high and throw it down well. This was a business decision by quitterly to get out the way don’t want to be poster sides and then wiggins, throw it down young fella ali’s, keeping a close eye over there on keon ellis as well.

She’Ll have a report when one comes through here’s ayala, with three on the shot: clock, rattles, one home, easy what’s up for primo it’s good to see josh primo back questionable to come in here as marcel nice setup, good ball movement by the turf. You could see him in pregame. He was putting in a lot of work trying to prove he was ready to go. Oh free in the lane herbert jones, two handed jam, primo checking marcel and another nice pass a cut to the basket eric ayala, putting pressure on the ankle that’s, the area that he is going to have to test and talk about testing the area. How about quinterly? Little crossover off the wrong foot layup in the corner plenty of time here, primo is going to let it fly comes up short quinterly gets a long rebound on the other corner. This time, reece again cash money did this year. Let the nation uh 9 28 for the crimson tide got a steal from reece. Quitterly gives it up and the finish by juwan gray alabama a quick burst. They have the lead. Now you don’t have the same kind of operator at the point guard position, but eric ayala is pretty good when he can put the ball. Not be your typical point guard ba, but he can put the ball in huge jump in scoring for ayala primo knocks down a three welcome back josh primo smith playing against his old mates.

The maryland big man got a degree from alabama working on reese. A little turnaround hook is good former teammates. Last year you know them. They know you grad transfer, going to maryland. Yes, 32 9 in fast break points on saturday herbert jones had 10 of those himself petty. I got away with a walk. It was clean and a basket inside the paint point guard by committing, and what you do miss is what you see with alabama at times is the ability to do the offensive rebound right there, put back by the quick shot by reece 9 0 run for alabama. Big possession here to get something going if you’re, maryland and that’ll do a little mid range knockdown from jerius hamilton, quinnerly with heart on him, giving up some size winner, lee gets a step. A little runner in the lane is good quinnerly. He gives him a lot off the bench he’s going to bring his p’s and cues. These shots are going up from behind the arc. Can’T be late, hamilton, again corner three, this time that was pure literally kicks it. The attack quarterly shot fake side step contested three and he makes it wow what a shot he gave him a couple moves and able to create some space to get that shot up in his ear too it’s. The guy mark turgeon wants to be more aggressive. Take those shots confident enough to be a little bit more aggressive, petty the miss offensive board ellis shackleford, now set up by ellis.

Oh they’re, raining down three pointer number. Seven hamilton will clear it out for him spins away from the double hart kicks it, got it ball inside baseline, sink the defense able to knock in that open. Three he’s got eight penny high off the windows skilled with all the big men hounding you don’t want to settle against this maryland team. That time i thought wiggins could use that bounce to drive in and then your miss their mate goes behind the back and the little floater, no good. Well, everything looked good. Just couldn’t get it to fall out of the pack comes. Quinterly ball is loose into the hands of maryland wiggins. Now for three there it is just rolled his ankle. Early he’s been fighting his way back in couple of runs for him ellis looks shifty here ellis gets into the paint little shot fake. That was beautiful time out. Nate oates shot clock gamecock about even about a half second separating wiggins going behind the back petty’s. All over wiggins gets free wow. What a pretty move in the lane and jones sec player of the year. He has missed 16 straight threes. Now going back a few games, but an offensive board and a put back for juwan gary they’ve had this year, did you notice something about coach holt? I i’m scared to say it now. Three pointer is good well, besides that he has a very good three point: shooting team against iowa had both coaches decked out.

Okay pertino was in full. He has no choice. That’S, just the that’s patina hart gets it inside and scores it. You know alabama football school, but back in the day too, i had some guys that played charles speedwell, oh step through and a finish by keon ellis gary, with the rejection three pointer on its way and it’s. Good john, petty, petty loses the handle as well fortunate to get it back kick to the corner. Nice pass. Three pointer is good. The ball movement alabama, petty and now he returns. The favor gives it to quinly gary strong offensive rebound shackleford for three. The lefty cash money cell can’t hit the three desperation mode right now, even with 15 minutes left and shackleford quick release. Oh, come on now alabama put some length on the perimeter, keep guys in front of them, so they can’t get dribble penetration. Wiggins inside he’s been excellent for maryland. In this one 15 for aaron wiggins on six of ten shooting actually came into this tournament. Having made 140 more threes than its opponents, they practice with a four point line at practice, not necessarily to get guys ready for the league or for extending the range, but for more spacing on rebound from alex reese. Who is having a huge game and petty in the corner? Quick shot? Another one’s in petty and petty hard able to interrupt that, one that was on its way to petty shackleford. With the right hand, he scores it shackleford, with his off hand, scores the layup massage their way through without having a true point guard, but at some points against some superior team, see dante regards understanding how to control, pace, time and score, but right here and a Follow jam josh primo in his first game.

Welcome back, did not play against iona hurt himself in the sec tournament. Scott goes strong inside a foul and one for dante. Scott looking for win number eight in a row inside wiggins keeps stacking them up. He’S had a great night here tonight: 17 for aaron wiggins transition, the kickouts, the transition threes, which are a big part of alabama’s game. Here’S wiggins for three got another one. Well, you know the they’re, no short shortcuts by anybody else. They have no choice to follow suit or wiggins. He is on some run. Won’T show up on a box score. You won’t see it much, but just watching that alabama bench and we’ve showed you a number of shots over there as quarterly scores inside cornelius got nine a point away from a double double, but on that bench i think you know as a player when you have Something special – and you know it early, okay, wiggins again down the lane by their energy and how they support each other that that’s the reason why they all buy in and really truly support. Each other wiggins got the block, but the putback, but to arrive here in the ncaa tournament. You can just see the joy in these players faces quitterly a little fake, quenter lee’s got it and a double double. How satisfying this must be for him marcel with a fetish inside, continue to operate and play the right way, turnover alabama and the score on the other end for hakeem hart maryland doesn’t have a drop off in regards to being able to do something next year, and He talked about the confidence and dante scott able to improve upon this by the crimson tide.

As herbert jones returns to the floor, he’s been saddled with foul trouble. Alabama went on two big runs without him, though, as clearly hits a three coming out of the timeout got him over there down a little bit further than the coaches. I know he’s probably sitting there thinking that i’m still in the record, because books is number one. There goes petty turn around and a follow jones quiet high herbert jones. He hasn’t really been a factor here, the football school as it is. He goes i’m fine. With that we’re a championship school football brings a lot of money into the program and we’re happy to spin the it lock keep bringing it in. Okay, we understand bring it in. We will spin that money 16 made threes miss miles on the floor with the ball. In his hands, keon ambrose hilton as well here he goes he’ll score. It hey ba, as we say at this point, it again get it up. Nicolette high school, oh you’re, familiar with that area, huh you reclassified came out early. Oh little turnaround from show mario from south sudan 16 made three pointers on 33 attempts, nate oates mark turgeon and the crimson tide.

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