Alabama Crimson Tide men’s basketball, Basketball vs. Iona – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

House team in the country has made or attempted more three pointers than alabama this year and inside they’re dangerous as well as jaden shacklebird puts the crimson tide on the board. John lewis, three is way off the mark and john petty. Has it and you better find these guys in transition they don’t and jones makes them pay transition. Defense is going to be huge, but more than that, taking your time here in the half court and scoring some points nelly jr joseph tough shot, the freshman from nigeria. We have a couple of math teachers in the house: coach, lapis and nate oates here’s, petty for three and that’s. What alabama wants to see? Third, in the country averaging just under 11 threes per game ross takes the feed and lays it in, and you know, that’s what happens. Alabama’S going to gamble a lot on the clock. I think alabama is the type of team that gets frustrated when they can’t play their style here’s. A three and it’s good for isaiah ross led the mack averaging two and a half threes per game jones quickly. The other way, elevated, not close and iona, picks it up. That would have been something to see first time under rick pitino. They switch everything alabama very aggressive. Switching too yes gets to the hoop and puts it in alabama started three for three. Since then, they’ve missed four in a row until that javon quinnerly, feeding, herb jones you’re gon na see herb jones here slipped to the basket that’s a little bit too easy.

No help on the weak side. He takes it off the glass. Oh jump shot, half floater jones, nowhere to go locates quinnerly alone in the corner. Seven all run for the crimson tide. Shackleford makes it nine in a row and rick pitino wants a timeout faces potential. Ncaa violations for recruiting violations and failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance as the three is good by asante gis, pitino’s name has been linked to other job openings there’s james rojas, trying to muscle his way in ellis jumper. Yes, wait a minute was that a mid range shot steve. Yes, that was absolutely a mid range shot. Iona still with just one offensive rebound here in the first half quinterly bounces it to petty corner three won’t go for petty, but an offensive board by jones, and he lays it in misses the front end of a one and one we’ve, seen no field goals and Five turnovers combined in the last two minutes, junior joseph trying to change that, and he does – and i like this – you go up quick, you probe, and then you take your time. Well, that’s, not taking your time but that’s three for us, fadeaway jumper is good for the freshman myers. Well, i like this kid that was a tough shot. Shackleford launches and alabama is ice cold ross, trying to beat him down the floor. Ross top glass, yes, wow and iona – is ahead by one. You know here’s the test for alabama.

Can they win at a different speed? They’Ve won playing fast all year, but in their losses they have not played fast. That is huge off the side of the backboard and petty wants to push jones flying up ahead jones. No, the tip is good. Myers high arcing shot is good wow up to the windows it hinkle and he puts it in four points for the freshman. With four minutes to go in the opening, half give it go and jones the flush got a hand on that. One, great defense, petty running the break, literally splits the day and that’s. What one mistake will cost you very very quickly. You guys are one of the best shooters in the country and he hasn’t been close he’s one for seven today, ross runner, yes, big, shot 15 trying to beat a two. Oh, the big shot weiss with the steal and iona can hold for the final shot if they want they won’t cross three. That was definitely a no no yeah yeah. We did have a 15 over a two yesterday with oral roberts taking out ohio state kiss the other way blocked, but john louise picks up the loose chain jones backing down gist and the double game. Shackleford straight away. Three and alabama still can’t get it going from deep, but petty was there for the putbacks in the corner, defended by petty and we’ll dribble. It back out shot clock at three ross has to force one up.

Ten hits that’s the kind of stuff that happens when a 15 beats a two and i’m not saying that’s gon na happen. Jones gets to the hoop, but it rolls around and out. He gets it back. Shackleford attacking down a penny, he’s blocked john louise, going up to get it foul, is on jordan, bruner from behind and now petty on the break, all alone and petty, almost missed it and then goes down awkwardly here’s. Petty we’ll keep an eye on that elbow shackleford and it’s blocked great defense by barrack john luis, and he is a really good defender nelly jr joseph guarded by reese jr joseph turn. Around gets reece in the air another one in the air and he finishes jones. Going right at junior joseph gets him in the air jones puts it in 14 points for herb jones on the mac tournament in atlantic city, as a nine seed ross from the free throw line. Yes, this kid can score. John louise has played with a lot of energy here in the second half he’s wide open. He could have shot it now, he’ll shoot it. Can’T hit it that’s a two for john louise clock down to 10. bad pass there by kiss two on one. The other way quinn, early and petty, petty then he got blocked, but the follow is there by gary great atmosphere for this ncaa tournament game as myers misses jones stribbles. The other way, three on the way and it’s good for alex reese.

Finally, for alabama a three goes down just on the baseline nice pass and john louise gets the bounce queen early backs it out shot clock at seven quinterly nice scoop shot for two three isaiah ross is back on the floor for iona gis splits. The d drives in and lays it in those are the first points of the half for asante gets quite early again to the hope for two more and the rebound taken off the glass by shocker ford, nate, oates, saying let’s go let’s, get down the floor, reece Straight away, transition, threes and he’s as good at that i mean he’s, not as good as shooters anybody they have, but he’s capable of making them now jones, with the steal drives in and third coach, to take five different teams to the ncaa tournament as gary throws. It down off the feed from quinterley. Where do you go on offense steve? You keep riding gist and ross, or do you try to change something up? That’S all you have. Unless you can get joseph in the post, good penetration there reece the block. Vaughnite gets it back and connects listen, here’s, kiss left alone for three, and he hits that was a good look three of the half for iona they trailed by nine jones inside when they need a bucket they’ve, been going ahead. Look how far out alabama has pushed them offensively? Yes, that’s a long two and he knocks it down.

Remember iona only has one timeout remaining four on the shot clock quinnerly around vaughn quinterly to the hoop. Oh, he scores quitterly with a clutch got a foul one time, but i don’t think rick is shackleford, wide open three and that should do it.

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