Boulder, Colorado Active Shooter: What Will Happen Going Forward

So right now it is nine p.m. Eastern standard time, so this attack just happened a few hours ago and details are starting to come out. However, as we all know very often, the first reports are wrong, so i don’t want to make presumptions based on you know, ancillary things that i have heard. Um we’re not going to put the killer’s name up or anything like that. However, it appears multiple people were killed and including a police officer as well as multiple civilians as well, and that the purported killer is still alive that much. We know right now now. Why do i bring this up? Well because it has political ramifications. Two weeks ago, three weeks ago, i was doing a live. Video and viewers were asking me what i thought of hr, whatever anti gun bill that is aiming to strip us of our natural rights to defend ourselves as we see fit, and my response was at that time. I didn’t see a high probability of any of those things passing, but if there was a this was my term. If there was a las vegas style event, then the left will try to seize that and use it to strip your rights away because, again what they do is they take the actions of criminals and apply them to law abiding citizens so um to sort of see. If that was happening or not, i went on my twitter feed and just type in the hashtag of boulder.

If you do that right now, you’ll see exactly what i’m about to explain to you. There were actors, politicians, national local, different influencers – things like that out there on the left, all calling for gun control. There were all these people saying the nra was responsible for this uh mitch. Mcconnell lots of different entities were all responsible for this donald trump, with his racist rhetoric, etc. Um we’re being blamed for this all for the aim of passing gun control very quickly. While this tragedy is on the minds of people who really don’t pay a lot of attention to firearms firearms policies, just the news in general, so just real quick. If you are new here and somebody sent you this video, if you take a look, there will be a link down below in the video this, in the description rather of this video to the fbi, crime statistics and purportedly the killer was using a long gun. I’Ve seen three different eyewitness reports at this point. One of them said it was an ar style rifle and the other two both said it was a rifle. So with that, we don’t know what it was at this point, but let’s presume it is a rifle with a magazine over 10 rounds. What they’re gon na do is use that again to try to enact some sort of legislation nationally to take your right to have that away from you and again what i was getting at earlier in terms of crime statistics, rifles of all kinds, whether it be a Bolt action, hunting type of rifle an ar 15 an ak or any other variant thereof – are used statistically almost never to kill people uh.

You are more likely in america to be killed with a blunt object, i.e like a hammer, a baseball, bat etc than you are with a rifle of any kind. That’S not including ar 15s and ar 15s. Just to point at pointed out are the most popular rifle in america. By far, nothing else even comes close in terms of ownership. There are tens of millions, perhaps over 100 million of them out there in america, and the fact that they are almost never statistically never used in crimes goes to tell you that it’s just they are not the problem, however, in the small instances where they are used. The media highlights it and just shoves it down your throat every single time, think about it. The last time you heard about you know 15 people being killed over a weekend in chicago. Did they name the gun? No because they’re using handguns and the media can’t easily vilify them with an image of a scary black gun, but whenever it happens with an ar 15 or an ak, that image is right there on the headline in the newspaper print right up front for everybody to See they’re trying to vilify it again to remove your right to defend your family’s life, to defend your life, to defend your nation as you see fit, so just be on the lookout for that and to that end, i’m. Sure, right now on the left. There’S going to be a huge push of folks writing their senators congressmen, president biden et cetera to enact some sort of gun control, and when that happens, i need there to be two of you out there writing to oppose that.

Let them know that this is absolutely not acceptable. We will not stand for any future infringements on our rights. They’Ve already been infringed on enough and there will be links down below in the video description to contact them as well, so that’s it guys again it’s a fresh story, so i don’t want to make a bunch of presumptions about it. But i do know history and when these types of things happen, the types of things i just described politically happen afterwards. So that’s it thanks for watching.

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