We got an active shooter in boulder colorado it’s, your favorite look, especially after all the spokes support the real get ready to affect the effort to the industry. How you fight back it’s, simple! All you got to do is just subscribe, then. Follow me on instagram, at c e d d y n, a s h, one word city, national, follow you back like your pictures and all that what up with the visionaries, so man at grocery store in boulder colorado, firing off ar 15 shoots at the cops cars When they come there they’re not reporting anybody got hit or anything like that and guess what they did guess what the police did responded faster than trump did for the insurrection at the capitol building, but they did the most police thing. Police do for white people. Yep that’s right took his ass in alive. They did that one then. Not only did they do that one bro here’s here’s, where it gets best they’re literally already saying. Oh, the man is suicidal. Oh, the man is blah blah blah and all of this and i’m just thinking to myself what about timmy and rice? What about freddie gray? What about big floyd, i guarantee you! They didn’t put no knee on that man neck when they took him in. He looked coherent as hell. I see when i make stuff like about obvious stuff, like the white shooter, who was just having a bad day. He couldn’t control his sexual frustrations, but you specifically targeted asian women and and and and all the strip, clubs and all that that’s in atlanta.

You didn’t go to none of those, because you knew you know as soon as you would have got your asset part of that car security, security’s strapped and catching that parking lot, and everything like that. As soon as you pull the data who that they’ve been looking, bro it’d have been on you, people know who to attack bro. You don’t hear about no mass shooting in the hoods unless it’s gangbangers versus gangbangers ain’t, no supremacists running up in the hood, shooting nothing up. They go after people who cannot defend themselves. But you know what man the world is returning back to normal, soon it’s just another day if there are any victims rest in peace, though, but what about the victimizer what’s going to happen to him? No they’re going to try to humanize and watch that’s. What they’re going to try to do? Watch they gon na try to say, like he had a crazy childhood or he lost his job or his wife or girlfriend left him and stuff like that, and everything like that. If you feel that way and you don’t got homies, you could call family, you could call, you could call the suicide hotline you could you could get help? How does harming other people who have nothing to do with you have to do anything. You know colorado, they tote guns, yeah, they do there’s open, carry out there. So we’ll see what happens. I’M. Just curious i’m gon na bro, i’m gon na be honest, it’s.

The only video i’m gon na do on this, because i don’t even care what they try to do to humanize this dude, because man i’m, just tired of it y’all, expect me to keep it real cause. You know that i will i do this daily baby new nightly nash, podcast jumper, i mean dropping tonight, also awesome make sure you check out seti nash, music, bro and then on top of that, make sure you follow me for your follower and hella likes and man.

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