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We are monitoring what is being described as a shooting situation at a grocery store in boulder colorado. Now this is initial reporting that states that an individual opened fire first in the parking lot and police arrived on the scene and firing commenced now moments ago. We also, according to our cameras, were able to detect someone being put into an ambulance. No official word on injuries or deaths i’m joined now by jim cavanaugh, a retired atf agent, an msnbc analyst uh jim, as i mentioned, and as viewers know from these type of situations. Sadly, we do cover them as the ongoing public health crisis of guns in america. Uh, this is a breaking story: there’s much we don’t know. Yet what do you see from the little that is available? Well, first of all, see. Boulder police did a pretty good job here, because the reports were that the suspect fired on the patrol officers when they arrived at the supermarket uh. I don’t think nbc’s confirmed, but there’s reports news reports about an ar 15 rifle and body armor we’ll see if that holds true uh a lot of times. These guys are suicidal. So what the law enforcement is going to have to do ari is go back to his home’s car sweep for bombs and see if there’s any other victims. You know when somebody’s out in the public shooting like that. Sometimes domestic violence starts the thing and there’s. You know people shot or murdered at home, so they got ta.

They got ta sweep for explosives in the car, sweep for explosives at his residence and then check for any other victims and they’re gon na be doing that. You know pretty rapidly yeah and what we’re, seeing in some of the reports and again we’re not i’m, looking at some of our materials but we’re, not repeating anything until uh, we have full confirmations but uh. When authorities look at this, how do they figure out uh, based on the public information, as well as what they have on the scene? What what do they know about and how do they secure the area? What do they know about whether it’s one shooter or how do they determine or confirm uh security on the site? The on scene, commander gets all the patrol officers calls in swat and swat does a sweep of the whole supermarket that’s adjacent parking, lots and buildings. They got to find if there’s any other shooters they got to find if there’s any explosive devices and they got to find his vehicle or accomplices. So they’re sweeping they’re doing all that they’re probably still doing it, because swat will take an ever wider circle. They’Ve got to locate, they’ve got to isolate, they got to evacuate and they got to eliminate the threat and if he’s, the only guy that’s already been done. But they don’t know that. Yet so good police practices, good swat commanders on scene, commanders, they’re, going to be sweeping an ever widening perimeter until they’re, sure and also detectives and bomb squad officers are going to be going to his residence, which may be.

Who knows where aria i mean it could be in the city in the in another county or even another state, and so there’s going to be law enforcement, spinning up uh state police uh, the federal rallies i mean atf fbi are going to be all spun up, Helping out trying to make sure there’s, no accomplices, nobody else doing anything. You know the guy copycatting, the hate crime, the vicious hate crime in atlanta, and it is a hate crime by the way, and we should be all saying it publicly whether or not the prosecutors you know charge it there’s more than enough probable cause to charge it And they may not charge it because they don’t think they have proof beyond a reasonable doubt to win a case like that. But it is probably and probable cause a hate crime targeting those asian spas. But is this guy just a copycat shooter for just vulgar violence, or is he targeting certain people i mean who’s? He wanting to kill there’s a lot to be known that we’ve got to find out this evening about this and jim. I have to ask you: do you have a video return, or are you seeing what we’re seeing in our overhead video or not yes, i’m, seeing it so just wanted to confirm that before i have you analyze it i mean. What do you see in the significance of the way that the scene looks there, because we saw the overhead camera footage of what looks like an individual being loaded into an ambulance? We have again we’re, not nbc news, not confirming yet who that individual is.

But you have that individual going in uh and you had what looked like police again i’m curious, what your law enforcement expertise says, but the police at that juncture looked relatively calm, uh, for example. This is the file footage, we’re replaying they’re, walking an individual out um. There there’s some police have guns drawn, but it does not look at least to the lay person’s eyes like they’re in an active mode anymore. Outside they looked. It looked almost calm if you could say that um, but but your thoughts on what we’re seeing on playback. Yes, i think yes exactly, i mean i think this area they believe is secure. This may be the shooter we don’t know it looks like he’s handcuffed. This is someone uh, certainly they’ve, arrested and uh. It may be the shooter he has uh just shorts pants on looks like no shirt. You know we don’t know if that’s the shooter that could be somebody they come across. They don’t know he doesn’t. You know they don’t know what he did or what he was. There was a man, a husband or one of the victims in atlanta, ari who was handcuffed for a number of hours. After that massacre down there. The police don’t know who the killer could be, and so there’s someone there they don’t know they secure them. They’Re trying to keep everybody safe, they’re, trying to sort out the mess. But yes, this area here this outer perimeter here is secure.

As far as the on scene, commanders are know, that’s. Why they’re letting their officers operate that way and they’re operating with this guy. They probably have a pretty good feeling, he’s, the lone actor. I mean, i think, that’s, probably what we’re you know. We can surmise that they don’t believe there’s, a second person, but now they’re still be searching. They’Ll still be sweeping, they’ll still be checking, but they may feel like you know, this is probably the one actor if it’s that man or another man we don’t know we don’t know if it’s this man understood uh and the final question in this report and we’re Going to keep an eye on this as we get read out some authorities, the final question is: what should people expect from here under under the way they do this jim? If, if that, as you say, we have not identified who this individual is but there’s there, they look to be an individual under arrest under some distress. There was some marking on the leg uh hard to make out from this view exactly what it was and they loaded them into the ambulance. What else will be happening in the minutes and hours ahead? Well, as i discussed the bomb squads, the detectives to sweep in the area, but good professional police practice is, you know a good early public statement to assure the public what’s going on if they think there’s no there’s, one shooter tell the public there’s one shooter they’ve Out of notified it next to ken, if there’s any deceased or wounded, so if they have to set up a family center there they need to.

So people can come and talk to the officers directly about family members who could have been killed or injured and they need to tell the public what’s going on if they have a charge on the guy put it out early he’s charged with x. Let the public know that’s how you lay the fears and, if there’s other things they need help from the public is to get out there early leverage, the public who wants to help the police. I mean it’s the strongest thing the police have just like. I know you were covering the capital riots. The fbi is putting out all those insurrectionists and putting your pictures out leverage the help you’re gon na get when a crime like this happens in the community. Everybody wants to help you leverage it get out early. Give the information you know, get it damped down and and keep everybody safe that’s what they got to do if they’re operating quick, if they delay the pressure for too long, they lose that momentum. The public is interested. They want to help so get out there fast longtime, atf agent, jim cavanaugh who’s, been with us on many of these types of stories. Thank you for your expertise, we’re monitoring, uh the reports of the active shooter in boulder colorado, we’re, keeping an eye on what we can learn from authorities. We have our local reporters on it, so this is what we know right now and we will update tonight on the beat, as well as across msnbc, when we learn more about that incident.

Hey i’m ari melvin from msnbc. You can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our youtube channel below.

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