Colorado, Boulder 10 people killed after gunman opens fire at Boulder, Colorado, grocery store

Since 2010, he’s served in numerous roles supporting the boulder police department and the community of boulder and a solemn salute in boulder colorado. A late tribute to the officer who arrived first on the scene of a supermarket shooting spree. Nine others lost their lives just hours ago, and tonight questions linger what could have motivated that rampage, but first let’s look at how this all unfolded. This afternoon, you can see a fire ladder here, lifting police with their guns drawn into the grocery store. Several witnesses say the officers made it into the grocery store through the roof and on the ground. You can see this swat vehicle right there on the right hand, side of the screen ramming its way into the store to get officers in, while other officers had their guns drawn and tonight a reunification center is set up for family members. At this hour, investigators are combing through the grizzly scene. In the quiet, mountain town of boulder and kim passoth has been following this. Throughout the day she has late breaking details from our update desk kim yeah john, following this for us all day long. This is the deadliest mass shooting, since the pandemic began and police leaders in boulder say without the quick response of officers who arrived in just minutes, many more lives would have been lost, entire building is surrounded. I need you to surrender now. This is a tragedy and a nightmare for boulder county 10 people, including a boulder colorado police officer, killed during a shooting at the king.

Super supermarket police did not explain how it played out but say they believe there is no current threat to the public and a suspect is in custody. That person was injured during the incident and is being treated for the injuries. I do not have any information as to the motive at this point witnesses inside the store, describe moments of chaos and panic as shots rang out it’s like bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. I immediately sprinted over to her and was said: hey we got ta get out of here, a man whose family was inside the store says they hid in a closet for more than an hour, they were texting hiding in the coat closet, turned their phone off and We’Re going we’re hiding, okay, you know don’t call don’t the phone would ring and give away their position late tonight. The officer killed in the line of duty 51 year old, eric talley, was identified and is now being called a hero. The boulder police department began receiving phone calls of shots fired and a phone call about a possible person with a patrol rifle officer. Tally responded to the scene was the first on the scene and he was fatally shot. Police officers. Actions fell, nothing short of being heroic, and tonight everyone from the nhp to the white house is taking to social media. To remember, the lives lost with vegas being no stranger to tragedy. Clark, county tweeted this the thoughts and condolences of las vegas and clark county are with the people of boulder colorado tonight.

Like many others, we know the pain that you are feeling just as you stood with vegas strong with us after the one october shooting we stand boulder strong with you tonight. Another news conference is expected in boulder in the morning live at the update desk kim passoth fox 5 news. Local las vegas governor sisalak voiced his support. Releasing this on twitter i’m deeply saddened by the news coming out of boulder tonight. The first lady and i are sending our thoughts to the families, loved ones and friends of the victims.

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