Colorado, Boulder, Police officer Officials confirm one Boulder police officer killed in King Soopers shooting

What we can tell you is that we know that at least six people have lost their lives in the shooting in boulder colorado today and then they’re on the right side of your screen. You can see people are are starting to gather now, as we wait on this news conference. We really think that this is just moments away now, we’ve been promising you this easily for about the last hour or so, but um it looks like that people are assembling. We were expecting police commander kerry yamaguchi to be there also the boulder d.a to be there, as well as someone from king super, so let’s let’s go ahead and listen in now, commander carrie yamaguchi, with the boulder police department, is going to speak first it’s, commander and It’S k e r r y y, a m a and then we’re going to have district attorney michael dougherty m. I c h a e l, h d, o: u g, h, r, t y and they’re going to have kelly mcgannon from king superspeak, it’s, k, e l, l y m c g, a n n o n after they speak. We will take a few questions, but please understand we’re in the very early stages of a very large investigation that is going to take some time. So we will not be able to answer a lot of your questions so with that i’m going to turn it over to commander kerry yamaguchi from the boulder police department good evening.

Can everybody hear me? Okay, as dion shared, we had a very tragic incident today here at the king supers there was loss of life. We have multiple people who were killed in this incident and i am sorry to have to report that one of them was a boulder police officer. During this trying time. I would ask the media and the public to honor the privacy of the officer’s family and his co workers here at the police department. I will also share that we got tremendous support from our fellow law enforcement agencies, both in boulder county, which some of them you see behind me, the fbi, atf and other denver metro agencies. Without that quick response, we don’t know um if there would have been more loss of life. I can share with the public today or this this evening that there is no ongoing public threat, that we do have a person of interest in custody. That person was injured during the incident and is being treated for the injuries good evening. My name is michael doherty, i’m, the district attorney for boulder county. This is a tragedy and a nightmare for boulder county and in response we have cooperation and assistance from local state and federal authorities. This will very much be a coordinated effort and will stand united in support of the victims and their families to ensure that justice is done. It’S a very early stage in the investigation as you’ve heard, and we have a lot of work to do but we’ll be giving out more information as that becomes available and as we nail down the facts here, as commander yamaguchi said, there is an individual in custody.

Currently, with multiple victims and we’ll be doing everything we can to fight for them and their families to make sure that we reach the right and just outcome. Thank you good evening i’m kelly mcgannon, spokesperson for king supers. Our hearts are broken over this senseless act of violence. The entire king, supers family offers our thoughts, prayers and support to our associates, our customers and first responders, who so bravely responded to these acts of violence. We’Re working in full cooperation with local law enforcement and we’ll be deferring all questions to them for the integrity of the investigation. Thank you take a few questions commander. Can you tell us what happened so, as has already been mentioned, as has already been mentioned, um we’re very early in the investigation um as as dion shared that we responded here. Officers were here within minutes of the initial 9 1 1 calls and entered building very quickly motive for this very early in the investigation. We don’t have any details that i can share at this point. There will be additional information released as it’s gathered and it’s appropriate to release, but that will come from the boulder police department just before three o’clock today. Can you tell us how many people have died? We don’t have we’re very early in the investigation. We are still uh processing the scene. Do you know if the shooter said anything as the shooter can trick the building that will be part of the investigation? What happened on 17th street? That was unrelated, we believe to this incident.

So at this point, the only injured party we are aware of of significant injury was the suspect, um. We know of no other uh serious injuries. At this point information no matter there was any relationship between the gunman and the people that were shot. That will be part of the investigation when you have multiple fatalities. Can you tell us how many? No we don’t know that that’s they’re still processing the scene are don’t know how many are at the hospital. Currently, i know for sure there is one commander what’s your video of the video cameras that might have taken what happened. That’S all going to be part of the investigation. Does this man have any connection at all to king supers or any of the workers? I’M? Not aware of that, i don’t know: that’s part of the investigation was your first call of a man and an active shooter in the parking lot. Then it moved inside. So i i haven’t had a chance to review any of those calls, and so i can’t tell you what order things were reported to us. Was this man wearing a military gear? No i’m. Sorry i’ve got any questions military style was he wearing military style gear? During that don’t don’t know that’ll be part of the investigation. What about the weapon? Don’T have information on that, as i said, are the crime scene folks have just very recently entered the crime scene to start processing it Music, since i would be speculating of who you’re talking about i, i can’t confirm that i don’t know commander not to be critical, But it’s been more than three hours since you’ve got the call.

You can’t tell us how many people are dead. I don’t have that information right now. Does anybody that’ll be part of the investigation? So if i could just interject one moment, there’s a lot of investigation already underway, a lot of things are being realized as the crime scenes being processed, including the number of victims which is known to police investigators. But i want to stress that victims, family members, are still being notified, so we’re being really sensitive to the victims families. So i appreciate commander yamaguchi not giving out more information at this point, but even for the facts of which we’re certain those conversations are going to happen with the families first there’s. Those conversations are now taking place, we’re going to be talking to the families first and then giving out more information between the two okay, well boulder police department’s, going to be giving out that information. I recognize the need to get the information out as soon as possible. I do, but i also recognize that we have one suspect in custody we’re going to ensure that justice is done and to do that we’re going to make sure we have the facts certain and understood before we start sharing them with the media and the public that’s Going to happen that’s going to happen in the next couple hours. Can you describe the suspect with you? You don’t have to share the motive, but as he presented why he did what he did.

I do not have any information as to the motive at this point. It’S really early in the investigation, but thank god i cannot do that at this point, but i can promise you. The boulder police, department’s gon na be releasing more information in the next few hours, so the cu police department is helping with family members. That may have questions about loved ones and chief joe curse will be able to provide more information for family members to contact the cu police department for information. So there is a suspect in custody. There is no scheduled court appearances, yet there have been any charges that have been filed. Will any charges be filed? Well, the suspect is being treated medically at the hospital right now. I can promise you that we’re going to ensure the right thing happens with this case. Is this man from the boulder area that’s? All i have at this point, but i appreciate you being here and we’ll be giving out more information. The boulder police department will be in charge of giving out more information we’re going to ask chief joe curse. If she will just to let family members know where they could go for or call in for notifications on possible victims, thank you for that question. If there are witnesses out there who have information – and there were many witnesses to this – who are cooperating with the investigation already, but if there are additional witnesses, they should contact the boulder police department.

But let me turn it over to chief joe curst um. So if there was witnesses that saw this event, they can contact three zero. Three four: four one: three: three: three: three and that’s the main number to the boulder police department; yep, no problem: three: zero; three: four: four one: three: three: three: three and that’s the main number to the boulder police department, if there’s, family or loved ones that have Questions as well, they can contact that main number and they’ll be sent an address in regards to additional information there. Thank you very much encourage your officer. We’Re told he or she went back in saved lives by what they did and that’s all the questions we can take right now. I know we wanted more information, but we don’t have any more information we can share at this time. We will continue to post all information that we can on our twitter and we will announce the next press conference as soon as we know with more information. We are hoping to have more information to release later this evening. Yes, will there be a process for the fallen officers? Um, i will find out. We will let you know we’ll do that this air. We will continue to ask everybody to avoid the air. This is going to be blocked off for quite some time. So please continue individuals to avoid this area. Okay, clearly not the answers that we were hoping to find out this afternoon.

Boulder officials basically saying they can’t tell us the number of fatalities. The number of people who died in that king superstore, our sources have told us six people, including one boulder police officer, and they referred to that boulder police officer as a mail. So we know that that one of them was a boulder police officer and also boulder officials saying that they are not sharing information about those who who died, because they are still notifying families and going through that process. So not a whole lot of information there. But our tony kovalevsky was there and listening in and tony this was a frustrating news conference because we really didn’t get any clear information about what happened this afternoon. That is accurate and we didn’t find out what happened. We don’t know about a motive. They did clarify a couple things remember early on. We thought there might have been a second suspect at the location on 17th street here in boulder, and they did confirm that there was no connection it’s. Only one suspect he is in the hospital right now recovering from his injuries. He will be charged, but they did not tell us what happened. No, real details, no motive. At this point, we asked them to confirm the number of people that were dead. They have elected not to and, as you pointed out, we did know early this afternoon that one of the dead was a boulder police officer, but out of respect to the family, we decided to withhold that information until it was confirmed and as you heard in that News conference, one officer, was shot we’re told from sources that officer may have gone back into king supers and a heroic move may have saved lives, a move that will ultimately cost his or her life.

So uh a lot happening here, but not a whole lot answered, as you said, and not not knowing the motive no details of how it unfolded. Remember it was about 3 10 when i got a text early in the afternoon from a source. That said, it was really really bad. They did confirm multiple fatalities. They did confirm that one is a boulder police officer, but beyond that, a lot more questions that they’re just waiting on at this point and shannon and tony one other important note that came out of that news conference, that there is no ongoing public threat and i’m Sure that is a relief to to people in boulder today to at least hear that one tidbit of information yeah. It is a key point that the only individual they believe was responsible for the shootings they have in custody. We heard earlier in the afternoon that they were out to a location in another spot in boulder we’ve been told that may be the shooter’s home, but again not a second suspect they’re, not looking for anybody else, and everything is – is resolved at this point. But you heard, if you listen, the entire news conference a lot of frustration from people here, because we’re more than three hours, since they got that first call and not disclosing some of the details at this point is, is a little unusual, a little confusing. But again the boulder police department and the boulder d.

a deciding to sit very tight on information and yes, but we will be here throughout the evening tony. Thank you for that. Staying on top of details, you heard the boulder pd officials say that they will be releasing more information tonight. We have multiple crews. There. Shannon ogden is on his way to boulder right now, so we will have complete coverage for you here on air and, of course, on all of our our streaming outlets as well right here for you on denver 7..

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Colorado, Boulder, Police officer shooting: Police confirm 10 dead, identify officer who died

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