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We opened the show this hour with a live report from local police officials who are sharing what information they are willing to share, which is not much. They are saying it was multiple fatalities, including a boulder police officer. They will not say how many other people have been killed, saying that they were still processing the scene. They did say. The public threat is over a suspect, is in custody and is receiving medical attention after being wounded in the incident, but we know very little beyond that. Anna haynes is a student at the university of colorado at boulder she’s. Actually, the editor of the cu independent, which is the student, run news site at um at the university of colorado. She joins us now by phone anna. Thank you so much for being with us. I appreciate you making time tonight. Thank you rachel. I appreciate it so i understand that you live near to where the shooting was today and um we’re, able to witness at least some of what happened. Can you just describe what happened yeah, so my roommate and i live directly across the street from the king supers um. We initially heard what sounded like, maybe fireworks or a car engine failing, but then the sounds kept going and they were gunshots. So i looked outside window and i saw two things. I saw a body in the middle of the parking lot that i later realized was was a dead body because they brought a body bag, and then i saw the shooter he had the rifle um.

He was firing at somebody, it was lost by a car but i’m fairly sure he was firing at somebody and he turned around and he ran up the handicap ramp into the building and then, after that i saw people screaming and running out of the building. So you saw him with a with a rifle with a long gun in the parking lot firing in the parking lot before entering the supermarket. Yes, i did, did you um? Could you what did you make of it at the moment? Was it clear to you that he wasn’t a police officer that this wasn’t somebody who was responding to the scene? Why did you believe that he at that point was the perpetrator and effect of the attack, mainly because the we hadn’t heard anything of a shooter? Yet the police hadn’t arrived, i don’t think the police had yet been informed. At that point, i believe that was the very beginning of it. When he had just entered the parking lot. I didn’t look like a police officer. He looked panicked. He looked like he was firing, sort of in a panicked way, and i knew that it wasn’t a police officer or anybody, anybody that should be handling a rifle and in in terms of um how this unfolded over the course of the day. We know there was ultimately a massive police response, just because we’ve been able to see it over the course of the day about how long did everything take to unfold? It sounds like you saw the very first instances of this.

What you’re describing is before the even the first police officers were visible to you on site. How many hours of the course of the day did this? Did this take place so that happened at around 2, 30 or 3 hour time when i first witnessed the the scene, but my roommate and i have been staring out the window at the scene for since then and it’s been like four or five hours, um, that We’Ve just been staring, we can’t really do anything else. Yeah anna haynes, a student at the university of colorado, boulder um you and your roommate um were in uh. I mean unlucky enough to be close enough to see it uh lucky enough to not be caught up in it yourselves uh, but you guys need to take care of yourselves, given what you’ve seen this will undoubtedly be traumatic um, for you guys. Thank you for helping us understand what you saw yeah. Thank you, hey thanks for watching our youtube channel.

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