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The topic will be how to create an unbypassable um uh, basically like anti dimension anti ping. Basically, so my last video that i did on this was um was questionable. I i’m not sure why i chose the code that i chose because someone pointed out to me in the comments that there is an easy bypass. So i just wanted to make this video um to fix it because um i’m sort of embarrassed, because that was such garbage code that i gave you guys. So here is the unbypassable one so um. Basically, in the message event, let’s do if message.content dot includes i’m going to check if it includes a mention of our user id. So how we check, for that is this less than sign, i would say at exclamation point and then um paste, your user id into here um. If you don’t know how to get your user id, you can basically turn on developer mode, and you can get your user id by right clicking on your name and you should get the option to copy id okay and we’re just going to close it off here. We’Re basically checking to see if um there’s any um content. Well, no, if, if the message content includes a mention of your username and if it does, then we are going to proceed to do this so we’re going to do a message.delete and we are going to return actually i’ll just do a message to reply.

It doesn’t matter um. You cannot ping this user, okay. So once we’ve done that um people can still obviously um edit your the message in ping, you um so that’s. Why? We need to fix that with the client on message update event, which checks for when a message is updated or edited so um how we can do that is i’m, pretty sure, it’s kind of on message update. Let me get it straight from here, because i don’t want to misspell it okay and we can pass in old message, which is the old message before the edit and um new message, which is the message after the edit okay and after we do this um we’re. Only going to be using a new message but um when i’ve tried it without the old message it does that the event doesn’t work so um, basically on message update what we’re going to do is we’re going to be doing um an if statement, if um new Message, oh my it’s lagging new message: dot content so basically the same thing it’s just instead of message: it’s, just new message: new message.content, um and basically literally the same thing: okay, and if it does open up brackets um new message, dot, delete and new message. Dot. Reply, you cannot ping this user oops, probably wrong. Okay, so after we’ve done that we can just file save open up a new terminal. Okay, it was pretty quick. I guess you just have to record like 10 videos, where you wait for 10 minutes and then it might actually load a bit faster because that’s exactly what i did.

Okay, there, we go. No, the next touch. Yes, let’s. Wait for this to um send a ready message: Music, okay, perfect! So now we can actually test this um. I spam this because there’s um i i joined in my alt account, which has a inappropriate name, and i was just testing something so um. You don’t need to see the inappropriate name but let’s just um test the actual code out. So if we just do at joy bean, so this will delete and say you cannot ping this user and now to confirm that we have um that we cannot bypass this. Like in the last video, which was absolutely crap home, this is ruining my 420 ping. This is not okay, Music, okay, yes, okay, 420p or not; oh yeah; okay! It just took a while too long, okay, anyways, so the problem with the last one is you can ping someone before the actual user and bypass this? So, for example, if i ping at dino and g – and i don’t even know what his name is – i don’t know why you changed it to that anyways and then at joey bean. You cannot find this user okay, so now we’ve got that out of the way. Now we need to check if we can edit this and bypass this hey joey, please no band, fam, okay and once we’ve done that we can edit this and we can even do like at dino at joey bean and it’ll.

Be the same. Cannot be this user? Okay, so that’s it for this video um i’m super close to 75 servers um with my bot. So if you would like to help me, get verified bot, developer um, i would appreciate you inviting him.

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