Discord, Microsoft Corporation How to create a Discord NUKE bot [2021]

Nuke bot that destroys discord, servers so let’s get into the code. So, first of all, you need to download node.js and visual studio code, which i will have linked below it’s very easy to download them. You just go to the link and hit download okay, once you have that you want to go to visual studio code, make a new folder, so i’m gon na name, mine, nuke, destroyer, pack, okay, select folder! Now you want to create a new file. We’Ll call this index.js, so it’s a javascript file. Now i want to go to terminal new terminal, okay in the terminal. This is where it gets kind of hard, and this is where it all uh happens. Here’S, where, like the hack part, comes in so you do npm, i discord dot js, so we installed discord.js. So we can actually access discord. Okay, now, we’re gon na do const discord. Equals, require discord, dot js, then we’re gon na do const client equals new discord. Dot, client, and now we do client dot log in all right, and here we are going to put our bot token to get your bot token, you want to go to discord developer portal, you want to create a new application, name it and once you create it, Then you can go to bot there’s a button to make a new bot. You want to click that click new bot and then it’ll create a bot. Then you have this token.

You want to copy the token. Then you put the token here and then the next thing we do down here. This is what actually does all of the like, deleting and nuking the server we do process it’s a lowercase actually so process dot exit, so that is going to basically exit the main process and basically nuke the server and literally everything like everything in the server or It will destroy the whole server everything in it, so basically it just needs permissions in the server. So, like you know, the bot needs like admin or like any rules to destroy stuff. You know to like hack the server all right so now, once we have all of our code, it was pretty easy. I guess now what we do is um, first of all, i’m, going to show you guys a demo all right here. We have our test server and well. Basically, what it’s going to do is destroy the whole server so now to actually destroy the server. What we do is go in our console here and we type node space dot now be careful because, as soon as you run, this every bot or every server, the bot is in it’s, going to destroy the server okay it’s going to delete everything so be careful. Okay, so now we’re just going to do no dot hit enter you’re, not that guy pal trust me you’re, not that guy. Okay, thank you guys for watching the video that tell you nuka discord, server with discord.

js um and node.js a javascript thing, so that’s, basically like how you hack a server and stuff so yeah. Thank you guys for watching and please like follow and subscribe. Um and i’ll have more hacking videos soon.

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