Jared Polis, Colorado Gov. Polis visits new COVID vaccination site at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

Tomorrow, ramping up to 2000 vaccines, and we expect to be. We are able to do 6 000 a day when we get enough vaccines, and we expect that to be as soon as about two weeks from now where this will be going to full capacity. It makes it incredibly easy to get a vaccine. You just drive in you get it. You wait. 15 minutes. The whole thing takes 20 30 minutes for folks. There’S appointments available for this week go to vaccine and you can set it up there’s plenty of opportunities. If you live near dick’s sporting goods here in adams county, this is one of six of these state sites across the across colorado. We’Re at the pueblo mall we’re at the broadmoor world. Arena in colorado springs we’re at the mesa county, fairgrounds mesa county dick’s sporting goods, ball arena in denver and we’re at the ranch for the loveland, fort collins, greely area. So all of those sites, we’re pueblo – is opening today as well. They’Ll all be open by the end of the next week i was, i joined the very first one opening, which was the colorado springs one just a few days ago, so we are so excited to make it easier and simpler and taking less time out of your Day to schedule and get the vaccine once again, dick sporting goods is open for vaccinations, we’ll be doing 2000 tomorrow, there’s plenty of appointments available this week, any colorado age, 15 up anybody with a pre existing condition or if you work in restaurant or groceries front line Workers just sign right up, censura.

org vaccine, and you can help end this pandemic and protect yourself and your family i’ll turn it over to the ceo of centura, our partner for this amazing site, peter banco peter. Thank you, governor polis, we’re, so pleased to be partnering with the governor and the state on three of the mass vaccination sites, including this one here at dick’s, sporting goods and commerce city it. The vaccine is safe and effective. I’Ve gotten mine, the governor, has gotten his dr gernardo’s gotten his it’s important that we all get vaccinated and, as the governor said, 50 and above right now, and those with comorbid conditions and essential workers. But it’s really important for us to get back to a sense of feeling whole again and getting our communities flourishing. So we each play a important part in this process and i’d encourage everybody to get their vaccines. It’S simple, it’s, easy the faces on the people here. After they get the vaccine ecstatic about getting their lives back to normal so pleased, and thank you governor for the opportunity to partner with you here, as well as the world arena in colorado, springs and the state fairgrounds in pueblo. Thank you. Thank you. Now we’re going to take a look around.

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