Jared Polis, Colorado Governor Polis Signs The Fund Safe Revitalization of Main Streets Bill in Golden

Golden Colorado, one of our greatest cities – we’re right here in Miners Alley – and it looks great – the city – did a great job, clearing the snow. So thank you.. We are joined by Bill sponsors, Representative, Leslie, Herod, Senator Tammy Story. I also want to thank Representative Tony Exum, Senator Rachel, Zenzinger and Senator Kevin Priola. I don’t think any of them are here. Are they Okay and we have CDOT Director Shoshana Lew. This bill? This is the first bill from the state stimulus that we are signing and it couldn’t be more exciting, because this is a really exciting project, basically 30 million.. That goes right to our main streets, and we know how important our main streets are here right here in Miners Alley. This is gon na, be an example or just a project that Golden residents and those who visit Golden are just going to be so proud of. It just helps, attract even more business toward downtown areas and you’re going to see these kinds of projects all over Colorado.. Investing in open spaces for kids and families to enjoy the outdoors safely community activities, it helps bring back street fairs and music festivals and can create stages and structures and cultural gatherings. So many of the things that have been postponed and and canceled and it’s been so hard for all of us. This last year, we’ll be able to come back in an even better way, with the investment of this 30 million.

, Not to mention all the jobs that it creates. Locally to these are real jobs created in the coming weeks and months, putting folks to work building something of lasting improvements., And our goal is just to help Coloradans get back to work today, although it certainly is. But it’s, also to invest in improving our quality of Life, helping downtown merchants and small businesses, and for so many of us, though, our enjoyment of life is defined by our outdoor experiences and spending time. Outdoors is one of the safest ways to enjoy life even during the pandemic and for many businesses in downtown areas. The ability to safely expand to serve more people outdoors allows people to be safer and expands their ability to do business. This this combination, you know, is really is a challenge to communities to come up with ideas that are creative and practical., And that combination allows for additional fun enjoyment and economic activity. Downtown thanks to the great work of our state legislature, including Senator Story and Representative Herod, who are with us.. The state is now able to provide an additional 30 million to make our Main Street areas. Vibrant, safer, more fun and thriving.. We’Re also joined by Mayor, Laura Weinberg Mayor Pro Tem Casey Brown, a number of community stakeholders and we’ll talk about what’s going on here in Miners Alley as well.. This was a this main street. Revitalization program was a very small program that just had a few million dollars in it.

, And I got to see firsthand some of the improvements in Grand Junction and other cities that benefited from it., And it was so great to the legislators really saw the value in That. And not only invested 30 million but it’s it’s, actually, the very first 30 million of this state stimulus. This bill that we’re signing today to allow that money to flow without delay.. So people can get to work and we can have some of these improvements in place for summer and fall. I’m, going to turn it over to our Colorado Department of Transportation, Executive, Director, Shoshana Lew.. Thank you governor and thank you everyone so much for being here to our legislators. We so appreciate your support for this program. Um, commission, chair karen stewart is here. The transportation commission has really been a driving force behind what’s, a very uh kind of unusual and creative program for cdot, something that was first of its kind in the way that we’ve been able to partner, especially with many local governments, in helping to get communities across The state, through a very difficult time, you know this program, has really been one of the silver linings in a challenging year. You know it was born out of a moment when we were scrambling to do things to be able to help our partners get through the kind of worst of the crisis. And you know, as the governor mentioned, we did a pilot phase, starting with just a few million dollars from the existing multimodal options, funds to sort of fund the incubation of this program and the results that we saw have just been stunning.

I mean communities across the state from you know: the bigger cities like denver and boulder and grand junction to small towns like hugo um, lyman, lahunta, uh, idaho, springs mountain village. I mean we’ve just really seen every corner of the state see value in this program and the innovations have just been staggering and varied. You know everything from lighting to making plazas safe for pedestrians, so that businesses can do commerce outdoors uh to facilitating access to parks and transit. To you know, making sidewalk improvements in places where there’s only one main street we’ve really just been blown away by the creativity to which our partners have come to this program, and for us you know, given that we usually work more with the larger jurisdictions. It’S been a really exciting opportunity to expand partnerships beyond what’s sort of the normal um universe that cdot works with, so we’ve really loved the ability to see these collaborations and the creativity that comes from it. You know we’re so grateful to the legislature for helping us to grow this program. You know, just as it was helpful uh in in the early phases of covet. It will really be a way to bolster communities as we come out of the crisis and just see so much value and the ability to expand it and know that so many of our local partners have been looking forward to this additional torrential funding. So a big thank you to everyone.

Who’S had a hand in this and now i’d like to turn it over to one of our local business partners, brandon narva, who owns guzel, yogurt and coffee right here in golden, i hear they make a mean chain. Thank you very much uh i’m brandon narva and commissioner, and vice chairman of the golden downtown development authority, as well as business owner of gazelle, yogurt and coffee here in golden colorado. I want to convey a gigantic. Thank you in this era, where our small businesses, whom we have learned to praise over the years for their sense of community diversity and success, have now been forced to ask for aid just to survive to this. Our government committee has stepped up. Thank you where our families, neighborhoods and faith and one another has been preserved, persevering through a most trying time now. Look for assistance to help revitalize our main streets assistance to help our neighborhoods re establish those amazing community ties again. Our government has stepped up this bill is allowing communities such as ours in golden colorado to create new spaces outside where we can gather safely and help pursue that revitalization. We so desperately need. Thank you to the city of golden mayor, weinberg, mayor pro tem brown. Council members, the golden dda and staff and our amazing community. Thank you to the colorado department of transportation, the legislation and also thank you, thank you, government polis and your staff for your unwavering support of colorado’s, small businesses and their communities.

As so, many of us need assistance right now. Our community here in golden is honored and thankful, with this being just one wonderful step towards what will be a great revitalization for us and main streets across this great state and finally, on a personal. Thank you to my wife and daughter, who i love very much. Are they here my wife’s back and who is next to me? Thank you, hello. Everyone, i’m state representative, leslie herrod. I represent house district 8 in denver and i’m a member of the joint budget committee. I want to thank the governor and his team, especially at cdot, for working together with the legislature to provide much needed revitalization funding for our communities. This bill is the start of our main street initiative, funding to bring back our communities and ensure that we come back strong, 30 million dollars and it’s just a start. We know that this year has been extremely hard on all of us: our communities, our families, our friends and our neighbors, but it’s been especially hard for folks who work along these main streets, our business owners, the workers, the communities that rely on main streets for partnership And for community and we are bringing them back and we’re, bringing them back stronger and that starts today. I can’t wait to come up to this beautiful district out here in golden and celebrate with you all in outdoor concerts to check out some of your restaurants and hang out on the main streets and, as we work through the final stages of this terrible pandemic.

To watch as your community builds back stronger, but the exciting thing is that this main street dollars are not just coming here or to the metro area. This funding will be will be going across the state to shovel ready projects to get people back to work and to build back our community stronger, there’s, no better way to stimulate the economy and to show our communities that we care than providing this funding. And these initiatives today and to continuing to provide and show a commitment to funding until we get through the end of this pandemic. Until we build back as strong as we need to be and then use that revenue to invest back in the communities for the foreseeable future, that’s the colorado way that’s. What we’re doing here today and i’m so proud to be here with the governor as he signs this bill into law? Thank you all! So much and now i am so proud to introduce you. You already know her your senator tammy’s story. Thank you. So much representative, representative herron, i appreciate that introduction. My name is tammy story and i’m. The senator that represents district 16 and golden is in the heart of this district. I am delighted that golden has an opportunity to utilize 30 million dollars to help revitalize their main street here. What a great opportunity and the possibilities for the summer and beyond are just endless. I look forward to seeing how this is put to use here in this town, but across the towns across the state of colorado, it’s going to be fantastic.

We are really proud, as a legislature, to be able to invest more in our communities that really matter and really thrilled to have partnership with the governor and his team in order to make all of this happen so delighted again to be here thanks for to all Of you who are out here, participating and really looking forward to what happens, uh relative to mayor weinberg here and and the work that’s going to be done. So thanks so much okay, i think. Do we want the mayor to say a few words about? What are you saying words about what you’re doing in golden with the money, because i think that would be that was that would help people yeah you’re mayor. You can speak on the spot right, um. Well, thank you and thank you all for being here and thank you. Thank you for choosing golden as the location to sign this um this bill. You know. Small towns, like like golden um, have a lot of charm, have a lot of wonderful small businesses, those small businesses and those charming buildings tend to be smaller spaces. So we don’t have that opportunity and the businesses have been challenged with the six foot. Distancing uh with the restrictions on capacity for the last year, the opportunity to move outdoors not only create, creates a healthier space and a safe space. It also creates a fun space, and i think that the fun aspect of it is really what we’re looking forward to the most.

We have a wonderful main street on washington avenue, miner’s alley right here. Next to us runs parallel to washington. Many of our businesses do have a store opening storefronts on miners alley the opportunity to add some overhead lighting that is both interesting uh attractive and provides that that safe environment will allow people to come to golden and have a great evening here. So we look forward to all of you coming back once our lights are up and on and hopefully you’ll be able to have a fun night here in our city. So thank you very much and it’s official i’m back here. There you go, and the first of uh many stimulus bills to get our economy going, it’s special to be the first isn’t it, yes, which also means that people can get to work and it’s gon na start happening. Congratulations and thanks for making time to be here, while you guys are in session.

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