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The recent india versus england, t20 series they’re, showing how the season pros like virat, kohli and josh butler, hitting the ball right into the stands with great power. The baton has been passed on from the seniors to the juniors. We have seen how young talks like asian kitchen and with malana taking the bowlers to the cleaners, so i don’t think i’ve been able to generate enough power to cross the boundaries of the field. Yemen hitting the ball with supreme powers, sir, in this regards, do you think there are any specific exercises that can help us generate that amount of power to cross the boundaries? Superb see this episode is going to deal with the kind of questions the confusions the youngsters have so yamana. I am going to take a dig at what exactly exercise you are all influenced by those instagram posts, virat, kohli or bain, strokes, doing the clean engine even hardly quandya. Remember they are called the big bang exercises they work on the bigger muscles and you need them. That’S the essence of generating absolutely maximal force. We call it explosive force in your words, they’re called the sport specific. I mean the functional stuff, i mean mimicking the exact way you play the shots, so we get into the exercises yeah. This is called a monster band. I tell you why i’ve used that – and this is the traditional resistance tube. This is called single leg rotation, where you are mimicking the pull or the hook, shot whatever you say 12 times.

Each side should be doing four sets. The next one is it’s, a slop sweep the oven. This is called lunge and rotate that replicates the sweep or the you do. Okay, so 12, each side, little of rest – and you do four sets of this two key things. One is when you’re doing it the full extension you can see the arms fully extensive. This is not good, and the second is when you’re doing it, for example, this you need to be flat back. You call the neutral spine where they are doing like this doing. This is no good, so these are the two key areas. This is one more key area in t20 cricket, lightning, quick speed and, of course, razor sharp agility. Mr absolutely i’m, absolutely amazed by the way ian margaret expanded they managed to do their fitness and all these dives on the field. How do they do it? They do some specific stuff and there lies my answer. Let’S have a look at the drill. This is my drill setup you can see. This is the starting lock and now remember both of you will compete with okay and the distance from here to that. Other end is 20 meter how you measure like 1 2, 3, 4. 5. 6. 20 steps equal to 20 meters from the starting lock. This is a red cone, so this is 15 meters again with the stride length, and i have kept one ball right and there lies the twist in the tail.

The ball is here, and that is the end. Where i have kept two stumps, so you have to run it three right, one two, and once you do your third run, you need to come here, pick it up and under arm like flying, jaunty roads, you know Music. So once you’ve done one run of three. You need to rest for about 30 seconds to 45 seconds and you do six repetitions again. You rest and you do three cool sets of it. So we really really enjoyed the session. Sir. Yes, but definitely we enjoyed it.

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