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He got a manicure too, and i i watched that video. I think every any kansas fan watches that video a couple of times a year, because you can tell that was not something that you had planned or written out like i’m, going to say that it was so perfect. Well, it’s perfect, because i was with one of the great iconic broadcasters of all time when you work with brent musberger, um there’s, just nothing like it: the guy’s, a great human being he’s, a great broadcaster and i don’t, know he’s, probably 81, now he’s an 81 Year old kid i did see that about a month ago and i didn’t realize how much the raw emotion was in that you know it’s the passion that i love to bring to the game. Every night, every night, some nights it’s for kansas and some nights, it’s for iowa state, sometimes for baylor, and you know it’s what i love about the big 12 and someone made a point to me about four years ago that i don’t own, the big 12.. You know i took that really to be a disappointing comment. I may not own it, but i’ve rented it out for 18 years. There you go. This is basketball, friends, he’s matt, tate i’m nick schwart. We have another very special guest with us today. Espn analyst, the great fran fraschella fran. Thank you for the time man how you doing happy to do it uh.

You can obviously tell i’m in my car i’m driving around dallas, going to watch nit practices and, as you know, i’m right in front of a whataburger which will be my next stop anybody. Anybody who’s listening, who knows texas cuisine, knows i’m ready to go really over the past couple years, there’s been more growing chatter about how much time bill has left at campus, whether it’s, the ncaa staff or whatever you want to point to just the longevity of him. Being there, it feels, like the tone, has sort of changed, maybe over the past year. Do you agree with that bill’s in what year 18, i want to say at kansas, the 18th season yeah. Do you think he gets to 25? I do i do. I really do i mean i’ve had a couple brief conversations with him. We don’t go into detail about the investigation. We did talk about it at the very beginning. I think bill will see through whatever happens with the ncaa. I really do. I think he feels responsible for kansas basketball in general and obviously you could tell how much he uh he loves, being a coach of kansas. I i i can’t predict the future and we haven’t had again serious conversations, but my sense is bill will be in this. For the long term, if there are sanctions that come down that are seemingly harsh, my sense is, he will stick it out. I think he’ll be the coach until he and i believe, he’ll be the coach as long as he wants to be well.

If he gets tired of coaching or gets tired of you know being in the spotlight at ku, then obviously things can change. And again, i don’t have the expert opinion on this. My sense is he’ll, be the coach in kansas for a while longer. Do you think he could he could do what you’ve done transition to the booth and and become a broadcaster i mean when the time’s ready. He would probably step in at a higher level than i am because i had to grind away like honestly. Espn doesn’t know how good a job i do because i’m, not you know, i’m in the i’m, in the yankee lineup but i’m about in seventh now i’m. Hitting 30 homers driving in 100 runs and i don’t get the same pitches. Okay, i don’t see the same pitches guy in the eight holes hit 220, so they can pitch around me but uh. I still drive in 100 runs a year because i i know how well thought i am. I am from the basketball community, but bill could definitely do television without a doubt. He would be like bob stoops or urban meyer. First of all, he’s got the presents he’s he’s already in the nasm hall of fame, which is big for networks, and the second thing is, he is uh he’s, a great communicator and the third thing is he’s very knowledgeable. He would be very opinionated on things that people want to hear about, so i don’t think there’s any doubt he would do it.

I don’t think he’d want to slept around the country like i do Music. You know and do uh 50 games a year but yeah. I think he would make an easy transition to broadcasting. Obviously, the circumstances of this season have been weird, not ideal, but yeah there’s a few things whether it’s regular season tournament that i feel like uh being enhanced. I think the first thing is the the whole like fl idea of flex schedules of hey. We need an extra game, it would have been awesome at the end of the year. If gonzaga and baylor would have said hey, we got it. We both got an empty week, which it didn’t work out. That way. Obviously, but right do you think there’s any future where that could become something that that coaches and teams explore a little bit more it’s possible? We saw it in football. I thought college football handled it really. Well, too. You know that coastal carolina, byu football game was put together in what four days and it was one of the best games of the year um yeah, i think, it’s possible. I mean, after this season, nick anything’s possible seriously. You know like i. I laugh about these football all these ads, that schedule football games like that, and then they can’t play a game next year. I think we proved that to be um false um, so i think we, i think that what this year taught us this entire year, we’re still going through it, is just to be flexible.

Potentially, this could be something that does work out where you keep keep a game open on your keep a date open on your schedule, and you save it. If you want to play somebody really good and two teams can come together like that. How worried are you about covid in the tournament i mean we’re underway, but but it’s obviously still there the worst case scenario right is we get to the elite eight and it hits somebody or something like that? Are you worried about it? You think it’s lingering still yeah yeah, absolutely you know man plans and the virus laughs, yeah yeah, you know that’s, where our day to day i mean we’re, seeing it we’re, seeing it with teams. I mean virginia what they’re flying in today we’re flying in tomorrow, and we all we signed up for this in uh october. You know and we uh, we left it in the hands of the the ncaa and dan gavitt who i worked with at providence college. A long time ago he was a grad assistant and there’s. No doubt dan is the right man for this, and yet as as well as well planned out as this entire tournament has been coming in uh, we all have to be prepared matt for the unexpected. I did the tbt this summer, which is you know, a smaller version of what we’re seeing you know. We were pretty much on pins and needles every day and we got through it with uh with a great tournament again but um.

This is what we’ve signed up for what about the teams that have dealt with it. You’Ve been around scott drew and baylor shaka smart, texas. Now ku is going through it at the worst possible time. How much do you think that affects, or or holds them back now, as you’re trying to get to full strength at the most critical juncture of the year? A general answer would be big time. It affects them big time, but every team is a little different depending on the coveted cases. I think there’s two ways to look at it. If you had a covet pause, it means your team had covert. If you have a coveted break, it means somebody, else’s team had covered and your game was postponed or canceled and michigan went through a coveted break where the state of michigan mandated that no university of michigan winter sports team could practice or play games. I should say: well, nobody to my knowledge on michigan’s team was affected by covet itself, but baylor had eight guys and now kansas is going through it with three um and texas went through it, where they didn’t practice pretty much for 19 days as a team. So it’s a big factor, um there’s no way baylor is the same team. They were before the seven when they were 17 0. No way do they get it back. I think that’s, a big mystery does kansas survive the first weekend. You know we don’t know.

Texas seems to have gotten through it and we really don’t know the cause and effect of the virus, because it’s all new to us does it take more out of one player than another. That seems to be the case. I think we’re in uncharted waters it’s. It is what it is. You know we can’t complain about it i mean scott drew, unfortunately, would have been a number he’s. The number one seed two years in a row and who knows they go out early it’ll, probably be largely because of the the deal they dealt with during the season. Favorite tournament memory, whether it’s one of your own or anything you’ve ever watched or seen, has to be. I mean i was fortunate enough to be the coach of manhattan in 1995.. Oklahoma blew through the big eight in february that year, new coach, kelvin, sampson ryan miner player of the year, and we we got him in memphis. We were lucky to get in by the way i got to tell this one quick story: matt. This was pre analytics and we were 25 and four we were. We were belmont this year we were selected and it was great one of the greatest highlights of my career just being selected because we didn’t win our league. We got upset in double overtime. In the final, we were lucky enough on selection, sunday night, jumping around like crazy man. When we got selected bob frederick, the late great bob fredrick took a lot of heat for our selection.

He was the head of the committee that year and we handled oklahoma fairly easily kelvin, and i are good friends since because i think he admired my team and and uh well he’s, just a bald coach. He you beat, he beats he’s like bill, you beat somebody shake their hand, they beat you, you go down shaking their hands the same thing as i was walking down to shake kelvin’s hand. Bob frederick was sitting courtside and he had taken heat all week and i kind of looked at him and he looked at me and i gave him a wink like you were smart and uh. I say that respectfully and humbly because um that was our great moment was manhattan college beating, oklahoma, a 413 upset great one. Do you do a bracket yeah? I do. I don’t have one in front of me, but i did i’ll tell you who my final four is yeah that’ll work. Well, it’s texas, centric it’s uh gonzaga, with drew timmy from dallas by the way i’m just telling you he would have looked great in the kansas uniform come on don’t bring that up friend. We don’t need to hear that i don’t know i love bill, but that’s one that he’s he would be. Mr jayhawk, we know drew. We watched him play in the same district. My boys played in so i got gonzaga i’ve got houston, who i love. I got baylor who i hope gets going and i think texas is gon na come out of their bracket.

Now, of course, i could be over four but that’s that’s, my four and i got gonzaga beating houston, i think it’s houston. I got texas in the final four as well. Nick you can tell yours since france started it i’m gon na tell mine, i got texas, i got gonzaga, i got baylor, i got illinois, but i got texas illinois in the title game, with the illini winning okay. That’S good right, that’s, a good one. The only way to win see i went in on hot teams and i think there’s a difference, and maybe you can speak to this friend there’s, a difference between a team, that’s hot and a team that’s actually improved. So i have gonzaga uconn, purdue and illinois like uconn. To me, like oklahoma, state is hot i’m, not sure how much better they were. Maybe you would disagree like, whereas uconn i feel like that’s, a team that was raising their level of play by the end of the season, so i went all in on it. Your hypothesis is a good one.

What do you think?

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