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Okay. We all know that, but a surprising number of republicans were out to do the same thing to our former president yup good news is, i think, donald trump is fully aware of that. Now he wasn’t always i’d like to show you a statement. This came out last week and it’s important. He says i fully support the republican party and important gop communities, but i do not support rhinos and fools and is not their right to use my likeness or image to raise funds. So much money is being raised and completely wasted by people that do not have the gop’s best interest in mind. A lot of republicans are out to sabotage this president and it’s uh it’s a shame. My next two guests, though true blue believers and loyalists. We have david bosse, who is the president of the citizens, united and he’s, also a former adviser to donald trump trump 2020. We have a picture of those two together very close and andrew giuliani. Former special assistant to president trump uh happens to be the son of yes, that giuliani, and here he is with donald trump on the golf course. Not only did he work with him, it looks like they uh. He played with them too. Welcome. Gentlemen uh. Thanks for being here, first andrew giuliani, uh i’ve heard that time and time again and you’re on the inside. There were republicans out to undermine this president. Were there a lot of them yeah? Well, i think, looking forward.

The republicans need to remember this. This is trump’s party moving forward. Trump is going to play a massive primary role in the republican party for the rest of his life, and that might be a tough pill for, for some, so called rhinos to swallow. But they’re going to have to get used to it, they’re going to have to get used to it because that’s just the way that it’s going to be i know dave has has a real good look in the inside of this, but he is going to play A massive role: it’s it’s, uh, it’s and it’s pivotal for us and for the country that he does play this role going forward as he highlighted during his cpac speech a couple of weeks ago, and you know david again for me, though, that he’s recognizing more than Ever before, apparently, maybe a little bit too late that there were a lot of republicans out to undermine him every step of the way yeah exactly right greg. So can you blame him? Can you blame him for wanting to win back the house and senate uh, which is what he his mission is right now is to win back the house and senate. However, he doesn’t want to allow these committees to raise money to then support those incumbents who worked against him and voted against him on impeachment, but also fought him on his agenda. So what he wants to do is go out and find candidates who are going to be america first candidates, because why would he want to go raise money for liz cheney in the house and lisa murkowski in the senate as two very good examples? And i think that those committees, the congressional committee and the senatorial committee have an obligation to help their incumbent candidates.

I think that’s, what the president is trying to say you can either use uh, my name and and and other uh likenesses of me uh. I can help you raise money, but it’s not gon na, be to help them uh harm the republican party, because who better uh to undermine the republicans and and fight other republicans than those than those two. I just mentioned ronald mcdaniel. I keep hearing. That name is someone uh not to be trusted when it comes to matters trump, you, gentlemen, don’t, have to comment. We can uh. We can leave it at that, but i’ve heard lots of interesting things about where her loyalties may lie. Uh. Gentlemen. I’D like to get your take on dr fauci, he is now suddenly pushing for donald trump to speak out to his supporters about getting vaccinated. I just feel like this is the latest diss from fauci, implying that he hasn’t done enough when he actually made the vaccine possible, and it looks like president trump was somehow snubbed in the last psa that came out, that featured all the uh other presidents andrew yeah. I mean, if you i just mentioned donald trump’s cpac speech. Well, let me quote a phrase that he said during that speech. Everyone go get your shot. Anthony fauci obviously was not watching that speech. Maybe he was preparing for his 275th media interview in the last year, but the president was unequivocal about this in the best way that he can now that he’s been de platformed by twitter, by facebook and by all of big tech.

So i don’t know how much clearer the president needed to be on this, the last time that he had a massive stage which was cpac. He said it and he said it unequivocally clear, but this is again. This is a doctor who said not to wear a mask and then to wear a mask and then to wear two masks and back to one mask there’s, a doctor that, on march 9th ended up saying, it’s, okay to end up going on cruises march, 9th 2020.. Two days before we declared a pandemic so i’m, not surprised that anthony fauci has gotten another one wrong yeah. He is a piece of work. He really is david bosse final thoughts yeah, i just i just want to say the american people know the president’s psa lives with giving every american the vaccine and making it available with operation warp, speed, yeah, and so i don’t need to see him in a in A commercial with other presidents to make me understand that what what president trump did was save american lives by by creating this virus in under a year when we would still be waiting for it if it was anyone else. Yes, those psas by the way are overrated. Uh, i only hear about them when they’re released and then nobody sees them again.

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