Vaccine, Coronavirus AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine found to be 79% effective with no increased risk of blood clotting

Yahoo finances. Anjali khamani joins us now with the latest um on these results. Anjali um and i think we’ve talked a lot about astrazeneca’s vaccine over the last couple of weeks um. What does today’s news mean for the vaccine in general and and for it to be distributed here in the us? Well, it definitely uh gets us one step closer to having that vaccine available here in the u.s and also really signals a stronger safety to any of the concerns. From last week we saw that the vaccine was 79 efficacious across the board in its trial. That included a couple different countries in north south america and that that was in a pool of 32 000 people, and so, as you can see it lines up a little bit because of the way that it was done. The u.s breakout is not yet available. So it kind of falls in the same category as johnson and johnson and novovac, which had sort of global data to look at their numbers. But meanwhile we know that they are looking at filing within the next few weeks. For that emergency use authorization already submitting the data and starting to they already have the previous trials data with the fda to kind of start that process. But we know that because of the you know, commotion in the last week, especially with all the concerns coming out of europe since the start of the year. First, with issues and concerns about the elderly population, as well as uh safety concerns that came up last week and were addressed specifically addressing that we had nyad the institution that dr anthony fauci leads.

Releasing a statement today on the data saying specifically that there was no increased risk of blood clots and the company also noting the same, adding as well that 80 percent uh efficacy, so just slightly over the general population in 65 and older there you go! You have that information from nyad saying uh that the events that were seen in europe there was no increased risk based on the data safety monitoring board uh, observing the clinical data, so we don’t have the actual data itself. This is just uh that press release that initial sort of run of information. We also did learn from a conversation with a media and officials just now that one of the concerns is going to be how to increase uh the product that they can get delivered out. There uh, specifically looking at about 30 million doses, ready to be sent off as soon as an eua is confirmed, along with 20 million additional doses after that, and then about 15 to 20 million uh monthly average production after that for the us and anjali. As we look at these various vaccine rollouts and this approval we’re, also looking at reopening across the united states, new jersey, governor phil murphy, just saying a little while ago, he’s not he’s, going to sort of pause. The reopening here because of an increased case count. Meanwhile, in miami we’re all looking at sort of wild footage of spring breakers down there as the mayor, there is imposing restrictions.

What do we know about how many people are there and what we’re, seeing in terms of case count there also well, we know that the large crowds are because of spring breakers flooding to the area. There were definitely some concerns about the way that this curfew, this 8pm curfew, was a put in place with some scenes of police getting very aggressive and that’s, something that, especially because of the number of people that were of color in the area. That really is creating a lot of tension for the area, but we know that that has been something that has been a concern around the country, the idea that not just spring breakers, but just people in general, getting back on planes getting back to traveling we’ve, seen Increased tsa numbers as well all are concerning, as states start to reopen because of increased vaccinations, but experts have been warning that, with the variance in play, especially that uk one b117, which is so highly transmissible it’s, really a concern about how quickly this this uh virus Can continue to spread and it’s, causing a lot of issues uh for states to be able to control uh capacity and and really put into place uh.

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