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It was very good, very quick, and you know what i’m going to say. I cannot recommend it too highly, but europe braces for a third wave of infections with fresh lockdowns in parts of france and poland good morning. The six nations grand slam beckons for wales if they can win in france tonight, roared on by their captain. Adam wynn, jones who’s been dubbed superman by the french reporting for duty. James bond 007 back on duty as stars joined forces to raise money for red nose day and it’s the spring equinox today, but whilst many visibly rather cloudy and cool yet again, it’s the turn of northeast england to enjoy a bit of spring warmth. I’Ll have all the details later good morning, it’s saturday, the 20th of march, our top story. Today, the prime minister, boris johnson, has received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine as he urged everyone who’s eligible to get the jab. The rollout has resumed in parts of europe where new lockdown measures have been reintroduced in france and poland as many countries. There battle a sharp rise in infections. This report from simon jones does contain some flashing images back at the hospital he credits with saving his life. Boris johnson gets his first dose of the astrazeneca vaccine at saint thomas’s in london, a personal backing after days of debate in the eu, about its possible side effects resulting in europe’s medical regulator, saying it is safe. I literally did not feel a thing, and so it was very good uh very quick, and you know what i’m gon na say.

I cannot recommend it too highly everybody when you do get your notification to go for a jab, please go and get it. It is the best thing for you best thing for your family and for everybody else. Around half the uk’s adult population has now been given a first dose, but the same can’t be said for much of the eu with a faltering vaccine program due to delayed deliveries and vaccine skepticism, leading to fears of a third wave in france. New lockdown restrictions came into force in paris at midnight and in germany, coronavirus cases are rising exponentially with the chancellor warning it’s likely that the country will need to apply an emergency break and reimpose lockdown measures. Just eight percent of germany’s population has so far received a first dose of vaccine and there’s a warning. The uk can’t afford to be complacent. We’Ve had our first weight, we’ve had our second wave and there are areas of the country where stubbornly staying at a relatively high level and what will happen later in the years the infections will come back again and if we haven’t protected our vulnerable population by a Vaccination at that stage, then we will be back where we were in march april of last year, we’ve got a little card for you to take away with you to complement the vaccine programme. The government is funding two new clinical trials to try to develop treatments to stop the spread of covid among the most vulnerable.

The message from the prime minister is that the scientists will help us get through this simon jones, bbc news in poland, shops, hotels, cultural and sporting facilities are closed across the country for three weeks as a country faces its highest new daily rates of covert cases since November let’s go live to warsaw. Now you can speak to our correspondent there, adam easton uh, who joins us on breakfast and adam, a really worrying, serious situation. There that’s right yeah, as you were saying that we’ve seen new daily cases this week, not seen since november when the second wave peaked and this third wave is yet to peak so uh. The expectation is cases will continue to rise next week and that’s. Why we’ve had this new partial national lockdown introduced from today, where, as you say, shopping centers, hotels, sporting and cultural facilities such as cinemas, theaters swimming pools, are now closed for three weeks and the health minister here adam yajelski has said that if the infection rate continues To accelerate then he will not hesitate to introduce a full lockdown and that’s, because the capabilities, the capacity of the health system here, is already being tested to its limits. Almost three quarters of available beds are occupied and more patients are on ventilators now than at any time. Since the start of the pandemic and an extra 8 000 hospital beds are being readied in temporary and regular hospitals throughout the country to deal with.

What could be an even worse situation, adam easton, thanks for bringing us up to date on the situation there in in poland, a police officer who drunkenly assaulted, a woman in warwickshire has avoided prison pc. Oliver banfield was given a 14 week curfew after he grabbed and manhandled emma homer last july, he’s been suspended and faces disciplinary action. The investigating force has apologized for delays in the prosecution there’s. Still no news this morning about the whereabouts of the bbc journalist ang tu ya, who was abducted in myanmar on friday. The bbc has asked the military authorities in the country to locate him and confirm he is safe. He was taken in the capital uh by unidentified men in in plain clothes, and we don’t know where he’s been taken to. We don’t currently know where he is uh. He was with another journalist from another organization who was also taken at the same time and we’re really appealing to the authorities in myanmar to help us locate on thora and confirm to us that he’s, safe and well, a volcano has erupted in the southwest of iceland. After the region experienced thousands of small quakes in recent weeks, the eruption, which is around 18 miles from the capital reykjavik, caused the night sky to glow bright red and led to a temporary suspension of flights at the country’s international airport. What incredible pictures? Those are good grief. Scottish postman turned singer. Nathan evans has reached number one in the uk charts with his version of a 19th century sea shanty Music, traditional seafaring songs.

Then he was offered a record deal and gave up the day job yeah. We spoke to him on this, show didn’t we and a pot remix of well. A man has reached the top sport. It was originally thought, though, to have been written by new zealand whale whalers in the 1830s and my toes already inevitably they’re going to be going for the next four hours. I just do think there’s. Something, though, about the kind of harmonizing of the whole sea shanty thing that is deeply comforting, yeah, it’s, true and restful in us, it’s inside us let’s have a look at some of this morning. Saturday morning papers. Shall we the front pages and let’s start with the times today? Uh alarm over new wave is their headline. We just came from adam easton in poland at the time saying that government sources here are really worried about that spike. In coronavirus, cases happening not just in public right across europe and that it could spark a new covered wave in the uk as well, which could in turn mean that holidays could be increasingly unlikely this summer and then we’ve got several papers, including the telegraph carrying this Picture of the prime minister, boris johnson, his sleeve rolled up receiving his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. The paper also covers accusations by a former uk vaccine are that european leaders were completely irresponsible in undermining the oxford astrazeneca covid vaccine. The guardian’s front page this morning leads with revelations that saudi royals, gulf states and billionaires are among those who’ve claimed millions of pounds in taxpayer, funded furlough money here in the uk and a socially aware makeover for the board game monopoly is one of the stories picked Up online toy company, hasbro announced it’s updating all 16 community chest cards which currently feature awards for winning a beauty contest or a tax refund in their place will be more contemporary cards to give rewards for community service and social awareness, which the games maker thinks better Reflects the post pandemic world, but i would argue people particularly when they play monopoly, feel fairly wedded to the old traditions there’s, something quite reasonable.

It’S, like a man isn’t it exactly there’s, always a family joke about whoever wins the beauty contest and how unlikely it is. I’D, be very sorry to see that going. I thought you could say they were going to be having furlough payments involved and things like that that they’re going to bring it. We don’t want reminders of all of this distractions monopoly escapism. Did you know the queen had a puppy? Well, i think we’ve mentioned that last week that she was getting up and she got on this. She’S got one. This had passed me by um, but she has joined the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people. Who’Ve got a puppy over the last 12 months, because do you remember when her last pets died? The story was she wasn’t going to replace her? She was too heartbroken, but what’s curious about this. She got it from you know one of the common all standard pets for sale websites it’s not called that, but it’s um. You know the place that a lot of people go to. You’D have thought that she might have a such a specially sourced breeder, but apparently not they just looked online. The nearest retail park outside windsor, yes, a little bit like that and um, inevitably uh it’s a cross, so it’s, not a pure corgi. Every dog is, across these days, it’s a cross between the corgi and a dashand. Is that how you say it? Um and it’s called fergus, or one of them is called fergus in honor of her war hero uncle the other one is called mick, which is named after one of the monarch’s favorite beauty spots.

I wonder if she’s having the same madness that i am at the moment, are you still chewing everything and i would suggest my furniture is slightly less kind of precious than her she’s probably got more rugs than you have uh story here in the times this morning, We’Ve got lots of lots of companies at the moment, are sort of reinventing flavors we’ve talked about a well known, uh yeasty, spread on toast, which has uh been adapted. Apparently kit kats in japan. Other chocolates are available. Uh there’s now a whiskey flavor, but they have every flavor of kitkat in japan. Do you think they always have yeah? How do you know this stuff right? I think people just know that the people liking your knowledge yeah. Well, there we go obviously kitkat wasabi flavor kitkats in japan, and things like that already well, apparently, they’re really popular two pounds. You can’t buy them for love nor yen at the moment, but uh they are they’re selling out whiskey, flavored kitkats Music see the headlines as they happen and watch bbc news live in the app and get the full story with bbc dot co dot.

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