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In this format, you expect uh, obviously defending to be tough uh you can see. The due today is, is probably the wicked was better than any other game, and the dew factor was massive. You know bigger than any other game as well, so thankfully the wicket allowed us to get to that total um. There was a few few instances in the middle, which were a bit strange, probably would have been a few few runs extra. But having said that, 180 plus was something we’re looking at um and yes, our batters got us their special mention to surya in his first game. I think he battled outstandingly well again similar to ishaan um, these guys quite fearless, having played world class bowlers in the ipl. So the idea was to give enough opportunity to them to score runs at the international level, so that you know guys in our squad are confident uh, because we don’t have any international t20s after this heading into the ipl. I want these guys to be more confident and you know, come out of it very strongly, because then that world cup becomes even more important for us and then i think, with the ball, we were quite clinical as well. Chardon turned the whole game around, but i think our power play start as well kept england in check and made sure they were under pressure. I’Ll come to surya kumari other soon, but the couple of incidents which you mentioned you you and your team, was clearly not happy with a couple of calls that were made.

Well, look when, when there was an instance that happened during the test series where i was next to jinx and he he clearly caught the ball. But then i wasn’t sure, and i asked jinx and he wasn’t sure, and we went up straight away and uh. You know if it’s, a half and half effort, um and the field is in doubt i don’t – think the empire from square leg would see that clearly, and you know make it a conclusive call. So the soft signal becomes that much more important and it’s a tricky one, and i don’t know why there cannot be a you know. Sort of i don’t know call for the empire as well. Why does it have to be a conclusive one, because then, that overturns the whole decision completely uh, similar to the argument we have with the empire’s call as well. I think these things are something that can really really change the course of the whole game, especially in a big game. Um. You know we are on the other side, but there could be another team uh. You know bearing the brunt of this, so you want these things ironed out as much as possible. Keep this game simple, keep it linear, you know, have one set of rules which are not sort of gray areas which which we don’t understand. Sometimes we do so yeah it’s, not ideal, especially in a in a high pressure uh game, which has has a lot of uh things riding on it.

A lot at stake, it’s it’s important to have a lot of clarity on the field yeah. I completely agree with you. Many of us feel the same in the com box as well, um, personally, everything, okay with you, because we didn’t see you in the field in the last stages of the game. Yeah, look i i i ran for a ball. I dived and i threw it so i was probably not in the best position, but i just moved out to the outfield and i was feeding the inner ring and the temperature drops very quickly, so your body get tends to get stiff. So i just aggravated my upper cord a little bit and i didn’t want to make it into a niggle or an injury, it’s, nothing serious! I should be fine by day after tomorrow, because we have a game in the evening, so probably took a smarter decision to come off and not you know sprint five, six more times and and probably do it up more because we have an important game coming up. Yeah absolutely good to hear that you’ve got a plethora of riches. You take ishan kishan out, you bring, he performs like a champion. You bring down shreya saya the kind of innings he played and also rishabh the kind of maturity he’s showing. He must be a very happy captain, yes, very, very happy. Uh again, i would like to mention surya’s innings, i think playing at this level uh with with top quality bowlers who bowl at pace it’s, not easy to just walk in at three in your first game, and you know start off like that.

Firstly, it was outstanding. We all were quite stunned with that start, and he completely you know, stamped his authority from ball one and then the bowlers were under pressure throughout the way he played the leggy as well and and just maneuvered the bowlers beautifully. I think put us in a great position and allowed the likes of rishabh and shreyas and then hardik to do the job that they do and get us to that total. Eventually so yeah big credit to these youngsters they’re coming in and grabbing the opportunity and that’s something that i’m, a big fan of you know the first few opportunities you make your mark and then you, you set your standards high and then you help indian cricket along The way i think, it’s it’s great signs for the team but i’m more happy for to be very honest, hardik bowling his four hours and the way he bowled is something that august really well for us. If he can continue his bowling form like that, in any format of the game, we become a very, very strong unit, yeah quickly on that you brought him on before charlotte tucker opened with him alongside bhuvaneshwar thought process. Behind that yeah look in the practice sessions before the series started with the new ball, he was very potent and uh. I didn’t want to bring him on in a situation where he’s trying to defend runs from ball. One uh he has skill with the ball.

He clicked 140 plus a few times and if he can bowl in rhythm, then he can pick up wickets with the new ball as well, and then we saw him bowling beautifully and then putting pressure enough enough pressure on jason, draw in the middle overs and then Got that crucial wicket for us and in the end as well. You know another break breakthrough with sam curran, so i think his spell was crucial. Yes, chardon did turn the game around, and movie was as clinical as always rahul was good. Was she had an off day, but that that happens, but i think hardik’s role in that defense of that total was was very, very crucial. Congratulations on a fabulous game. I can safely say that everyone is eagerly awaiting the last game and also well done on cracking the code of batting first. Thank you very much. Thank you.

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