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You enjoyed being striker, you enjoyed being on striker as well. Today, yeah. I think it was a complete game for us totally outplayed the opposition. I think um, even with so much due coming in the later half um. Like last game, we’ve defended a total again, we put good runs on the board and today was just a complete game. I mean the fact that rishabh and shreya’s did not even get a chance to bat, and we still got close to 230 is a testimony of what we can do with the bat when everyone fires and – and we play the way we always do so yeah. It was, it was a great game for us. You set yourself personally such high standards. How did you, how do you like your own performance in this series? Pretty good, i mean two games. We won out of the three i scored in so yeah, good good returns. Um, but i was, i was more pleased about the fact that today uh, you know rohit and we both walked out to back and we were positive in our intent. We wanted to take the game forward and we knew that you know we can. We can trust each other in reading the situation and um one of us will play second fiddle if one takes off and uh. I think that gave both of us a bit more freedom to know that when it’s our turn, we will go for it, and tonight it was.

It was classic rohit sharma, you know the way he bats at the top of the order. If you can play like that more regularly freely – and you know not worry about playing to through to 15 16 overs it’s – going to be a lot of damage for the opposition and then surya coming in at three and totally you know taking the game even further Away from the opposition with his counter attack and then hardik in the end was beautiful as well so yeah i did enjoy all the partnerships and it was, as i said, a very clinical game for us. I mean spectators in india loved it, the just the fact that virat kohl and roy charm are coming out to bat together uh. Do you see yourself doing that more often top of the order? Yes uh? I am going to open in the ipl as well uh. So look i’ve batted at different positions in the past, but i feel like uh. You know we do have a very solid middle order now and now it’s about your two best players getting maximum number of balls in t20 cricket. So i would definitely like to you know partner with at the top because, as i rightly said, if we have a partnership and we both are set, then you know that one of us are going to cause some serious damage and that’s exactly what we want and The other guys feel much more confident when one of us is still in and set, and they know that they can play more freely, so it all goes well for the team.

I would like this to continue and hopefully continue that form through to the world cup. Let’S go through the pluses right through the series and all your media interactions. You talk about the x factor and you see ishaan kishan’s come in surah kumar yadav is coming. It must feel you as a captain with great joy. It has also how shreya’s battered in the last case and the responsibility he showed in the first game. I think um guys are really uh. You know grabbing on to the opportunities and and molding themselves into the roles that we’ve assigned for them. Ishaan was brilliant, but i was particularly pleased with surya the way he came out and played with so much clarity. It just you know, opens up that dimension of possibilities for the rest of the batting order and then hardik with the ball. You know kept coming back into the game. Last game was brilliant. Today came back again, uh bhuvi coming back and bowling like the way he does um. We still have jessie to come back into the squad. Not too came in today bull two two crucial overs at the end um, so you know it’s all positive signs. I mean i don’t have much that i can point out which are negatives, uh, rishabh the maturity he’s shown to bat in difficult situations and get to 30 35, and you know really capitalize. The situation for us. It’S been a series of absolute pluses for us and uh beating a strong side.

Three two uh. It was very well deserving for us. You’Ve done this many times because you finished answering all my questions before i asked before i asked them, but in particular you had players for each occasion who be top of the order. What about shahadul takori just comes in every time you ask him, gives you wicked scores runs at the end. Yeah look, i mean the confidence levels of shah dull. After that test series in australia are sky. High he’s someone you can see in his eye he’s. Looking for an opportunity, he wants to be in the middle out there, even with the bat if the team’s in trouble he’s one guy that believes that he can build the team out and with the ball. His strength is his belief. So again, you know proper proper cricketer is he’s, giving us uh handy, runs with the bat very composed with the ball and it, as i said, it’s a great signs for indian crew. One final question: for you: you’ve often said that you didn’t have that many games before the t20 world cup. Is your team now almost ready? I just found out that we might have some more after the test series that’s, so close you’ll probably play the same site at those yeah more or less sorted um. We are very, very confident, very happy with how things have panned out and we just want to keep moving forward with more and more positivity and fearlessness.

Okay, all you are getting impatient now, all the ears. Thank you.

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Virat Kohli, India national cricket team, Anushka Sharma, Cricket, Rohit Sharma, England cricket team, Twenty20 post match presentation India vs England 4th T20

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