Atlanta, Publix, Publix Super Market In Atlantic Station BREAKING: Armed man in body armor with 5 guns detained at Atlantic Station grocery store

Police situation there at a supermarket here is uh the details that we know at this hour here uh one day, please arrive Music during the investigation, officers and body armor from the male’s possession two long guns and two pistols. Preliminary investigation indicates that the male entered the location open openly carrying a rifle and entered is also on scene conducting a mental health evaluation on the mail. The investigation very important continues at this time. Are there moderate solutions and uh? You just never know what you’ll say to your future here in this job. If i heard the question right, it was about the campaign and uh 2022 being right around the corner. I’Ve looked at a calendar too sorry about that everybody uh. We had that other audio. Coming through so what i’ll do is just reiterate: what’s going on here police situation at the supermarket, going on right now in atlanta, georgia here’s. What happened police arrived to the scene officers met with management, who stated that a male armed with a weapon entered the location, responding officers immediately located and detained the mail for questioning during the investigation officers recovered firearms and body armor from the male’s possession two long guns And three pistols and right now they are questioning that individual right there, atlanta police, have closed the public grocery store while they investigate the man. The manager called 9 1 1. After seeing an armed man wearing armor entering that store’s restroom a little bizarre story right there that was wild, it was fun, it was really fun.

They were super cool, guys very bright. Just joining us here on news now from fox fast moving last hour here and we’ve been providing you all the latest as it is coming in real time to our news station here, just joining us sky fox overhead. Here in atlanta, where a man was taken into custody this afternoon after police said he walked into a grocery store wearing body, armor and armed with five firearms. It happened at the public supermarket located inside atlantic station around 1 30 local time atlanta police said, managers called 9 1 1. After a shopper spotted the man entering the store and going into the bathroom police said, officers were able to detain the man as soon as he exited the bathroom. He was armed with three pistols and two rifles police said great. Ems was called to the scene to conduct a mental evaluation of the man, so this could have been something really really bad. That happened but uh, thankfully nothing did happen so he’s being checked out right now. Investigation does continue not immediately clear right now. If the man will be charged with anything, his name has not been released. Police said the investigation does continue and that publix right now has been closed for the time being, as they allow the police to do the work that they have to do. So.

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