Brooklyn Nets, Portland Trail Blazers, James Harden, NBA, Kyrie Irving ETS ARE TOO GOOD!!! Brooklyn Nets vs Portland Trail Blazers – Full Game Highlights REACTION!!

Another video man, hey man, look we got the portland trailblazers in the brooklyn nuts uh. I got portland because damian lillard, you know check it out. Man start off three two and one these had a total of 27 games where he has had one or zero assists so on tonight, harris the marksman it’s, the first three of the game to fall lillard trying to go by george see that was his assist right. There over the top to dj, he still gets it, though that cleared out any weak side help. So if he didn’t just lose the ball, he would have had two points: here’s, hardin and slam right down the middle for the free, throw line. Let’S tie ball game at eight babies to go in the first quarter, got the pass whips across court lillard able to snare it cj catch it trying to match harris, and he does to start this game for brooklyn lillard shaking luau cabaret, frees himself up and finds The bottom of them from the column trying to work the two man game with mello. He brings green out on the island shakes him puts up the three nothing but net. He doesn’t give you enough time. Cj mccollum already three made threes green possession, so the blazers are six of 12 from three after hitting just nine against the maverick that is. The exact same feels like a time, looks like oh harris in the lane. Stop and pop okay get to class out, the ball gets swung out, lillard loses heart, goes into the body of jordan, and oh nice lead for the blazers, just under 2 30 left in the first half harris doesn’t need much room.

Harris is crazy, with them threes. Shooting like 50 percent off and while that switchback would be taking place, god jesus christ. This team is between shots like the way russell westbrook used to do that with three shots: griffin back next tallest blazer on the floor, portland getting some good looks but can’t hit right now. Yeah right has, i won’t be surprised by the end of the season. I think it’s time, to be honest: oh my goodness bro.

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Brooklyn Nets, Portland Trail Blazers, James Harden, NBA, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant Vs Portland Trailblazers Preview‼️

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