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I you know i had my early conversations with sean and coach nash and um. You know we’re all focused on on what i could do to to help this team and i felt like they had a need um. You know – and it was a role that i could come in and um the biggest reason – obviously help win uh championship, um that’s, always the goal. You know every single year for for every player, every team, but um. You know this year, uh. Obviously a realistic goal. Um and i’ve been, you know, an organization where it was. We were trying to get to the playoffs and and missed the playoffs and um just wanted to get back to that feeling of playing meaningful basketball, um and – and you know, playing deep in the playoffs and contending this team hasn’t been shy about its championship aspirations at This point: what would winning a title mean to you uh everything i mean at this point in your career i mean even in the beginning, uh like i said, winning a title is the ultimate goal. The personal accolades are are great, i’m, appreciative of them and and their experiences you know all star games and all that that i’ll never forget but um. You know we play this game for one reason and and um to to be in the playoffs and lose you know, year after year in different ways, heartbreaking ways. However, it was um, it eats at you and that’s sort of what consumed your thoughts.

So, at least it is for me and so being able to have an opportunity to get back to this um this chance of being in the playoffs and and making a run at it. Um is you know like all i could ask for when you look at the roster that general manager, sean marx and the team has been able to put together. How do you evaluate it top to bottom, especially compared to some of the other offensive juggernauts we’ve seen in recent years, it’s so dynamic? I mean i obviously have so many scores um and guys that can score the ball, but um all sort of in different ways and all sort of have their own um own impact on the game. Um. So it’s such a tough team to to game plan for um, especially when everybody’s healthy and you know even last night, um or just a a regular game. You know if somebody’s out i mean you still have kyrie and james to worry about or if kd’s in and james is out. You still have these two guys who are who were before this the focal point of their team. So it was just like 1. 1. 1, so you put them on the same team and um it’s a lot of trouble, but the thing that i love the most is their willingness to to make the right basketball play. I think they’re they’re, all they’ve all bought in to this idea of um.

If we come together and we play a certain type of basketball um, you know it’s going to be hard to stop and the plan has been for you to huddle with the net’s training staff and decide what makes sense for your return to play. When do you expect to debut for the nets honestly, i don’t know i i’m supposed to meet with him uh today, uh. So for me it’s about um, you know learning listening from listening to them and uh making sure we make a smart decision it’s. Basically, four weeks today, um since i played in the game, so you know nobody does that anymore. Nobody sits out for a month and then comes back and plays right away so uh. I just want to be smart and listen to the people that you know know what they’re talking about from that standpoint and um. You know make sure that i give myself the best opportunity to come in and and contribute and you know be be healthy um. You know for the playoffs and and beyond, and speaking of that there’s been many chapters of your career. There was lob city watching you there. There was going to detroit adding three point: shooting becoming a real threat from out there and then also working through some injuries at this point now, in the words of brooklyn native jay z, allow me – or in this case you to reintroduce yourself what type of player Is showing up in brooklyn uh? I mean you know as as time goes on.

I spend more time with this team. I think i’ll be able to more clearly define my role but um, you know be there to fill the gaps. I think we like. I talked about, we have three guys that are unbelievably dynamic. We have um, you know deandre and nick down low. We have jeff and joe on the on the perimeter, so we have so many different guys, and the list goes on um that for me, it’s just about being that guy. That can can facilitate a little bit score when need to um. You know and sort of fill those those gaps, and i think at this point in my career, my game sort of lends itself to that role like i. I think fans want to know if they’re going to see some any any vintage dunks from you here in brooklyn and we’ll see. I know a lot’s been made about that, but uh. I promise you. I still can let’s go through a little bit of rapid fire. I’M gon na say one of your teammates names and tell me what comes to mind all right: let’s start with kevin durant, one of the best scorers of all time, kyrie irving, one of the most creative scorers of all time. James harden i mean he’s been dominant. I think that’s what that’s the word. I would just use to describe his game, this season and finally, deandre jordan, a lot of a lot of memories um, but you know a guy that i really trust and and um love and um.

You know i i when you, when you go your separate ways. You don’t know: if you’re gon na come back together, you’re gon na your your pads will cross again, but um glad we did and you. How would you describe you in one word now: um hungry, just like that’s that’s, my main goal just to win a championship and – and you know it’s always been that but um you know after being in the playoffs and then missing the playoffs for a certain period Of time um that hunger, you know, stays alive and it grows and that’s where i’m at and for people who have doubted you for folks who have wondered what level you can still play at now. What would your message be to them? Uh you just have to wait and see. I have no. I have no message. People are going to talk, no matter what um, but i i know myself and i know i know what i can do so.

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