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You already know, please, like the video to support the channel subscribe if you’re new and hit the notification bell. So you don’t miss any breaking news and follow me on instagram at nets. Kingdom 711 it’s brooklyn gang gang. So we coming off a great win nest nation against the wizards. It felt so good to finally beat them and to see blake griffin play with that next jersey on the development of nicholas claxton is undeniable he’s, easily the best center on the team. Now we still have to improve our defense and rebounding. We cut our tone over our last game against the wizards, which was good but rebounding. An interior defense still continues to be the weakness of this team. Now the trade deadline and buyout time is very, very close. Thursday also, we will see if sean marks will address some team needs. Now i have some quick news on the spencer dinwiddies trade. Now now the report by nets uh daily says in a discussion of the nba trade downline, hosted by rod. Perez adrian warjanowski says that sean martinez are interested in moving spencer for someone who could help them um the rest of this season, but they aren’t interested in taking on players who contracts extend beyond this season. Um. Then it says here a team that might want spencer generally’s bird race might want to assign him nets can get that money off. They can get back. Maybe a second round pick now.

It says here also in this daily uh. The nets want a player they might like down the stretch this year, but it’s not really worth the trade off so they’ll be interesting. One to watch as for team that would wander in with it would likely be a team that doesn’t have cav space or just wants to get him in and have a leg up on resigning him. So that’s very interesting news, y’all like it makes sense sean marx wants to keep the cap clean. He doesn’t want no big expensive contracts. He doesn’t want to trade spencer for some huge, a guy that was going to have three years 25 million. No, he wants somebody one year cheap and wants to help the nets win this year. So i think about the videos. I’Ve been posting this week, maurice harklas one year, three mill avery bradley one year, five mill, it’s, very cheap, very cheap sean marks, wants to keep it cheap and to help this year help immediately so, and then you think about the buyout market. He can sign andre drummond for cheap javille mcgee for a cheap deal, kem birch for a cheap deal, so it just all makes you know sense that sean marx wants to keep the cap clean. We already have a crazy salary cap luxury tax. He wants to keep it cheap. Keep it clean, get really impact players that would help us this year now let’s get into the trailblazers.

Y’All the trailblazers are 25 and 17. there’s six in the western conference, they’re 11th in total offense their last in defense. Their ninth in three point percentage, they’re. Second, in three pointers made per game and their second and three pointers attempted per game, so analyzing, it’s, very easy to say: portland is all about the threes threes threes. They live by the three and they die by the three they’re. Second, in the nba and three pointers made and attempted y’all, so they take a ton of threes they’re not going to hurt you in the paint at all they’re last in the nba and points in the paint. Also they are the worst defensive team in basketball. They just came off getting destroyed by the mavs 132 92, but that doesn’t mean we should underestimate them, there’s six in the um in the nba. For a reason i mean in the west for a reason, so they can get extremely hot from three. The blazers are currently playing like how we used to play in the beginning of the year. Remember at least playing beginning of the year y’all we used to try to outscore teams. Then we just don’t play defense that’s how the blazers play right now, so brooklyn must lock in on the perimeter and limit the three um. They must limit the three ball, because the portland is all about their threes, y’all, they’re, very small they’re, a small ball team. They’Re, actually, i found an interesting stat they’re, eighth in offensive rebounds, so their guards do crash a lot.

We must box out and y’all know that’s one of the next weaknesses. I know a lot of nest. Nation is mad at steve and d’antoni for the switch everything defense, but this game against portland, it’s gon na be a must. We must switch everything in this game because you guys know portland is the most. They probably the best three point: shooting team in the nba right now they might be, they really might be. They got so many shooters they’re deadly from three. They took a ton of threes so and then we all know kyrie, oh happy. First of all, happy birthday to kyrie more life to kyrie um he’s, not going to be um going on the trip this. This uh this this three game road trip, so we just got ta, you know mean it’s personal family issues, i’m, not gon na speak on it too much. I know nest nation is upset like oh, some people are like oh kyrie’s, doing it to us again, kyrie’s in it like. We just got ta pray for kyrie that he’ll be back after the three game stretch y’all, so just pray for kyrie happy birthday make. Well, hopefully, we’ll we’ll. If we can go two in one, if we can go two on one on this road trip, then we’ll be fine. Now portland starts damian lillard, cj, mccollum, derek jones jr, robert cummington enis cantor. Now cj is just coming back from an injury. He averages about 24 um points.

Shooting 43 from three we all know. Cj is an all star guard three level scorer. What makes cj so good, he’s just crafty and is a beautiful shot creator. His mid range is actually so lethal y’all. You got ta put him up there with the katy kyrie co he’s, one of the best mid range shooters in the nba. We must play good defense on um cj, but again he’s one of those players. You can’t really stop. You just have to do the best you can and slow him down now covington. We know he’s one of the best three d wing forwards in the nba. Although he’s having a down year, shooting 36 from three, he can still hurt us and he’s a good defender now off the bench, blazers being mellow, you guys know carmelo anthony off the bench we all know mello is going to be a hall of famer. One of the best small forwards, an amazing shooter he’s averaging 14 points shooting ‘ from three having a great year. So he comes off the bench and he lights it up and he will he’ll actually be the perfect matchup for blake griffin, so i’m excited to see. If mello vs blake i’m, sorry to see that match up, we must prevent mello from getting hot from three. So because you know if mello gets hot, he can shoot 40 in a blink of an eye. If we’re not careful. Now we also have gary trent jr, who comes off the bench, one of the best three point shooters in the nba now carrie gary trenton jr is averaging 15 points shooting 40 from three again.

These guys on the blazers are all three point: gunners again they’re. Second, in the nba and three pointers made and attempted, so we got a switch. I know a lot of y’all like no steve naval. No, this game. We might have to switch everything because the we can’t let them get open on the perimeter i’d, rather make them drive than make them shoot threes. You know what i’m saying now the blazers play a lot of small ball, so it’s, actually the perfect matchup for us, but i’m, only gon na mainly i’m, only gon na focus on one player and one player only that we have to game plan, for, i hope, Steve nash writes his name in big letters on the chalkboard and his name is damien dean, dolla lillard the mvp candidate, now damien is averaging 30 points. 4 rebounds 8 assists shooting 40 45 from the field 38 from three and 94 percent. From the foul line you can see why he’s top two in the mvp race. You can see why y’all? What can you say about dane he’s, one of the most prolific scorers we’ve, ever seen at the guard position extremely confident, shooter that won’t hesitate to pull up from the logo and hit shots highly efficient for a volume shooter now dame takes a ton of shots. He averages about eleven three point: attempts per game, but he’s still shooting 38, which is still really good. He needs very little time and space to get off a quality shot.

Damien is basically anti kyrie. He just doesn’t have kai’s dribbling skills, dame uses, quick short dribbles and a change of speed and direction to keep defenders off balance you can get at the paint at will. It was very crafty around the rim. Now we look at dame’s game. He basically has no weakness in his game, but one of the things that reporters nba scout saw in dame that was that he’s not really a true point guard. He looks for his own shot, first more than making his teammates better, and that is still somewhat true. Y’All dame is kind of selfish, but he has been getting better this year, he’s changed his game, averaging seven assists and looking for open guys, making his team better that’s. Why he’s a top two in the mvp race, but most nine times out of ten he’s gon na shoot the shot? First, he wants to shoot y’all. He takes a ton of shots. Now dame is just very balanced. His signature move is that hesi pull up three from anywhere. He has unlimited range from three it’s, actually scary, how he just shoots from half court and makes it the hesi pull up. Three kind of reminds me of katie’s signature, heavy pull up from three, but damn uses it more coming off a screen. Now the blazers run deem a lot of out of a lot of double screens and pin downs, it’s kind of like what you see joe harris run like what we run for joe harris now, i’m gon na pull up this clip where broken has to be aware That dame’s range is unlimited, so we already know steve nas, which is everything right.

So let’s say right here you see how dane calls for the screen. We have to communicate and make sure whoever’s man is. The screener must get very high and stop dane from getting into his rhythm for that pull up, because dame wants to get into his rhythm step a little bit pull up now, dame’s so lethal. He doesn’t need a lot of time to get that three off. So we must come, come off, get high get in his air space, make dame drive to the basket don’t, give him no room to get open. You know what i’m saying, because dave needs very little space and he will light you up, like i said i’d rather dame score twos on us and drive than threes. The lesser of the two evils also dame struggles with getting double teamed off the screen. Sometimes you know what i’m saying so that def works better. If we can double team him off the screen other than that dame is unguardable. We just have to try our best and hope he misses. Sometimes he can get streaky and shoot himself out the game. The mav didn’t do anything special last game: cj, just didn’t shoot well from three dame went over seven from three, like i said in the beginning of the video the blazers live and die by the three if they hit the three if they hit, if they’re hot From three they could be a top five team in offense, but when they don’t shoot well, they get blown out by 30 because they don’t play defense but 90 of the time.

Damien is basically unguardable. We just got to play the best defense. We can and hope he misses. You know what i’m saying come off high up. Those screens make him don’t, give him no room off that screen, whoever’s switching we’re going to switch, but whoever switches make sure he has no room. You can’t sag back off of dame you can’t sag back off him. So let me know in the comments uh. How do you guys feel about the blazers we’re gon na have no kyrie um james harding is actually questionable. We don’t even know if james haar’s gon na play tonight. I think he will play though, but no kyrie, hopefully james harden, plays.

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