Brooklyn Nets, Portland Trail Blazers, James Harden, NBA, Kyrie Irving Washington Wizards Highlights 4th Qtr | James Harden Highlights March 21

Bruce brown in for brooklyn, now blake griffin, at the five to begin, the fourth griffin on the move, flushes it since december 12, 2019 Applause, Music Applause, some added juice for the team. After seeing griffin get up the nets, pinch is still on its feet. After blake’s dunk Applause, Music, lopez, spins inside he’s been playing so well, you understand what bradley deal can do you want to create even more separation and not let this wizard’s team hang around towards the end of this finish. Hardin wheeling shot clock at three hard in too strong rebound taken by westbrook Music west brook Music. Westbrook now has a triple double his 14th of the season. Griffin dishes out harris gives it back. Flake didn’t. Take the three now sets up. Harden matthews went for the steal Music harden, oh, what a fine to harrison at three Music. Ten point net lead, westbrook tees it up and hits the three russell westbrook two of five tonight from downtown the wizards won’t go away. Griffin gets fouled and seeping into some of the others, but offensively they’ve been able to find their way in scoring points and that’s doing the same. Hardin unable to finish taken right back by brown, another chance for brooklyn Applause harris goes baseline and gets fouled let’s check in now with michael grady, but for shamit uh, tough break just given the fact that he was really fine in his game. Harris finds johnson in the corner on a three a nice job of his efficiency, from the three point line, but just being in the right spots.

Helping balance the floor claxton. How about the d from claxton on field? Pressured him all the way into the backcourt, and that is going to be westbrook as it knocked away by johnson. He was grabbed by hotram. The defense is operating already getting a breather claxton soaring in couldn’t finish off the delivery from irving by the way. For those wondering why is that not a clear path foul a moment ago, it’s because johnson did not have have control of the basketball he had not gained any kind of possession yeah? I understand that thought. You read our minds: thanks, ryan irving, dancing, elevating, no feel the rebound chance for washington here, field dumps it lopez, flushes it harden back in for the nets blobbing it up and clackson and irving not on this really got a breather before the nets had to send Him back into the game: Music. 33 minutes thus far tonight for hard hachimura finds westbrook that rims out halfway down Applause, Music harden using the claxton screen, hardin banks, it in Applause irving, the hesitation sneaks it to brown. Can’T put it in hard in the cross over the dish. Blackstone Music field lost it and got a westbrook able to work his way across the timeline feel a three lookout hits find a way to hold on in the final four minutes and 30 seconds. Nice find green leaves it and claxton finished five point. Brooklyn lead, westbrook, lays it in and he’s just been dicing up this nets, defense when it comes to how he has gotten to the front of the cup hardin right around hakumura couldn’t finish it.

He lost the handle just a bit before the shot. Westbrook kicks it out, beale. The tie short good contest there from irving hardy needs help. He’S gon na have to take a timeout for the remainder of this fourth quarter, leading by three irving out on a three and here comes washington, felt completely in control this whole second half but just haven’t been able to put washington away and westbrook just made easy Pass, whether through penetration just keep getting it inside hardin leaves it claxton lost. It got it back, not great spacing here for brooklyn but clarkston running to the rim. Irving one of six now from downtown irving comes up with a steal on field. A couple of big stops from irving on beal over the last few possessions so important, and even if you’re not hardened, separates from matthews finds harris. King irving ball back into the arms of hardin 120 to go irving accelerates and gets inside of a minute to go. Applause harden five to shoot hard in the floater rims off and a foul a two for one here up to irving irving sneaks inside to claxton, who puts it wizards need to foul nets up five irving trapped gets it back, pedals away from traffic; washington still not Battling washington not going to foul now until 3.

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