Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball, Basketball UConn vs. Syracuse – Second Round Women's NCAA Tournament Extended Highlights

The unselfishness the three man break just like in practice foul. We will be on emily ainsler on the men’s side, that is, their uh defensive choice, it’s forced three turnovers, already anslers runner, oh go and the tip from cardoso up and in a nurse comes to mind whose aunt roxy played at syracuse. She was a part of their last national championship. Team in 2016 and cardoso is off to a terrific start, and let me tell you what i like so the very first possession of the game. Aaliyah edwards gets. The ball throws a back court violation from that moment. Oh goodness, the heave to beat the shot clock for william, and would you look at this recognizing the shot clock first, amazing angels in the outfield off the glass elia has responded ever since that turnover and that’s what you like to see in a young player’s short Term memory, as williams now gets a tip and we’re off to the races and beckers with her first basket. Freshman leading the way this year, cardoso with some space off the bounce she’s got eight here in the first quarter. That is a tough take, and you can see here. Uconn was using paige to work the middle of his own becker’s just inside the line got it nelson odoto, with her fifth rebound already here in the first quarter, and if you’re syracuse, you have to let cardozo get a touch every time down the court.

Well, you can hear the loud voice of jamelle elliott assistant vote for connecticut former national champ. They only have the two coaches on the sidelines of the first quarter for a spot in the sweet, 16 and a date with iowa next weekend, good cross, keira, lewis, hangs and hits, and here she is right on cue, with the steal and the lexi man. So we call it pick six, take it from one end to the house, quick turnovers in the first quarter, but now you’ve seen the defense of the intensity has picked up and it’s created offense on the other end matakaya drains the three for the orange their first Of the game – and you can just hear – i mean that’s – how you know – it’s a good zone as cardoso fouls edwards there, but you can just hear the communication that’s what you have to do in the zone. You have to always remember scream the zone they’re averaging 83 points per game, williams left unattended and rattles it in and if you’re syracuse that’s, where you want to go exactly there let’s play off of that high post angstler good position inside and gets the roll after Missing her first six shots, emily breaks, the seal, michigan and baylor are also in this bracket and for clark, 29 points per game 45 from downtown and over six assists through the first two rounds, as becker’s drops a bucket first triple for page.

She now has 11 points to lead all scorers cardoso with 10 for syracuse here’s monacai off the bounce. You have to anticipate meet him early transition secondary and then syracuse has answered almost every time. There’S, a clean look for angstler dropping the triple emily shoot to get hot shoot to stay hot, emily, good anticipation to step into the passing lane heading the other way, aubry griffin and they are working on 12 consecutive trips to the final four trying to make it 13. monaca deep, three and it looks like beckers – is slow to get up as the q scores, but a luxury because she’s one of the great post players from uconn good ball movement against the zone, williams dives to the rim and gets the lay in it was Again, right thought wrong. Pass. Follow is good, nelson and dota time out, syracuse state, missouri state and northwestern against louisville wright state. A 13 seed scored the biggest upset in almost a decade in their first round win over arkansas and holly. Rowe is a part of our coverage in town, interesting, after all, is said and done, renee if post pandemic, uh coaches and players and fans like this idea of an entire sweet, 16 elite, eight and final four, all in the same spot, to play early to the Play so that you’re not late and reaching nice pass out of the double team, olivia, nelson and dota for two nine points and eight boards now for ono monica like they talk about it, that’s their secret weapon.

If that’s your secret weapon, then use it, they are firing off some passes right now to pick apart, that zone struggles from the floor continue here’s paige with the push emily. They just have to slow down they’re getting to the right spot and that’s, with going at cardosa most of the game, who’s a much bigger defender and deflects the pass there as they tried to get it to cardoso they’re. Trying that lob pass an awful lot tonight and we talk about the sounds of the court – look again: another beauty, feed and Music lane. Congratulations to the michigan women, the upset of tennessee earlier today, so they are in baylor. Both sides in yeah that michigan team led by niles hillman, going to be tough and then again speaking of tough olivia in san antonio mel kiper jr talking about quarterbacks in the upcoming draft and, of course our favorite bad beats. The inspiration that she has been for her teammates the inspiration in the syracuse community and all that she has done and will continue to do, to raise awareness in the fight against cancer in the second half she’s been distributing she’s only taken one shot in the second Half and yet uconn has really opened it up. She has made everyone around her. A little bit better griffin has is three for three from the field, so that’s that’s beautiful when paige doesn’t have to do everything again, she’s a freshman in case you forget, and she is not kristen williams – for three and that’s good holly road, telling us that gino Ariema is on a flight tomorrow to san antonio to rejoin the huskies for the sweet 16.


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Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball, Basketball UConn Women's Basketball Highlights v. Syracuse 03/23/2021 (NCAA Tournament Second Round)