Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball, Basketball UConn Women's Basketball Highlights v. High Point 03/21/2021 (NCAA Tournament First Round)

The huskies champions of the big east conference 24 1 and the panthers of high point in purple. I like shots from downtown, get ready because the panthers were put a lot up tonight. Oh yeah, they averaged 10 and a half from that deep. Is that skyler, curran or curry on that last shot is maybe national player of the year in the collegiate ranks as a rook Applause in the back court by westbrook and she’ll get an easy one bracing here on the steal. This is just full court pressure. Cookies, that’s, what we call it when it happens like that you get it easy pick, six back door laying is missed there by nick mitchell and that’s, not the case in mcmitchell, though that’s a great cut by her have to finish the basket, but that’s not the Case olivia, nelson and dota have played in ncaa tournament games in a yukon, uniform and that’s what you have to do attack the glass keep running through your sets. If a team is switching everything, you might not get the first second or third shot yet in the neighborhood of greensboro north carolina in their first ncaa trip good back door williams, Music becker’s, bounced that one off for team mate able to track it back down cage. Will pull up and a little fade on it she’s as good as advertised a good double team, 6’5 junior out of georgia and the pick it’s a clean one from mule grab the rebound as well and then run it uses the screen.

Look at edwards get in there. Five boards high point to start renee, one of seven from downtown. Remember this is a team that drops 10 per night they’re 25 points from in the lane Music. They do not have a trip to the free throw line yet tonight by the way haven’t needed it thus far, because i know everyone coming into the game wanted to see. Paige do page things and she might do it on cue right now, but you don’t want her to have to do everything. So this is a welcome sight to see this balanced attack. Winner of this one will face syracuse in the second round. I love to hear the sounds of the court, but again high point that defensive pressure by uconn is taking high point completely out of their offense as edwards gets another basket this year, an assisted turnover ratio running the point yeah and if you’re jordan that’s what you Need to continue to do, you could see nika mule and the athletic trainer janelle francisco do some mobility tests with her. She was able to move her left or that right ankle to the left and because again it’s the work you put in it’s it’s, the anticipa anticipation of this big game and wanting to have an impact as paige beckers gets to lay up but Music. You knew it was only a matter of deficit. You knew it was only a matter of time before they were going to start making some the law of averages and buzzes.

Now that nikki mules went out, paige becker’s knows that and you see that she started getting hot at the time that nika went out and rapino were whistling for a play on soccer violation there to give the huskies a fast break opportunity they’ll take they’ll, take the Bucket in the paint anyways westbrook into nelson of dota, here’s edwards, going to work on the left side and the bucket for claire wyatt and that’s, exactly what i mean by claire white. If you can’t get a three, because the defense is all over you. Something else is probably open Music, and at that point you have to just be a coach on the sidelines. You know you don’t want to be there hurt, but since you are there you can provide knowledge and get wins here, and then they both win their second round games that they would face off on the floor in the sweet 16. didn’t pass. It got to make that extra play becker’s now with seven rebounds. Curry was amazing, great job by high point handling the pressure and knocking down the shot anyway. Election show and every time a purple team came up, they get excited thinking, it was them and they had to wait a little longer. They got pump fake, that’s, the that’s cod heck in the ncaa tournament and don’t. Look now folks, but high points making a run, and that was a friendly roll right there. On that three point, my goodness look at that tonight.

They have managed to take her away from downtown. Oh tough catch again inside one off glass and opening day is point, went pretty as scripted as paige gets her hands on. It looks like it’s going to be a pick. Six she’s now just six points short of 500 for the season. Let’S check in with holly rowe: well guys, you see that fantastic passing and it teams were – and i was like – okay diane. I think you’re gon na, like this young lady, because she’s got a little flavor a little flare and i think the passing is picking back up with paige three national championships. Who was the point guard her or maria connolly? Because one of the you know stats that we love to get into with those ballers beside me, so paige might be the first williams running the floor. Hockey assist backers. Your one seeds would be yukon nc state for the first time ever, stanford and south carolina i’m. Sure gino on the post post game zoom with the squad in the locker room, is going to get after probably with a nice bottle of red edwards boy, the upside for this young lady. She is going to be a special one, seven in the game and oh by the way. Next year they add another prep number one recruit and easy fight, so they get even huskies will advance for a date with the syracuse orange and a rematch of the 2016 national championship game.

I know they will have to win without geno again in the second round.

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Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball, Basketball UConn Women's Basketball Highlights v. Syracuse 03/23/2021 (NCAA Tournament Second Round)

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