Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball, Basketball UConn Women's Basketball Highlights v. Syracuse 03/23/2021 (NCAA Tournament Second Round)

Two old big east rivals: you’ve got to go back to 1996., so here is becker’s number five in gray watched her good buddy caitlyn clark of iowa scored 35 points today and she and kiera lewis, hoping for the knights of their lives here tonight. Williams with the push becker’s pretty assist and one as edwards has the finish, but i like so the very first possession of the game. Elia edwards gets. The ball goes a backcourt violation from that moment, oh goodness, to beat the shot blockbuster for williams. Oh that’s, a good sign if you’re, if you’re williams, you love to see it, but emily alia edwards has responded ever since that turnover and that’s. What you like to see in a young, player’s, short term memory, as williams, now gets a tip and we’re off to the races page to work. The middle of the zone – Music, becker’s just inside the line, got it nelson odot, with her fifth rebound already here in the first quarter, and if you’re serious, you have to let cardozo get a touch and keep balling, and here she is right on cue, with the Steal and the lefty Music – and you can just hear i mean that’s, how you know it’s a good zone as cardosa fouls slow down on the offensive end. You have to always remember scream the zone. You’Re averaging 83 points per game williams left unattended and rattles it in clark, 29 points per game 45 from downtown and over six assists through the first two rounds, get physical.

You have to anticipate meet him early Applause, quick push. The other way answered almost every time. There’S, a clean look for angstler dropping the triple emily shoot to get high shoot to stay hot, emily step a little bit now good anticipation to step into the passing lane, because she’s one of the greats post players from uconn good ball movement against the zone, williams Dies to the rim and gets the lay in cardoso on errant pass they had her open inside. It was again right. Thought wrong. Pass follow, is good and uh. Holly rowe is a part of our coverage in town, uh, interesting after all, is said and done renee. If post pandemic, coaches and players and fans like this idea of an entire sweet 16, you have to play early to the play so that you’re, not late and reachy nice punch out of the double team olivia nelson, if you’re her teammates, you have to play through Her she like they talk about it that’s their secret weapon. If that’s your secret weapon, then use it Music, six straight possessions that the huskies have scored on. Look at this, no look, whoop! No look pass struggles from the floor continue here’s paige with the push emily. They just have to slow down they’re getting to the right spots, most of the game, who’s a much bigger defender and deflects the pass there as they tried to get it to cardoso they’re, trying that lob pass an awful lot tonight.

Applause and we talk about the sounds of the court, look again, another beauty, feed and one becker’s nelson scored in the first half and now doing the dishes here in the second and i’m telling you this is what makes paige special the no look knowing what’s going To happen before it happens, she gets excited about the passing of dota, 2 Applause, the same play and a way to attack the zone. They get it into Music, with the inspiration that she has been for her teammates. The inspiration in the syracuse community and all that she has done and will continue to do, to raise awareness in the field. Griffin has is three for three from the field, so that’s that’s beautiful when paige doesn’t have to do everything again, she’s a freshman in case you forget, and she is not kristen williams for three and that’s good 83 47 connecticut will get the win 20 for becker’s.

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