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So um. I watched a lot of film on joel embiid and, like you know, like he’s, a great player, and i mean, even though he wasn’t able to play tonight, i’m gon na see him soon, but other than that, like i really wanted to play with like against that’d. Be a really fun matchup, so yeah, hey steve, did you feel like the sixers really turned up their defense in the fourth quarter? Yeah they did. They put the clamps down on us. Uh 13 points uh after scoring 40 in the third um yeah. They they really are a big team. You know they got size at every position, not just um the length, but just the the physicality of all their wings. I think i thought that made a big difference in the fourth quarter, especially what did you like what didn’t you like tonight uh, i didn’t like our start uh, just our lack of energy and spirit uh. We got in a hole right away in that first quarter. I liked the second unit uh i liked the play of uh, damien, lee and, and that group you know, baze loon nico they came in, did a really good job kind of giving us a lift in the second quarter and then um and then i liked the Uh, the third quarter, effort from the starters. You know they uh. They responded and uh and really got us back in the game. So there’s a lot of good stuff.

We really battled uh, but we just couldn’t couldn’t close the game. Couldn’T score when we needed to. Why is closing uh close games been a challenge for you guys this year. Well, we’re not good enough to do it. Obviously, you know we’re we’re, uh, we’re, 22 and 22 for a reason, so you know we’re, i think, we’re about 500 in in close games. You know games that are single digits um, so we we’ve we’re, not good enough uh execution, wise and that’s that’s. What we’ve got to continue to work on and that’s what i have to uh to do? A better job of as as coach i’ve got to get us more organized and and uh and we’ve got to find better shots down the stretch you you mentioned organization there and i was kind of going to ask like how do you coach for execution? Well, you do it in practice, you know that’s the whole thing and um, and then you get comfortable with rotations and and uh. So all of that has been jumbled a little bit this year, we’ve had a lot of different rotations um. We haven’t had much practice and uh and i think it shows and um. So we need to take advantage of the practice times that we do have and and learn to execute and – and i think these last uh you know – 28 games we’ve got to find uh combinations that we’re really comfortable with steve.

You talked about execution there i’m, just wondering after your your the teams. You had that were so great a few years ago, um and the intelligence that those teams had. Is it oh frustrating? How do you cope with not having that now, even though you do have some talent? Well, i think it’s, just the the challenge is to uh. You know to find the right combinations um and to try to get uh put put the pieces together where guys are really complementing one another and um. Frankly, you know that team that went to the finals five years in a row um for a reason, by the way they were extremely talented and smart um. You know the pieces of the puzzle fit fit nicely and easily and we had a lot of combinations. We could go to and um so it’s more of a challenge with a team where you know, roles aren’t as clearly defined where you’ve got a lot of guys who are sort of right in the same same boat terms of uh, not having separated themselves from from The group um, you know you look at tonight. We didn’t play juan and eric those guys have played big roles for us. You know and and uh so we’re looking at different groups, different combinations, so we’ve just been searching and uh. You know we’re we’ve just got to keep going coach mark hanks clutch points um, you battled doc, rivers, you know over the years when he is with the clippers um.

Is it? Is it weird or strange? You know seeing him with a new team in philadelphia. A little bit a little bit, you know, doc was with the clippers for so long uh, but of course he was with boston for a long time as well, so um mainly i’m, just happy for doc that he landed uh in a great spot. He’S done a hell of a job. Uh sixers are really good. That’S one of the best uh best teams in the league, best defenses in the league and and uh doc has uh has his fingerprints all over that he’s uh he’s, a great coach, hello, coach, mario from group group down 24. At one point during the game, there was a lot of talk today about draymond’s defense, but i was wondering if you could comment on his leadership and intensity which helped make this game competitive. Well, draymond is always our leader uh, emotionally um. You know he’s, always the one to pick us up. I thought uh, the third quarter. He really changed the game with his intensity and his defense and and his emotions, so he battled or all of our guys battled. We just couldn’t couldn’t get over the hump hi andrew. You guys erased a 24 point. Deficit in this game had a monster. Fourth quarter. Why was closing this game? Difficult um reason hit shots down the stretch you know and they executed on the other side of the floor and they made they made their shots um.

Despite the loss you guys, um hang with the top eastern team. How do you look at the positives of this game moving forward and so on? Um? I always got ta look forward. You know this was a tough loss. We fought to the end, you know we didn’t give up. We fought nice comeback and all, but we didn’t close up the game. So you know it’s on to the next one now we’re, just gon na focus on the next game: hey andrew uh, you guys were uh one for 11 on uh, three pointers in the first half and seven for 14 in the second half. What uh? What sparked up in the locker room that made you guys uh start shooting better from deep um. You know that’s what happened sometime, but we made our shots in the second half uh. We got a lot of good, looks at first first half too, but second half you know ball decided to go in. You know that’s about it. I will have a couple other guys up here shortly. How is the team’s energy coming into tonight? Knowing that stephen curry will be out for the next three games, i mean it was hard because steph is one of our leaders on the team and he got this team in the right direction. All the time and but we just have to just like you know, just come together as a team and just build our chemistry up just by just working with each other, encouraging each other every day and practice.

And you know just making each other better so and how have you seen the team grow in the absence of stuff? I mean i feel that we grow up like we grew a lot, but steph is like one of like one of our most effective parts of the team. So i mean it was kind of hard, but we most definitely thrown it together and just kept working hard and just kept executing james. I had a question so uh. What can you talk about? How uh playing the 76ers is like? How? How is it difficult breaking them down? I’Ll say just their physicality um they’re, a very great ball movement team. They can move the ball really well and they’re, just all together as a team, and their system is really good. So we just have to come together as a team and just execute on both ends of the floor and just keep encouraging each other and just just go out there and just play hard so amy. What do you think helped you guys surge back from 20 and then why? What do you think went wrong in the fourth um you know for us. I really think we you know started showing together. Some stops, our defense fueled, our offense um. You know just being able to get some stops to get out and run not playing against the set. Defense really helped us out. Uh to you, know, sort of come back in the game.

Um i mean. If you look at the third quarter, we all scored them. 40 to 21 that’s huge, but then you go to the fourth and you know they outscored us by 15.. So you know that was sort of the uh tale of the game. Obviously from us you know losing the first and fourth quarters by 15 and 18. in some of the other close games that you guys have lost. What are the the similarities between them, the common thread that makes it so you guys can’t, close them out um. I feel like um, i mean execution really for us is probably the main thing just being able to execute late down the stretch. Um, not necessarily you know coming out of a timeout um, and then you know continuing to lock in on defense. I feel, like those have been our two um main things that have uh. You know uh, i don’t want to say hindered us, but not allowed us to necessarily get over that hump um. So you know obviously still continue to learn, continue to grow to you to go from there um. You know then eventually try to come out on the other side, with a win rather than um. You know losing. Is that a mental adjustment that needs to be made, or is it something more physical and um? I mean i guess you could say it’s. I don’t want to say like it’s a little bit of both but it’s just understanding.

You know time and score and us you know when we need to stop. You know guys rallying together and you know giving each other continuing to give each other that confidence um. You know it’s just it’s, you know at the end of the day you know, basketball is, is a game of runs and you know the good thing is we went on that run in the third quarter, score was tied and then um, you know in the fourth Quarter, they really, you know, imposed their will um, you know on the defensive end and that, obviously you know allowed them to uh. You know score, they got to the foul line, knock down free throws and then you know that’s how they came away with the win. Um, what what do you think went better for you guys to start the third quarter compared to the first uh we were aggressive defensively. We were able to take them out of their sets a little bit um a really good team, though, and and we fought we were in there and the fourth quarter – they kind of broke it away from us, but i mean, i think, um in the third quarter. We we were just able to execute jordan. What did you see differently from their defense uh in that fourth quarter than maybe yourself um? I mean they’re lengthy. They have a lot of length and um. You know they’re in gaps and they’re extremely physical um, but you know a couple calls in galway down the stretch.

Um and you know like i said they play good defense and we just didn’t find a way to pull it up all right. All right. Everybody thanks for uh thanks for that. We will we practice tomorrow, uh in the late afternoon. I believe at 3 30.. So you get an email tomorrow morning, probably around i’d, say 4, 30, 4, 45 for a coach and a couple players. So, but look for that, but it’ll be late late afternoon, call or text with any questions.

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