Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, Stephen Curry, NBA Kristaps Porzingis TRADED to Warriors! | 2021 NBA Trade Deadline | WARRIORS vs 76ers HIGHLIGHTS

Curry is out there with ben simmons and it’s green in at the small forward and for golden state. Wiggins is out there with green, then there’s, stephen curry and there’s porzingis and it’s pool in it. The two Applause, Music Applause and it’s, the warriors to start out harrison embiid together in the middle simmons, is out there with curry and it’s green in at the three star. The three ball look very deadly. I mean you feel like it’s going in as soon as he lets it go, no matter where, at what angle, or how deep now here’s curry green passes to harris embiid trying to break loose you’d like to see him make the next pass a little more often When a teammate has a better shot, but if he can just stay healthy where the sky’s the limit on what he can accomplish – and you know, i think this is exactly what you want howard to do. I mean when somebody’s open, show that you’re willing to give the ball up Music and guys they know he’s, going to finish off the lob in style porzingis and his teammates, connecting on target now here’s maxie the pass to embiid lets it go from the wing and He gets the jumper to drop Applause, here’s curry, with the three and it’s philadelphia with the rebound. Definitely a situation. You want to make sure you don’t, give him too good of a look more zingers with the block boy, porzingis, doing a nice job staying in position and then using his reach to block shots.

An outstanding defensive play to earn the mobile one block and they’re determined to add to the lead, not with more offense but with big time d. Bazemore’S checked in for wiggins and philadelphia. Also making a switch fibel’s checked in here’s mv he’s got eight here’s max four. On the shot clock, here’s, fibel, it’s good from long range punch, counter punch, impressive, offensive production early on hey guys. This is going to be fun. Now i mean we’ve got ourselves a shootout on tap here and the basket by curry and he’s, starting to show that killer instinct. This quarter, looking to extend the lead, here’s howard makes it off the glass. There are not many better on the offensive glass than howard he’s a flat out beast, especially if you don’t box him out curry, looking it over another three for golden state. The warrior shooting has been out of this world 74 from the field wiggins finds green back to wiggins, good and scream. Picking up the assist green’s got three assists now in this one out of their last five makes how about all five from long range. Well, the defense just hasn’t pressed up to deny any of those looks guys i mean they’re hanging back and getting picked apart. Philadelphia is shooting their initial free throws of the game right here, that’s good from harris greg as a young player. One of your mentors was patrick ewing. How valuable was that to have that kind of guy uh tutoring, you mentoring, you, as you were just getting in the nba i’ll tell you he was the consummate professional and really an incredible leader by example.

This guy spent infinite amount of hours in the gym in the off season, honing his craft first on the floor last to leave it throughout his professional career and that’s, something he had in common with all the truly great who’ve ever played the game. You know what touch from the australian native ben simmons. I mean he’s so good at staying under control, even when facing physical contact three for three and that’s always a good way to start the second half here’s embiid harris trying to get free and embiid the bucket on the assist from simmons everything working for him. Out of the half as they’ve hit four of their first five shots and the rejection by mb and there’s another turnover by the warriors his shot was hindered by that momentous mobile one block and read the plate perfectly gets himself in the air at the right moment. Terrific denial and now around two minutes gone by in this half outside green inside basket, is good. He’Ll, get a chance for one more at the line and there’s a pattern starting to take shape here, they’re working inside and getting good shots from close range. Well, i agree with you four of their last five baskets have been exactly of that variety. Philadelphia is shooting their third free, throw attempt of the game and the 76ers making a change here. Rosingus has checked in and then for philadelphia. Howard comes in for green and tobias harris subbed him from a t, style, sinks it and the shot from bresingas.

The defense is far too slow to close out on those three point. Attempts and those triples, they sure do add up quickly. Don’T. They i mean they’ve got to make some kind of adjustment here: Music, curry, again here’s harris embiid, trying to break loose and off the left side of the rim and it swirls in for him. Well, he sure is a talented combo forward with terrific feel for the game. Harris can score in bunches, here’s poole, another three for golden state and that’s back to back threes outside curry, pass to lead Applause, pasco kicks to curt, and the three ball is good. Curry’S got 12 points here in the second half d, with very little pressure on their perimeter. Shooters three of the last five baskets they’ve allowed have been from beyond green inside covered by wiggins. Nmb throws it down. Tell you what the offensive game of mv ridiculous. He can score in so many ways curry passes to pascal from outside the art. Another three for golden state curry passes the pool alprazingas here’s, curry the lead pass was put in just the right spot, curry’s got 35.. I love his shot selection. Today he set the bar for the rest of the team on the weighing harris started by green porzingis, with the block passes at the pool, good and scream picking up the assist and figure out how to slow his roll and now a moment to present the new Balance player of the game, stephen curry and it’s been a ridiculous performance in the best sense possible.

I mean everything about his game has been working and no matter what they’ve thrown at him. He’S had the answer, what a connection he has to these fans. They love him here and the more he has games like this. The deeper that connection gets here’s embiid outside for simmons shot is good off the back rim and in simmons got four points. Now in the quarter, simmons against curry um deep connects again from distance. You can tell he is feeling it kevin he’s on fire outside green doctor, simmons good and his cream, picking up the assist, and this is going to end in a lopsided victory over maxi and misses it off the right side of the rim. So we see the warriors taking the game here. This game may not have been the most exciting we’ve ever seen, but you have to appreciate just what a clinical performance they put on. I know their fans appreciated it and we saw at times just stretches of excellent defense potency from an offensive standpoint as well. They were pretty much dominant. Thank you for joining us that’ll. Do it for now, for david aldridge, greg, anthony and clark keller. This is kevin.

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