Bears, Bile cience 4th prim lesson 1 digestive system part 2

Supplementaries digestive canal consists of mouth pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small, intestine, large, intestine and rectum and anus, and we studied before also digestive canal supplementaries. We have salivary land, we have liver and pancreas. Now today we will complete the digestive system, small intestine, just after the stomach, we have the small, intestine small intestine. It is the long tube coiled in the abdominal cavity, it’s less about seven meters. It divided into two parts which are: we have deodorant either shown in figure and ilium. Here we have a helium, so we have here small intestine, divided into two parts. Small part called deodorant and long part called ilium. Okay, this ilium is folded around itself, liver and pancreas, liver and pancreas from the digestive canal supplementaries, as we studied before liver help in digestion on the food. Here we have the liver, it secretes bile juice, it secretes what bile juice, which digests fats into fatty emulsion, digest fats into fatty emulsion? Okay, here? What the meaning of emulsion emulsion is the symbol, part of fat. It divided or digest the fats into small or simple part of fats by liver and it poured in deodoranum. Then we have another. Then we have another pancreas, another organ pancreas help in digestion. Here we have the deodorant help in digestion, secrete secrete the pancreatic juice and poured in deodorant also. So we have the liver and pancreas poured in deodorant: okay, liver, secrete, bile juice, pancreas, secrete, pancreatic juice, liver secrete by just that digest fat into fatty emulsion pancreas help in digestion by pancreatic juice function of the small intestine.

Here, small intestine number one digested the food completely in helium by intestinal juice number one, the digested food completely in ilium by inter intestinal juice, it absorbs the digested food. So we have to function of the small intestine, complete the digestion and absorb the digested food pass. It into the plant here we have the small, intestine, okay and the digested food bears it to the blood by the small nipples called the lye it’s found in the small intestine walls then reaches to the blood. Here after this small intestine, we have large intestine. It starts from the end of the small intestine and ending in the anus the function of this large intestine stored, the undigested food. Here we have the bad food, we have the wastes, the stored, the large intestine stores, the undigested food and then eject outside the body. As a waste after this large intestine, we have rectum the function of this rectum is very important, absorb the water from the wastes before they eject outside the body through the anus. So we have large intestine and a rectum large intestine stored the undigested food to go outside the body as wastes, and then we have the rectum again absorb the water from the wastes before ejected outside the body. So here the large intestine waste is stored in the large intestine and then eject outside the body as wastes. So what, after all, we said that the the food divided into two group digested food and undigested food digested food, good, good food.

Okay goes to the blood to get energy, to get energy and make life activity. Undigested, food or bad food goes to the large intestine and then ejects outside the body. As a waste is here, we can make some rise to the to the secretion in our body. Number one we have saliva saliva secreted by salivary glands in mouth; okay, what’s; the function of this saliva digest starch into sugar, gastric juice, secreted by stomach digested, proteins, incompletely into semi, liquid substance, bile juice, secreted by liver, indiodenum, digestive fats into fatty, emulsion or small part Of of fat, pancreatic juice secreted by pancreas in deodorant help in digestion, intestinal juice, secreted by small intestine, by the alien digest the food completely here how to keep the digestive system healthy. From our lesson, we studied that the digestive system is very important how to keep digestive system healthy number one show the food well, as this girl number two don’t eat much food that contains large amounts of fats, such as fast meals like this number. Three: try not to eat much food containing additives and flavoring number four don’t buy food from the street practice sports regularly. Now i will ask you some questions. Number one choose the digestion process stores in. Do you think the digestion process starts in what mouth or esophagus or anus excellent in mouth number, two complete the digestion happens in. Do you think where the complete the digestion happens in stomach or small, intestine or mouth yeah, small intestine excellent question number two give reasons for number one: we must chew the food well, why we must show the food well to keep our digestive system healthy number.

Two. You feel a sweet taste when you show a piece of bread well because saliva digests starch and change it into sugar. Okay. Thank you very much study hard. This lesson.

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