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Everyone welcome today, is a match preview for us, mnt versus jamaica, that they play this thursday at austria, so don’t miss out on that game. We will be doing a live stream for it as well, if you’re new here welcome to the channel. These are our match. Previews. We do it from time to time for you at 70 games. I will not do a full roster breakdown. I have already done that video. What we’ll do is we’re going to talk about the usa for this game. How we’ll probably line up for the game against the reggae boys? I also am bringing in a jamaican channel to talk about the reggae boys themselves and how jamaica will line up and what to expect from jamaica into this game and at the very end, i will give you my prediction. Also, the one jamaican fan that will be here to talk about it is jd from imax football. I put his link down on the description. Please go check his channel and support it if you’re a jamaican fan or not along with that, if you guys would like for us to do a match preview for northern ireland as well, let us know we’ll gladly do so. Please leave it on the comment section now. Please hit the like button subscribe to channel notification all that stuff. You know what to do and thank you for the 5 000 subscribers let’s roll, the episode all right before we get to the preview.

Let me update you guys on the situation of the usmt roster. There were players that left there are players that came in. There were players that left in return, but there are players that never left and return if that makes any sense at all. So let me update on the original roster then go to the new roster that there’s a little bit of changes. Okay, so the very first roster had a total of 26 players out of the 26 7 would only be available for the first game versus jamaica and would not be available for the game against northern ireland. The players that originally were out were john brooks chris richards, reggie cannon, tyler adams, josh sargent, tim waya and giovanni reyna. However, there were some changes with the european travel restrictions in certain countries and regions, and a lot has changed well a little bit. Some players will be available for the second game. Some players are fully removed and some players were added, so the update is tim, weia and tyler adams will be out of camp. They will not be available for any of the matches. Christian kappas and siabashu were added to replace both of them. Now there are also changes in regards to the players that were only going to be available for the first game versus jamaica. They will also play the game versus northern ireland, and these players are chris richards. Giovanni reyna and josh sargent, they will be available for both game, which is great news, along with nico joaquini, which was originally removed from camp and now he’s back and available for both games.

So essentially, the only two players that won’t be available for both games are john, brooks and reggie cannon, but they will be available for the jamaica game which we are doing the preview today i know i know it’s very confusing what i just said. So right now, i’m gon na skim through the roster real quick. I won’t talk about any players – i’m, just gon na name them. So you guys can know what the updated roster is. So the updated roster is for the goalkeepers. We have ethan horvath, odoomzy and zack steffen for the defenders. We have john brooks reggie cannon, sergeniyo, dest, aaron long matt, miazka, eric palmer brown, tim rheem, brian reynolds and chris richards, along with anthony robinson as well for the defenders for the midfield. We have brendan erisen, kellen, acosta christian kappas, luca de la torre, sebastian lejet, eunice musa and owen otasawi, and the forwards are daryl: dk, nicholas joachini, christian pulisic, giovanni reina, josh sargent and jordan sebastian. Okay, now let me go through two possible lineups that i think greg bearhalt will do, and no these are not my lineups. These are not what i think will be best it’s, just what i think he will do then we’re going to get to jd, where he’ll talk about the jamaican national team, the reggae boys and, at the very end of video i’ll, give you my prediction for this Game what i think will happen and what the score could be so greg bearhalter is likely going to go for 4 3 3 formation, and i think a few positions are locked in such as the goalkeeper position.

The forwards are also locked in as well. I think he’ll go zach, stefan on goal for sure, for the first game reign, a pull second sergeant up top now. What do i think one of the possible lineups will be okay, so the first lineup, i think, will be with the 433 with zack. Stefan on goal reggie cannon on the right back, because he’s only available for this very first game, sergino des as a left back as i did see, bear halter do it in the past, even though i don’t like it as much, he has done it chris richards And john brooks will be the two defenders. Oh natasawi will be the cdm, the holding midfielder that will replace tyler adams. Then we have eunice musa playing as an eight and a sebastian lejet playing as a more advanced eight. Almost a 10 roll up top giovanni reign has a right wing, christian pulisic as a left wing and josh sergeant as a center forward, so that’s one of the lineups. I could see him doing if he wants to put reggie cannon play right away, since he won’t be available for the second game. Now the other lineup, i think he can play won’t – have reggie cannon on the right back. It would be a different lineup. Let me go through it as well. I do truly believe he can also go with zack. Stefan on goal: sergeno dest is a right back robinson has a left back.

The center backs would be essentially the same with chris richards and john brooks. I can see him. Unfortunately, going kel necosta is starting as a holding midfielder to replace tyler adams i’m, not a big fan of that, but i can see greg berhalter doing so. Eunice moose has an eight to me, that’s, a lock in the cm role, the central midfielder, more attacking role. I could see him going with sebastian lejet or brendan eris, and i could see brendan anderson having a slight chance of starting, but i do think he’ll go sebastian legit and he has been mr reliable with the usm t on the right wing same thing as the Previous one giovanni reina, christian pulisic and josh sargent, okay, so we have the lineups for the u.s m t. We talked about the year 17, the current situation i’m, not going to talk right now about my prediction: let’s go check out what jd has to say about the reggie boys learn a little bit about the jamaican team for this match and then we’ll get to the Final section of the video and guys make sure you subscribe to jay z’s channel i’m, putting his link down in the description one of the jamaican fans. He will be here in the live stream that we’re going to do this thursday for the match. So don’t miss out on that all right let’s go check out what jd has to say about the reggae boys, all right jd, so usmnt will play the reggae boys.

What formation do you think jamaica will come with, and why give us a reason um from for me, i would will go with um four two, three one, based on the fact that we had only 19 players and most of them are um defenders, but the difference With these guys now these new additions, they are multi um, functional players. They are also cdm. So i took two of the defenders out and put in midfield to stop that gap and add creativity to to the team itself that’s why i went for four two three one, and would you say that these who would be the wingers here, the wingers you had Um this, this is a very, very incredibly talented, guys, guy, but he’s over overlooked. Most of the time his name is jamal lu. The other, i would say, is just a a port, more united player that ain’t the best, but he can stop a gap right now and that’s the whole story about it, because it’s a it’s, a shortened squad. So people should not look at him. Um bad but he’s just a look at this player. Okay and out of these players in the squad is there one or two players we should look out for that? You think could make a difference versus the us mt 100. I think you have even more than or um more than two, but i will just give you two easily um bell is a left back um from batburn he’s, very much skilled and the reason why i have to look out for him because he had the current Um left back for jamaica, his name is taxi.

I strongly believe that this kid will give him a run for his money and, as you know, the situation with the jamaica, jamaica, um bass, players and the uk bs players and the jff. So maybe this guy is a guy that will stop the problematic situation and then it’s a next center back. I think this guy is pretty much underrated. Um curry is tilt he’s a center back, but he’s left footed and he he can start the play. So if you do want um jamaica’s footballing playing style to evolve, i think this is one of the guys you have to go through. We definitely know that jamaica did not send all their best players for this match. That’S already confirmed out of the players that they brought. Is there two players you can mention here that are missing, that we might see in the world cup qualifiers versus the us when we played them um players to look out for 100 is michael antonio. You know his versatility is on hans, don, incredible and he’s going to be automatically maybe the top one of the top three best strikers last showing us in the entire region. So with him in the team you can add fluidity and then the second one is leigh and bailey. As you can see here, i’ve been struggling to fit a winger in my 4231 system, so liam billy would have started over that over that second side and with german law, like vice versa and michael antonio.

So it shows that these guys are the two key players that you should want in the squad and should worry about if they are going to make it or not, but i think they will and everything will be settled njd. So so jamaica will be missing. Leon. Bailey likely their best player, most talented player, michael antonio, maybe debatably, also one of the best players blake, the goalkeeper and a couple. Others players as well, so they’re missing quite a bit and a couple that haven’t committed yet they’re trying to get their passport. We don’t know how that’s gon na go so we’re, not gon na report on that what’s, your prediction what’s your prediction for this game right now with the roster that you have and you’re gon na face us mnt with most of our best players, we’re missing weston Mckinney, but most of the teams are best players. What’S, your prediction: um, your team is incredibly good and i have to give a real realistic, expect um prediction um, but what i just want to name my squad guys. So you don’t bash me if i predict something. I had jaden white he’s just a 20 year old kid that’s, trying to get his right full brick. I have uh in defensive um center back. I have pinock, which is incredible, maybe the best center back in the championship. So i want you guys to know the quality of players coming in. You have tilt over the next side, which i told you he’s.

The starter of the play. Mariappa is an experienced guy that will gel the team over time and your bell and in midfield. I have hector and more in creative midfield that’s, the only slight addition i had in the team that i might have problems with because he’s a central midfielder, but i pushed him a lot higher because i want him to start to play. His name is omar olness and you have ricard maurice and andrew green. I think with this squad. We might surprise you. We might surprise you but i’m, not looking for anything extra like if we are going to even win the game. It must be a one nil, but i think we can muster draw out of this game. I think i’m going for um, uh 1 1 draw it’s going to be very tight because we went with so much defenders all right. So jd’s prediction is a one. One draw for this game. You guys heard it here. I’Ll give my present. I am the football king, all right all right. So what is my prediction for this game? What i think will happen. I don’t think we have our best team right now, because, yes, we don’t have our main midfielders western mckinney entire atoms are missing, but jamaica’s not bringing their a team as well. They won’t have leon bailey, mikhail antonio, that just recently got recruited by them. Won’T play as well and they’re missing several players. As jd pointed out.

I do think that the usm t has enough technique technical ability to beat this jamaican team. I think i’m gon na go for 2 0 united states win versus jamaica. I think the jamaican team will be very physical, they’ll. Try to bully the us m t the very young u.s m t team. I can see that happening, but i think we can hold a clean sheet. We have a very reliable goalkeeper on zack steffen. Our defenders are john brooks and chris richards they’re used to the physicality of the bundesliga they’re, very technical. I think we’ll be just fine and we should be able to pull off a win versus the jamaican team. It will be a very conca caf game, very physical that’s, what you should expect from jamaica, but i always go with technical ability over athletic ability and our team is very technical. Christian pulisic giovanni reyna, josh, sargent, eunice musa, even brendan sebastian, they’re much more technical than most of the players in the jamaican squad. I know a lot of jamaicans will disagree with this, but it is true. I’M gon na go 2. 0 united states make sure to comment your prediction down below. Let me know if you like these match previews, we can do it for northern ireland as well we’ll be doing a live stream for usa versus jamaica. This thursday and jb will be in the channel during the live stream, as well as p from 11ax.

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